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Why I Cannot Kill

A third generation American father explains why he cannot kill in the name of God, Country, or Economic Prosperity.
Why I Cannot Kill People.
By Tony Velveeta

Ever since I was a small boy, I have had no ability to comprehend why one man would or could kill another. I grew up with the Vietnam War. I watched the Hellish scenes every night alone on my 13 inch black and white TV. I observed, dozens, scores, hundreds, and eventually thousands of boys not much older than I lying on the ground only distinguishable by the uniforms they wore. Body counts were as common as weather reports. Although I never thought about it in 1968, my mind must have perceived some connection between the dead boys on the ground and the boys like me watching the TV. Who were these boys? Why were they dead? What will their family and friends think when they don't come home? What was their last thought as they lie bleeding in pain, alone in a distant swamp. I can almost see through their eyes, hear through their ears, and think their thoughts; it is a very disturbing reality for me.

I cannot help but feel a duty to allow them to live on through me in some way. Every last one of them is screaming: NO MORE WAR, LET ME GO HOME, I WANT TO GO HOME AND HUG MY MOM, MY GIRLFRIEND, MY BABY. As long as I have a voice, I will proudly stand as an American, as a Father, as a Man, and I will speak out for those boys.

I can't bring them home, but I can tell my younger brothers to think long and hard about the truth and the reality of War, right now, before they march off to a sandy grave. My purpose here is not to convert but to enlighten. Because "Being All That You Can Be" or becoming a "ONE MAN ARMY" are great and twisted commercial advertising slogans designed for one reason. That reason is to attract young men with no real knowledge or information about war and who have few visible choices for a good future in America to sign on the bottom line.

I have known many men who have served and who have not felt a bullet. None have told a story of being "all they could have been." Most told of a bloated, antiquated, wasteful bureaucracy that could barely house, clothe, and feed them. Few if any reenlisted. Those who didn't come back from their tour of duty have been silenced for eternity.

Fortunately for me, the war ended when I was 18 and only once when I was 16 did I truly feel the fear of what my older brothers felt as they pondered their fate. Over 57,000 of my brothers died and over 300,000 were wounded and untold millions were scarred mentally for life.

We have but one life to live on this planet. Nobody has the right neither by approval of their gods or their governments to take the one, non-replaceable life we have to live.

Even if we carpet-bombed the whole Arab world, we would not cease the extremist's hatred for America. It will only add fuel to their fires for countless generations. The root cause of this hatred is ignorance, life long misinformation, and the lack of the appropriate tools, resources, infrastructure, and education to build a better future. We are just as much a group of demons to be eliminated to some Muslims and they are to us. Our one world government aligned destruction of a country's infrastructure is frankly much worse than the act of a handful of madmen taking down our Twin Towers.

The terrorists managed to kill 5,000 people, put a ripple in our world economy and induce fear in millions of people by sacrificing a dozen zealots with box knives. Now we are invoking World War III, at a cost of untold Billions of our tax dollars. This is of course precisely what the Terrorists of the world wanted and we are giving it to them.

I grew up near the George Washington Bridge, I attended college classes in downtown Manhattan and I enjoyed the view from the top of the World Trade Center several times. I have felt deep sadness for all the innocent people who have lost their lives and feel the grief of their loved ones. However, at no time did my mind focus on revenge or retaliation against the innocent people who happen to look like the suspected masterminds or who happen to live in their country or region. In fact, the United States of America supported Usama Ben Laden as a Freedom Fighter against the Russians just a short time ago. Shouldn't we be punishing ourselves for also being supporters of terrorism?

The rapid deployment of our war machine against an unknown enemy almost seems well rehearsed. We have immediate backing of 99% our ever-disagreeing congress and a horribly skewed poll of 1,000 American's that concludes 90% of American's agree we should declare war and spend 43 Billion dollars to start it.

I could no more drive a bayonet through the heart of a misguided, undernourished, uneducated Arab than I could drive it though a loved family pet or my own son. Life is precious and sacred. No amount of patriotic propaganda, flag waiving, and statements of God Bless America can ever convince me to take up that bayonet against another man. Regardless of how much another man hates me or what I represent; no matter how many of my brothers tell me I am a coward or un-American; I could not take a life in the name of God or Country or economic prosperity.

I was raised to believe that ALL men are created equal and that ALL men have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Taking up my bayonet is in no way in alignment with these inalienable rights. The Bill of Rights allows me to speak and publish what ever I think regardless of its popularity among the TV audience or the Politicians, the Theologians, the FBI, or the guys in the tavern on the corner. It is this Right that I test here and now. It is my deepest belief that most of my brothers agree with me in spirit but fear what others may think of them should they open their mouths. Many are too confused by the propaganda and fearful of more attacks to stop and question what our leadership is doing.

Should hoards of barbarians invade our shores, I will raise my bayonet and take as many souls as my strength allows. Until that day, please join me in taking a stand against war. This is America, I am a third generation American; I don't want anymore of my young brothers to die for me, I want the soldiers to stay home and hug their mom's, wives, and babies.

Don't be afraid to speak up for peace and the fair and equitable treatment of all people in the global economy. Only together can we hold back the well-financed warmongers around the world who cry out for WWIII and the New World Order on every TV station.

By now you have formulated an opinion of my character as person. If you label me a Pacifist, or Communist, or Anti-American; you have missed my point and the point of the American Revolution and our Constitution. I am your brother, your neighbor, your coworker, and your fellow American. An American who knows Freedom cannot exist in a society based on a single source of controlled, filtered, and biased information we find on our TV sets.

Turn off the TV and radio, put down the daily paper. Study the history of American and British involvement with Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Pakistan, Israel, and other Middle Eastern countries over the last 60 years. Did it ever dawn on you to wonder why some people in the world hate us so much? Do you really think it has anything to do with our life here at home? Formulate your own deep questions and demand fact based logical answers. My fear is that many of my fellow American's no longer have the capacity, the time, the energy, and the appropriate information sources to see clearly through the cloud of emotion based propaganda.

American and our global economic partners will change the signs on the doors of the Afghan capitol soon. Many other small nuisance countries that happen to have some valuable natural resources or strategic position near China will also fall over time.

Terrorists are small groups of extremists who have been conditioned to believe that murder is necessary to gain attention to their causes. Terrorists have existed throughout history and will continue to exist for all time.

Armies are large groups of people who have been conditioned to believe that murder is necessary to advance the agenda of their leaders. The agenda is NEVER spelled out in detail for the soldier or the citizen. The only thing that matters is that we all follow the leader. If you want war, please report to the front line for duty.

Don't worry, if you turn away from people like me, we will soon disappear and TV land will take great care in formulating your opinions and futures. I don't let somebody else do my thinking and speaking for me, don't let others do it for you.

 Cubedweller1@hotmail.com and on AIM Cubedweller1