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Future US Political Prisoners Days Of Action Jan. 19 &20, 2002

Two days of creating the freedom you never knew you had
Nationwide Future US Political Prisoners Day of Action

Jan 19th and 20th 2002 in your town

In wake of new Terrorist laws, anyone who challenges the establishment is now considered a terrorist. That means you! Now we have a choice to make between staying comfortably in our homes hoping this wave of fascism quickly passes or confronting it head on and ending it in its entirety.

What can I do about all this? First off you could organize in your town. Start planning for action now. Spread the word by ear, flyers, radio, posters, handbills, newspapers, teach-ins, events, etc. Please keep in mind that all electronic communications are monitored. Build support for existing political prisoners. Network your skills with others. Basically, whatever it takes to raise awareness of current US political prisoners, and with these new laws there is about to be a lot more.

What is a Day of Action? A Day of Action is what you and everyone else makes it. It could be another day of sitting in front of the TV, or it could be an incredible day of transforming your surroundings—it is what you make happen.

What kind of action are we talking about? We are talking about whatever action that will fight fascism in our backyards. We leave it to your imaginations as to what actions suit you and/or your group. There is no non-violence guideline with this call to action, because the police love to get violent and people have to defend themselves. But it should be mentioned that violence against people is what fascists do best.

Our work is not to give people freedom, but to inspire the possibility of freedom. Every constitutional freedom that we thought we had has been reduced to the freedom to consume, if we can afford to. Freedom goes beyond buying things and constitutions, and ultimately comes down to people asserting freedom for themselves. And we can do it together.

To make this happen, your skills are needed. No one is in charge, so the responsibility is with everyone to make these days fun and exciting, and most of all liberating.