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Call for witnesses from Seattle Reclaim the Streets

On Saturday, August 25, in downtown Seattle, a Seattle Police officer, who was retreating from a crowd after punching a woman in the face, attacked me. He knocked me on my back, on top of my bike, and heavily pepper sprayed me. Did you witness this?
I am currently gathering together testimony from witnesses who saw a Seattle Police officer knock me back on top of my bicycle and pepper spray me at the Reclaim the Streets event in downtown Seattle on Saturday, August 25.

The officer in question, later identified as Lt. Whelen, had just punched a woman in the face who was wearing a mask, and assaulted me as he retreated from the woman he had just hit.

I am a male, roughly 6ft tall, who was on assignment writing an article about the event for the Seattle Weekly. The incident happened at the Northwest corner of 5th and Olive.

If you saw this incident, or know others who may have, please email me at  trevorg@speakeasy.org

Thank you.