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Portland Youth Build Students Speak Out on the New War

Portland Youth Builders Speak Out on The New War
America are we the land of the free? I'd have to say no, we aren't. Simply for the fact that no human being can truly be free, at all. Not today in modern society our laws and regulations make that a fact. In my opinion these laws are the chains that bind us. Granted though without these laws our country, along with many other countries, would be torn in half by pure chaos. And also I shouldn't even be complaining because out of the rest of the world we do have some of the more lenient penalties for breaking these rules or laws. A lot of people around the world believe, and it is mostly true in my opinion, that we as Americans do have "the easier life" in this day and age. Our cultural structure makes other nations jealous or angry about the way we use our freedom. But with this freedom our bravery, as we like to call it, comes a great deal of Ignorance and this ignorance continues to blindfold us. We have grown to become one some of the most ignorant pigheaded people on the planet. Common everyday phrases like "Love it or leave it" and "If you mess with the best than you'll die like the rest" are perfect examples of this pigheaded ignorance at work.
Yes I know Ben Laden and his régime aren't the nicest of people. In fact their cold-blooded killers, typical terrorists. But why do they feel the uncontrollable urge to strike fear into us all. Is it because of all the dead people that died by our bombs, missiles, and bullets? I'd have to guess and say yes, that's probably the exact reason they attacked us. And now we're sending out even more air planes, tanks bombs, missiles and troops to add to the list of casualties their already infuriated about. When will it stop? The U.S. in war to me means one of two things. Either we win easily or kill the wrong people and try to cover it up; only adding to the fire Einstein invented the second he created the big H-Bomb. Either way its still, to me, nothing but mindless bloodshed on either side. And if you think about it why are we fighting a war on terrorism when we've had are very own personal terrorist groups for years. Organizations like the CIA and the FBI have been around and had their hands in the strings of all the political figures across the globe, for years. And lets not forget the Russian counter part the KGB, wonder what happened to them? So how do we fight terrorism you ask? Well we can start by stop fighting fire with fire. But wait you mean just let them attack us? Well first of all wasn't that the reason why the CIA and FBI were created to protect us from terrorism in the first place. And obviously we are going to have to finish what we started. And believe me you should know what started this one. Gulf War anyone remember that.
Many people are upset with the aftermath of the Gulf War and the way we treated the people of Iraq. They are upset because years after the war ended we still continued to withhold their water supplies. That means we still continued to kill their children even after their fathers surrendered. And on top of that we dropped a bomb on the Tal a Ban in Palestine when they weren't even there. That, to me, is nothing but a waste of effort and ammunition. I mean what is the point to all this chaos? What's the point to all this tragedy? To prove we are the ultimate world power. To make even more countries continue hate us along with the rest of those terrorist nations. The point as I see it is nothing but economic degradation and political suicide. To put it bluntly it's nothing but murder on both sides. I believe after this whole crisis is over, if we do want play the role as the world power, and don't get me wrong we should. I believe we should spend more of are time, money, and resources in creating treaties and settlements to dismantle any or all biological and nuclear weapons. And if that doesn't work then we should use our military strategy and technology to do it ourselves. And actually make the CIA do something that can be seen for a change.
After the plane crashes on September 11 we, as people were shocked while they lived it up on their side of the world. At least that is what I was told. Because of this like many Americans I was questioning my own beliefs and all the beliefs around me. Could this be the end? I thought. And the more and more I thought I began to first think of Israel and Jerusalem. I began to think of all the wars that were going on there and still are. After that I began to think about the Serbs and Croats and their mindless oppressed hate. I really began to see and think about all the hate around me, al the hate around this world. And that really made me belief, belief that this could be the end but it wasn't, it could turn into it though. I looked at it as more of a sign I saw it as a sign either from god (whichever one or ones you belief in) or maybe as us evolving while devolving. But basically I realized that these attacks this hate you see everywhere was just proof that we as human beings are destined to destroy each other, to destroy the race as a whole. Is their any hope? You ask. Well that depends on the out come of this war and what happens after that. It is my belief and has always been my belief that peoples beliefs are exactly that their own beliefs. Just because someone might not believe in something or maybe belief in the exact opposite thing as you does not mean you have to force your beliefs on other people. That is not a reason to look down on someone else simply because of that, that is how all this hatred started. In fact we have seen what forced beliefs do, they create a hysteria and wide spread panic, from mass suicides to shoot outs, that is all just people searching for an answer trying to see through all this insanity we call a world. Ben Laden could very well be using his beliefs to control other people. But isn't that exactly like sergeant, making his men believe in his god. Basically what I'm trying to say is there are a lot of problems in this world, and I believe that the only way to solve them is to stop hating each other and start understanding the world and the people around you.
This is what I wish would come from this crisis. In the aftermath of this war on terrorism I wish all the flags around the world drop and one flag maybe with a simple unified symbol is raised in their places. I wish each and every form of money would stop being produced and manufactured. I think that if you must separate people by money then you should at least quit taking from our already polluted and dying environment and use credit. But those are typical things, as I see it, we can only wish for in the here and now. Now this is what I think will happen, although communism is something we don't really agree with this is how are country will seem. Our freedoms to do, say, watch, read, and listen to whatever we want will be taken away. We will be back on to the road of ignorance, hiding ourselves from the world. And as we do this, the environments around us will continue to decrease while the gap between the rich and the poor will increase. But the people of this world won't try to do anything about his gap. No, they'll continue to kill each other over a book, or a law, or even the blood stained past. I believe that times are getting rough now, if not for me as an American because I know I've got it easy compared to the rest of the world, then definitely for those under privileged countries as we like to call them. Now I'd just like to end this with a few questions that in my eyes need to be asked. Why are they under privileged? Why are we under privileged? Why does a word like under privileged even exist? And how did it come to be?

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