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9.11 investigation

Portland Youth Build Students Speak Out On the War

These are a selection of essay responses to the current "War on Terrorism", written by students at Portland YouthBuilders.
Portland Youth Build Students
Weighing in on the War on "Terrorism"

I'm just another ignorant person in America and I don't know much of what's going on in the war against terrorism. I'm tired of listening to everyone else's opinion about the matter at hand. And ask myself "when is it going to be my turn to give my opinion?"

Terrorism is an attack often from a secrete source, who carries thru a plan that seems to end in death and tragedy. Unfortunately terrorism can come from anyone.

I think that people should be upset about the way we have been treating Iraq. Some of the sanctions put on Iraq are intentionally destroying their water supply, in affect causing deceases and as a result death to thousands of Iraqis. I see this as an act of terrorism by our government towards theirs. I fear that there are a lot of innocent Iraqi families suffering from both the United States government and their totalitarian government run by Saddam Hussein. Unfortunately Israel and Iran's on going war shouldn't be our business. But Israel has something of interest, there oil-rich property and, America is not just adding Israel with three billion a year in military and economic aid out of pure concern.

The attacks on September 11 on the United States were by the terrorist who decided to speak out to the world. As Palestinians see the injustice towards them, the cruel continuous sanctions on Iraq, and the presence of U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia. I feel that a lot of American people and Palestinians are both victims of corrupt governments. There is a level of ignorance, some more then others, about the facts of our circumstances. And when the attacks occurred, I was sad, angry, and scared, but worst of all I was confused. I didn't know or understand what was happening.

I have only just begun my personal investigation. I have not yet reached closure, and the satisfaction to the extent of my knowledge about the facts. I fear that for now I have to except the way George Bush is handling the situation without criticism on my behalf. I find myself being concerned with the affects that this is going to have on our country "the land of the supposed free."

I am an eighteen-year-old African American female. I breathe, I feel, I am no stranger to pain, I love and I strive to be; Like every other human in the world.
The September eleventh events and the aftermath that has followed interest me because it affects not only my rights as a human but human rights in general. We all may be given or not given money, food or a loving family at birth but we are given the right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I feel the events that took place as well as the events taking place cast a shadow on my and others essential rights I am no longer concerned about life's petty details but now am constantly reminded that we may go to war or that we may yet again be bombed I feel that to live with out fear is the right of all humans, and that it why I am concerned with the upcoming war.
Terrorism is the unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons. In some ways the U.S. is a terrorist group because we do all of the things or have done the things that the definition defines as terrorism. We have treated many countries unlawfully and used force to get what we want for example the water sanctions in Iraq done by the U.S. since the end of the Gulf war. The U.S.A. has threatened groups or countries with threats of locking them out of the economic trade, which has been done to Japan, and China or threaten with a possible war or bombings to get what is wanted. So the question that arises is how do we fight terrorism if in a way we are the problems ourselves? I feel that as long as we have countries, groups or places that have differing races, religions, belief, or differences in general we will always have terrorism problems because terrorism thrives on difference and hate. The only thing we can do is try to keep it to a minimum by keeping good relations with all other countries... .which is easier said then done.
I feel that the United States is the economic opportunist of the world. The only reason that we affiliate with any other countries at all is for our own personal benefit, like the bully in the school-yard who offers the small child protection in exchange for his lunch and his allowance because he has no lunch or spare money of his own. We offer smaller countries protection in exchange for dirt-cheap prices for their valuable exports because we have none of our own. I feel the U.S. being the richest country in the world should pay fair prices to those countries epically because many are third world countries well below the poverty line. I feel that instead of fighting for a country whether they are right or wrong just because we need their exports the U.S.A's role in the middle east should be neutral and not siding with one or another country for personal benefits.
The American Govt. is responding to the September eleventh events by tossing back the hatred and cruelty that was thrown to us. Fighting fire with fire, bombs with more bombs, murder with murder. The government has to do this because the U.S. has an image of "a hard a** feel no pain, take no s*** from anyone Country" and that's the image we have to keep up. I do not believe these tactics will solve the problem at hand because Tali Ban have lived the lives as under dogs and they no longer wish to live up to this image. America keeps them as under dogs and they will die trying to change this image.
As Americans we live our lives thinking that every thing is swell and peachy keen many truly believe that the U.S. government can do no wrong. With the recent event I think a much needed shadow was cast on the Sublime lifestyles of millions of Americans we need to know these things Ignorance is by know means bliss and if we gain a anything from September eleventh's tragic events Americans will be more incline to focus more on political functions, voting and other things that were just taken for granted and left for "our Government to take care of."

Hello, my name is Richard. I'm a young male who cares greatly about the issues of the state.
Terrorism is the art of causing havoc among civilizations. For us as the U.S.A to try and fight terrorism, I feel is a foolish thing to attempt. These men known as terrorists have trained their whole lives to do what they do, hence wreak havoc on a society. Terrorism to them is a way of life, like framing is to a homebuilder.
Governments commit acts of terrorism on a regular basis. Espionage, sabotage, and assassinations are all acts of terrorism, so who are we to think we can fight terrorism? Then we would have to fight with our own government to solve the problem of terrorism.
I really feel to say we're at war with terrorism. We should explain to the public what terrorism really is, and to understand why the terrorists do what they do. The United States has acted out in a rash way to appease the public of America, because the acts on September 11th, 2001, the bombing of the World Trade Center was a violent act against us. For us to point the finger in their direction without conclusive facts is wrong. I really feel we are no better by acting the way we have.
I foresee the outcome of our acts may be the cause of our own downfall as a nation. Terrorism will always be a part of civilizations, so going to war against terrorism will not solve it. We are fools to think we can stop something we do ourselves.

My name is Mercury. I don't really feel this issue is important to me; it is simply karma taking its place.
Terrorism is an evil act against a regime. I feel God is the only one who can be at war against terrorism, not the United States. That's like saying everyone who gets mad will be assassinated. A terrorist is anyone filled with enough rage and willpower to wreak havoc upon anyone. I feel the Palestinians do have a point, but they are using the wrong formula to make it. We are corrupt, and if anyone can't see that, then they are just as bad as the acts being committed against us.
A terrorist is born every day. There isn't a war against terrorism; it's just an excuse to cause bloodshed. Governments can commit acts of terrorism. Look at Iraq. Do you remember the babies? The U.S responding to the attacks to prevent future attacks is okay. How they are responding is misguided and wrong. You should know where your enemies are when you attack them so you hit them and they don't come back. We've waited way to long to respond to the attacks that happened on September 11th. Since our enemies are smaller than us, they can move faster undetected. Besides, fighting fire with fire is really useless.
Because of America's stupidity and pride, things will remain the same, even if we do change our ways for the better. All it takes is one idiot to bring all the pride back, just like all it takes is one terrorist to destroy us all. Recognize we are facing karma. Deal with it.

My name is Edwin Young, I'm here today to speak on terrorism,
terrorism as i see it would be a evil deed carried out on a nation or
a government, to destroy its' people, culture, normal routine, and
our future to have a government under fire or a nation surrender
what we have built.

Terrorism is a form of a invitation to warfare depending of
level or degree, terrorism has committed murder, buried U.S. citizens,
caused insecurity, and broken down our communities. we as a whole not
just the united states, but as the world have to take a time out to think
of others around us, innocent citizens such as children who need to endure
a better environment. with terrorism in our lives, we must take action, we
are in great danger of self destruction, everyone wants to know how
is the world going to end, well from my perception of things, it will be us
who will end it and if we take action soon it will be soon, if you want to
know, but no man shall know.

Man sure enough will make it happen soon if we continue to handle
our anger with destructive thinking. so i want to know one simple question,
what will it take to end terrorism, not the world.?

Hello I am a 17 year old student named Kevin. I understand that the war is a very big issue, but I don't think it will affect me as an individual. I am concerned for the U.S., but I am tired of being told to talk, read, and write about an issue I don't care about.
The definition of Terrorism is - As a means of keeping or gaining control of a government. For the U.S. government to say they are fighting a war against terrorism is pretty bold, because you don't fight fire with fire, if anything the U.S. government has become the terrorist. You cannot fight terrorism you can only give the terrorist what they wont, and if they don't stop you must retaliate.
The U.S. government has become the terrorist, by bombing the enemy. People don't realize that there is a September 11, 2001 everyday over seas.
I appreciate the fact the police and the rest of the nation have picked up the security. It makes me feel a little bit safer. For example the police have added anthrax to the list of things they ask you before they search you. Before the attacks on the eleventh people would not have even known what anthrax is.
Even though my thoughts make me sound like a certain type of person I understand that we were attacked and we are at war. The government has to do what they feel will keep the nation safe. If that means bombing back then I have no objection.

This issue of terrorism isn't really that important to me at the moment, but I guess it's important to me in a way because this can affect my community also. In fact, the issue is so close to my community that I must have some kind of awareness on what's going on. At the same time I should not let it get in my way of accomplishing my goals that I have in my school. Hopefully I can find a way to do them both at the same time if possible. I also think that if Bush doesn't hurry and find out where Bin Laden is at there's going to be bigger problems.

I think they're responding in this manner because a lot of people died, and if Bush would have decided not to do anything fast, he knows that he would have a lot of angry people. Even though it's people that don't agree with him making the decision to do what he's doing, he knows a lot of people lost their lives, and a lot of their families want retaliation.

I think it's going to affect us because when the people did the terrorist acts get ready to make another attack on the us, I think it's going to be more affective. I don't think our freedom's going to be affected because I doubt that we'll lose the war. I don't think we'll give up our freedom, plus we have so many people on our side that I think that other countries would back us up.

My name is Dustin Turner. This issue is not really important to me. To tell you the truth I don't care about it at all. The main reason I don't care is because nothing happened to me. I mean I might feel bad for the people that died, but nobody is dropping bombs on me.
Terrorism to me is people terrorizing or screwing up other people's general lifestyles. A good example of a terrorist is Osama bin Laden and his colonies of terrorist. American government does many acts of terrorism too, by bombing innocent civilians just to get what they want. I think the real way that we fight terrorism is with more terrorism, kind of like fighting fire with fire, it doesn't work.
Many people are upset with the U.S government by the way we treated Iraq, because it's unfair and selfish acts. The U.S saw that Iraq was taking over a major oil resource, so U.S cut off their trade connections. With Iraq located in the desert, they don't have much of a water supply and they need water purifiers for the little water that they do have. Now they can't get water purifiers, so people were getting sick and dieing off. I also think the Palestinians were treated badly, and that had a little to do with the terrorist attacks and why they happened. Since they basically bombed us with airplanes, I don't really care what role we should play in it. Maybe we should just get it over with, and take out their whole population and nuke them. To me that's what it seems like were doing anyways, killing off everyone over there, mainly just to get to one guy, Osama bin Laden.
I think that in some ways we are responding the wrong way about the 9/11 attacks. I see why were over there bombing them right now. But I don't like the fact that if you look anything like an Afghan, innocent or not, you are in danger. Were angry that they came and messed with us. All this time we messed with them and we didn't think any thing would happen cause were so powerful, but the situation really just blew up in our face. I think the out come to this will result in us wining the war were in because we are such a powerful nation and we got all the back we need.
I think there will be a big change in Americans lives for a long time and some forever. There will be a big economic change, besides the fact there already is, as America is in a recession. People have been injured, some for life. People are dead and some people are mentally injured by the attacks.
I don't believe we are the land of the free. I think we are the land of opportunity, because all the stuff we offer here in America. I think our freedoms will change because of the war on terrorism. I think they have already changed, maybe not for everyone but a lot of people can't even walk into a store or big public place with out being looked at weird or searched if their afghan, or look like one.
D33n'ie Luk3:
"They want war "

My name is D33n'ie Luk3 and I would like to put my feelings on paper about war in this place called the land of the free. I don't think that this is going to be a pretty site just for the simple fact once there was a terrorist named Abdual Ben laden who wanted to kill thousands of innocent people September 11 2001 for some unknown reason to prove what?
I as a Muslim and millions like me look pretty bad who believe that killing is wrong I never read in the Quran where Allah says kill to prove a point.
I personally believe at the same time oil that bush and water that's Abdual don't mix he as the American President is acting the same as Abdual killing all these people just to prove what this sounds to me like there are two terrorist Bush vs. Abdual are they trying to see who can kill the most people to the prove some point.
To me none of these punks are God they are just sorry boneless punks or just confused people who want to get even Bush is just angry because he was out smarted and cough slip pen and Abdual is just a cold hearted man who need to wake up and see that he's not a prophet.
What is terrorism? In my own words a coward who like to kill people for no reason at all and get a rush off the fear they leave in a person like dropping bombs killing folks just because they cant find one man Bush that's terrorism.
Do you America have problems with us Muslims?
I think you do just for the simple fact you say U.S. at war against terrorism are all the people over there considered terrorist that's wrong, because they are still people just like the ones in the trade centers wife's, fathers, son's they didn't need to suffer and that's what terrorist do U.S against terrorist so U.S become terrorist.

My name is Salvador Caballero-Cortez a trainee and student at Portland Youth Builders. Through this writing I am going to express my feelings and/or thoughts I have on the war against "terrorism". The whole issue of course is on my mind but only because its every where you go, look, and listen. I feel the purpose is an endless cause. Money, power, and pride along with the exaggeration and abuse of the written word of a higher power are the main drives towards all the hate acts (terrorizing).
Terrorism to me is a surprise act of hate and/or fear committed by someone and/or someone's against anyone or anything relative to their cause, what ever it may be, and/or just to make themselves known, feel powerful, or simply just to cause a diversion to carry out a totally different mission.
I think the US being at war against terrorism is exactly what it means. War was declared against terrorist to stop them from terrorizing both the people of our country and any country as well as the people of there own country. There has been many wars fought in history and all had a cause. And every war had and will continue to have casualties, innocent civilians will be killed, injured, captured and/or subject to marshal law or other military action carried out in or around the main battlefield.
So was every war ever fought an act of terrorism? Are we terrorist for retaliating, for declaring war on the terrorist who terrorized us?
Any person or persons who make an attack on the innocent to make a statement are terrorist and is committing terrorism, and are also scared of challenging the power of the innocent, hence, the government/military. So they focus their attacks on civilians, the ones who cant fight back to something like that.
So no, I don't think we are terrorist for fighting back and doing what were doing. We are only terrorizing in the sense that our power is already known, and we are in their country doing damage so of course the people of Afghanistan will have fear, and there will be casualties because its war. But our main focus is the threat, not civilians. Again, just like any war, civilians, the innocent will be subject to military action, and accidents happen which cause casualties.
What ever went on between the governments of Afghanistan and the US prior to the 9-11 attacks, weather there was terrorism against Afghanistan by the US that's yet to be known, if ever to us as civilians. So the government could be terrorist they could have and could still commit terrorist acts but the truth will probably never come out.
I'm sure there is a lot that people don't know and never will, but what I do know is that if everyone in the world acted with "an eye for an eye" then the whole world would be blind and nothing good would ever come of anything.

Who is a terrorist? No one can determine who a terrorist is. There are terrorists all over the world. If there were a way to determine who was a terrorist, there wouldn't be any terrorist acts committed. Anybody could commit an act of terrorism. How does anybody know who is a terrorist?
I believe that there are more terrorists in the United States than any other country, because the government lets so many different nationalities of people into the U.S. without giving them proper background checks. People can't say that's not true. Just look at what happened on September 11th. All those innocent people died because the government failed to perform proper background checks. Because of all of that, innocent people suffered the consequences, and died.
I think the role the U.S. should play is to make peace, and try their best to end the war in the Middle East, instead of trying to get in the middle of it. It does not make the situation any better when the U.S. goes into the Middle East. It just makes the situation worse. It does not solve the problems going on over there, even though those countries supply the U.S. with things we need, like gas and oil. That's how you begin to create an enemy. Some of those countries in the Middle East are poor, and the U.S. trying to take over just isn't going to work. That's why the attack on the U.S. occurred. Those people are tired of the U.S. trying to police their countries.
I don't think it was right to attack us like that, but what do you expect? They are just tired of the way the U.S. does things. We just invade other countries, and think nobody will do anything about it. Now I hope they will see.

My name is Dustin Wake.
The attacks on America are important to me because I am an American. I hate to see the country I love fall apart because of another country that is nothing compared to us in military intelligence. Terrorism to me is a group of people that try to take control of something using violence. For the U.S. to be in war is going to bring fear into a lot of American's hearts. It's also going to change how we live. Bin laden is a terrorist and those people who flew planes into our buildings are terrorists. Our government is also acting like terrorist in the response to the 9/11 attack by using violence to attack back. But I don't pity the terrorist or the land they hide in because I love my country, and after killing all the people they did, I could give damn what happens to them. It is all a part of the same game.
Many people are upset with us because we are retaliating and killing innocent civilians. I think that's illogical thinking on their part because this has not happened to their countries so I don't think they have any place to talk. This situation is painful to every American who witnessed it. In my eyes that whole country could be blown off the face of this earth, and I don't care.
The U.S. is responding in the same ways that Bin Laden attacked us, with violence. They're responding in this manner because they got us good and we need to show the world that we will not tolerate this and that it will never happen again. I don't know if America's response to this attack is the right thing to do, that's not my place to say. I do support blowing the hell out them.
I think America will change slowly but surely because of the attack.
The war on terrorism will definitely have an affect on our nation's airports the most. I don't think that the war on terrorism will affect the everyday people that do their everyday thing.

Hello may name is Steven. I think that this issue about terrorism is important because it is going on in our country, our cities, in our schools and in our homes. So I feel that it is important because we need to be aware of what is going on all around the world.

What is Terrorism? In the Dictionary the definition is systematic use of terror. Meaning that it destroys and hurts lots. My definition of Terrorism is that it is wrong and it hurts lots of people and also hurts the economy by all the stuff that we have to replace or rebuild. What it means is that there is a lot of death, a lot of destruction and a lot of hurt. So a terrorist is a person who is mentally not with it, and wanted to commit an act of violence for no intentional reason. The government can commit acts of violence towards other anything. We fight terrorism by fighting back against terrorism.

People our upset about the way the U.S. has treated Iraq because the US stopped the trade for clean water to come through. I think that the whole thing has just gone to far.

The US is responding to the terrorist attacks on September 11th by fighting and trying to get Osama bin laden and try to arrest him for the acts that he has done. They are responding in this matter because they don't want any more tears shed. I think that the outcome of this will be lots of people dead, lots of people homeless and lots of money lost because of the fighting. It will not solve the problems just make it worse.

Life for America from now on will not be the same because there are lots of dead people and debris to clean up. The war on Terrorism will affect everyone if this is going to happen again. We are not the land of the free anymore, we feel that anything that we say can and will be used against us. Our freedom will change because we have to worry about everything that is going on.

Hello my name is Randy; I am a student at Portland YouthBuilders. This issue is not important to me at all because the American Army kind of asked for it by getting their nose into every countries business. Then the Americans suffer the consequences and then the government makes the American people that we are being terrorists.
Terrorism is when a group of people or a single individual does something to scare a lot of people or even the nation. I strongly disagreed that the USA is in a war against terrorism. USA asked for war when they decided to help other countries defeat others. It finally backfired the USA. I really think that it wasn't terrorism, it was just pay back and I don't believe in terrorism.
People are mad at US because what US did to Iraq. (USA stops trades for water, targeting innocent kids.) And I really think that what the USA is done was totally wrong. That's good example of how messed up the USA army is. After the 9-11 attacked the Americans think that Osama did that because they were jealous of our freedom. Bull! It happen because USA is a greedy country.

My name is Jason Gould. I'm a seventeen year old student at Portland Youth Builders. I come from a family with military background . The September eleventh attack is very important to me and almost everybody else I know. I mean who would not be interested on what is going on in our country today. I think it is very important to me because I am one hundred percent American so my country is very important to me. Sure they have done stuff wrong like getting into the Vietnam War which wasn't even our war to begin with.

Terrorism to me is a something or person who is fearful to everyone who cares. Such as Martin Luther King they say he was a terrorist because people feared him because of his power. Know they say he is a hero. For the United States to be in a war means something bad is going to happen. Personally I don't think we should be in a war. But we didn't start it. Nothing good comes from war; many people might say good things have come from war, such as land and freedom. What did we have to do to get that? We had to do some killing. We can't really be against terrorism, cause in a way we are all terrorist. I mean we all give fear in someone or something. Such as Bin Laden. And of course the United States of America is one of the biggest terrorists of all. In such we have done lots of fearful things such as war. Of course the Government are terrorist they send fear every day that's all they are, is terrorist.
Many people think that the United States has done something to hurt Iraq. And that's true we stopped their trade, which means there not getting any money to help clean their water. Everyday people are dying because of bad water and no crops. People are upset of they have been forced to move to small villages in the Gaza Strip. Yes they do have a right to be mad, what would be mad if that happened to you. We should at least help them out...

My name is Matthew Jackson; I'm a student a Portland YouthBuliders, a construction trade school. I'm Currently 19 years old and living in Portland OR This subject is rather important to me because the United States is crying for blood but the way we are doing it feel wrong to me. I'm not excusing the actions that the Palestinians made against us, nor am I saying it's right to just fly in and blow up anything that is a possible threat.
People would think the US would think twice about lending help to other countries after the situation with Iraq. I'm not saying we shouldn't help them, just that we should have thought about what we were doing first. What we are doing to the Palestinians isn't the solution to stopping terrorism. A large government does not run all terrorist acts. If the US would stay out of the Middle East then we wouldn't be in this situation.
The US is responding to the 9/11 attacks by bombing the Taliban military bases. That is a good idea if you are fighting against a large country that can defend it's self, but we are attacking a 3rd world country. In truth we are afraid, Afraid because we let them into our country taught them how to fly and let them take our planes and make a very direct statement. It's not going to stop all terrorism, just make the terrorist plan more clearly about how they will attack us.

My name is Anthony. The issue of the current war is important to me because I believe that people and I will be literally affected by this war, as far as health, employment, wealth, life, and death.
Terrorism is a systematic use of terror or espionage as a means of keeping or gaining control of a government. I really don't know what it means for the U.S. to be in a war against terrorism. As far as I'm concerned, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, the American government, and any other country that has declared war on another, I consider terrorists. All of them have gone to the war under the same action of what terrorism is, in one form or another. To my knowledge, every government that has declared war to another was committing acts of terrorism, considering what the meaning of terrorism is. I don't know how you can fight terrorism, if even possible, but I do know that you can't fight terrorism through war, which I also believe is another act of terrorism.
Many people are upset about the way the U.S. has treated Iraq, because the U.S. was killing off innocent civilians as well as ones in their government. Many people are upset about the way the innocent Palestinians civilians have been killed through cutting off their water supply. They are also upset about the help the U.S. has given Israel through the time that they were at war with the Palestinians. I really don't know what the U.S.'s role should be on the Middle East.
I believe that the U.S. is responding to the attacks on September 11th 2001 the same way those terrorists acts were committed, considering that they're killing innocent people. I believe that they should kill only the ones responsible for those acts, and those who are affiliated with that organization. I believe they are responding in that matter for revenge. I believe the outcome will be America's destruction, followed by world war, which will lead to the end of life for mankind. I don't believe it will solve the problem because we will all be dead in this outcome.
Life has already changed for Americans as a result of the 9/11 attacks. A war on terrorism affects every day Americans, because we are still experiencing acts of terrorism in our country. I believe to a certain extent that we are the land of the free considering that we are more free than other countries. I believe our freedom will change because of the war on terrorism, because of security issues, race issues, and tension from religious issues.

My name is Chris K. Terrorism to me is somewhat important because it can end up in our back yards, when they hijacked those planes and hit those places like the world trade centers, the pentagon, and Pennsylvania.

Terrorism to me is when a group plans an attack on something, someone, or someplace to do a great deal of damage. It means for the U.S. to be at war against anyone that plans terrorism. The U.S. will get involved even if it has nothing to do with us.

The U.S. is not supposed to commit terrorist acts, but we do it daily. However, for the most part, we do not even hear about it. We only hear about what they want us to. That is a pity, but that is the way it is.

I really can not fight terrorism, but the one thing that I can do is read and write about it. That is what I am doing right now by getting what I fell about terrorism out.

Many people are upset about the way that we are treating Iraq because we will not let people trade. They all are dying off pretty quickly. Their water supply is nasty and has bacteria and diseases in it. They are dying by the thousands.

First and Foremost I don't follow the news. I do this by choice reason being every single time I watch the news and or hear about a new movement on our side or the enemies weather it be food packages worded in English sent to opposing country, or petty comments addressing the nation for future plans involving our famous ultimatums to the sorry, sorry reasons no one on "our side" seams to know. Is it the fact that we don't help other help other countries out enough? To this I ad that our national debt consists almost solely because we did help out!, and to this day the countries are still in despair. Or we don't bargain well enough to get what the prestige in America desires. What's this you ask? More money. By money I mean monopoly to own and possess everything physically possible. Including the innocent and not so innocent in the world starting with the closest at hand us (the U.S.).
I think this new war of terrorism is a big conspiracy. I was told three days after the initial bombing from an inside source that about a month and a half before 9-11. Ben Laden had planned to set up a ring of fire around the U.S. Involving major cities of his choice. We didn't hear about that did we? You see the U.S. doesn't plan to tell us everything (that I as a U.S. citizen think we all deserve to know) they never will.
And further more what's with this now. Anthrax? The mail? What's next I ask?
No physical paper money, convenient easy pay money cards. All you have to do is Submit your entire personal information. At first the slight push that it's voluntary then slowly it turns mandatory. I guess this is fine for a wide majority of the population. The type who will forever be lead by the hand, and love instruction in their lives. Infact if left with out the Pentium 4 laptops, cell phones, and corner offices with the corporate salaries in change of small simple blue collar workers aspiring to fallow in white collar workers foot steps. They would eventually shrivel up and die.
To find these who were just mentioned. Take a look out your window. These are the types that have now hosted America's flag with the line above or below stating "GOD BLESS AMERICA". You see those who weren't as big on God and America before seemed drawn to it now. Another marketing tact to make to make the Government to seem holy when the government others alike to create such controversy as war on Terrorists

My name is Ryan Stewart and I am a student at Portland YouthBuilders. These are some of my thoughts on how the September 11th attacks affect me along with a couple comments.
My definition of terrorism is when someone takes action with weapons on someone or something to make one have fear. When we go to war with terrorists, it is different than any other war simply because some of the identities are unknown. To win this war I think that we have to get into the minds of the people that did this, so this means we would have to become terrorists ourselves. Terrorists can come from within or without, so who can really be labeled a terrorists? Governments can commit terror attacks also here is an example. Take what happened on September 11th and flip it. They and I say because were not really sure who's behind it, they just have to blame someone so they can buy time until they are able find out the real reason. They bomb us and we bomb them back but the only reason we are not called terrorist is because they acted first but I would call us re-counter terrorist. We are always pin pointing one person this can be put on a lot more people than Osama Bin Laden and his terrorist group and I think it is and by us blaming this group open us up and makes us a lot more vulnerable to future terror attacks. So in conclusion I'll leave you with two questions. Who are the real terrorists? How can we catch these cold-blooded criminals that should endure a life with pain and suffering?

Hi my name is Ray Duncan I like to talk to you about terrorism. The issue is important to me because it is a threat to our country. Terrorism is when a letter is sent to the senate Majority Leader containing a form of Anthrax that appeared to be the work of experts.

It means we as Americans have to be in fear of are life and are civilization. A terrorist is someone that hurts people, someone or something. I think the government can commit acts of terrorism, by attacking innocent civilians and young children.

I would try to fight terrorism, first by trying to negotiation. Second I would go to war. It sometimes works to go to war, because we don't negotiatation with terrorists.

People are upset at the way we treated Iraq, because we cut off there water supplies and there dieing by the thousands. No I don't think people should be upset because they would probably treat us the same way.

Are role in the middle east is to capture Osama Bin Loden and bring peace to America. The U.S. is striking back on the middle east because of September 11th, attack.The outcome of this response will be peace in the U.S.

We have a hole different opinion about peace and terrorism. It will be a lot harder to get trade from the middle east . We are the land of the free to a point. The September attack will never take away are freedom. We as free americans will not let that happen.
A strong black man's worries are, the entire killing that going on in the world. From those peoples stupidity like missing ups the US. City. I think terrorism is a very bad thing to do because you are killing people and kids for no reason like. Messing up big homes and businesses and people's life forever.

Why are many people upset about the US because we are going to war because a lot of people are get killed from bombing and all of the new things have come out side the 9/11 incident.

I think we as the USA we should be the bigger people to stop the killing because it will go on for a longer time if we keep bomb them the will keep bomb side and all the new thing will keep come out so can we all be as one.

In all the stress and terror, America will come out on top as long as they change their lifestyles. Everything that as been happening to America in the last few months has been brought upon themselves. In one example, if America would not have stuck their nose in places they don't belong, maybe Afghanistan would not have those tanks, missiles, and bombs that are now threatening Americans' lives today. Simple little things like that could have avoided all the tragic events that have been happening to innocent American civilians.
For some strange reason, when George Bush Sr. was president, America had problems with the Middle East. When Bill Clinton served as president for two terms, there were minor problems here and there, but nothing this major.
In 2000, President George Bush, Jr. was elected. Not even one whole year into his term as president, Bush Jr. was faced with a problem that he could do nothing about. Maybe it's bad luck, maybe it's just in their blood, or maybe we are not seeing what is really happening behind the doors of the White House. No matter how many people the United States kill overseas in the Middle East, nothing will make the towers in NYC raise back up to the sky, as part of New York's city skyline.

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