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PNW(I)MC -- January 24 - 27, 2002

2002 Pacific NorthWest (Independent) Media Convergence January 24-27, 2002 Vancouver, BC / Coast Salish Territory
There is a growing popular realization that the corporate media, because of its ownership by increasingly fewer and larger transnational corporations, is not telling us the full story. Dissatisfaction with this situation has led to a grassroots movement known as independent media -- covering social and ecological issues in our communities; beyond the eye of the corporate media.

Accurate information, discussion and the presentation of a broad range of viewpoints are essential for people's ability to make democratic decisions. Thus, the recent development of transparent Independent Media Centres worldwide are finally provided an opportunity for citizens to be heard by one another. The corporate media is becoming obsolete. We are entering the era of civic media, and so we must if we are to keep our democratic rights.

In order for this project to democratically reflect the needs of all concerned citizens (not corporations), we invite your participation at the Pacific NorthWest (Independent) Media Convergence on January 24th-27th in Vancouver.

Tentative schedule: (NB: this is a work in progress)

24th afternoon - workshop: "Covering Conferences"
24th afternoon - workshop: "Video Conferencing"
24th evening - dinner/social event

25th morning - workshop: "Streaming Net Audio"
25th morning - workshop: "Shooting Video"
25th afternoon - workshop: "Security Culture & the 'Net"
25th afternoon - workshop: "Video Editing"
25th evening - social with 'Think City' conference

26th all day - indy coverage of the 'Think City' conference
26th afternoon - workshop/forum: "Extending the Network"
26th evening - forum: "Covering the G8 in Kananaskis" and/or "What Will We look Like In Another 2 Years?"

27th morning - Tech workshops and skill-sharing: Active, Mir, Scoop, Wiki, Freenet, Cryptobox, GPG, Ogg Vorbis, DivX, search engines, hardware, etc.

Please send an e-mail to humble@monkeywrenchcafe.org if you are interested in attending/helping with this event. We are particularly looking for people to offer additional workshops & fora.