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Liberation Collective faces off eviction contoversy

The alternative resource center, The Liberation Collective, on 3rd and Burnside, has recently had to face a new challenge - eviction. Their current landlord has given them 30 days to get out of town - meaning Portland; however, after a tumultous meeting on Sunday, the Collective has decided to fight the eviction.

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Neil Robinson the cause of LibCO Problems 05.Nov.2001 10:01

Red Dread

Neil Robinson is a thief, a liar and con artist.He has been the cause of LibCo's problem for three years.It should have been called the Neil Robinson Collective because all the stuff in their was thru his so-called Tribal War Records ,he cheated the Collective of the sale money which he never produce the records of and when members question him on sales and percentage ,he made up lies about these people .He has hid his real sales from the IRS by using the Collective as cover.And now will have problems with the IRS because of it.Anytime good people in the community tried to help LibCo he called them Cops or worst.It was his dictatorship that led to the K.I.D.S. group from leaving by him letting in a sexist pig by the named of helpful John who harassed the K.I.D.S. for three years ,every time will kicked him out NEIL would let him back in.

Red Dread - Please get a Clue 05.Nov.2001 10:14

Blue Moose

Hey there - let me explain something to you: not everyone who reads this news page is part of your little club. When you post something to inform people, there has to be some context for what you are saying. Not just, "So and so fuckin stole this, dude, man". Not everyone reading this already knows the individuals you are talking about. Not everyone reading this knows what K.I.D.S is. Some folks, on the other hand, probably noticed that something was going on at LibCo (since there was packing going on inside and angry shit scrawled in chalk all over the building outside) and would geniunely like to know what's taking place. So, if you're going to take the time to post something here, why not at least make sure it's not idiotic, utterly useless and annoying?

Neil Robinson Coup 05.Nov.2001 10:48

Earth Lover

As some who used to work at the Collective years ago ,I Do remember it was Neil Robinson who staged a Coup against Craig Rosenbrough(Elf-ALf) because Neil wasn't being truthful about sales in the store .Craig called him on it and Neil locked him out telling all kinds of lies about him.I understand up until recently Neil still copied Elf-ALF and Craigs lit and sold it in the store not giving any money to them.This Neil guy is a scumbag and a sexist as a woman I should know.He approached me many times ,that's why I left.

Old Fat Punk Rocker Dude 05.Nov.2001 12:01

Tree Sitt

Sorry to hear about the collective ,we used to share an office with them(Cascada Forest Alliance) and if Neil is the Old Fat Punk Rock Dude he caused alot of Problems for us their accussing us of taking money when we didn't and hitting on young woman.

Listen with Your Eyes Open 05.Nov.2001 12:02

Old LibCo'er

There is probably a little bit of truth on all sides of this story, but, as someone who worked with Neil quite a bit at LibCo, my opinion is he's just human. Admittedly, he has his faults. However, he was never disrespectful to me, and his ability to accept and try to work people at all levels of personal development continues, in retrospect, to be an inspiration.

There was a major falling out between Craig and Neil, but, at this point, I wonder if anyone talking about the incident has any first-hand knowledge at all of that to which they speak. I was present during much of the period during which Craig and Neil worked together and was privy to some of the issues existing between them, but will probably never know all of the details. It still seems tragic that things worked out as they did. For quite a while they were two of the most dedicated, innovative, courageous and all-around-best people working together for social change. LibCo did more and did better when they were both there than it has since. It's weird to hear people in LibCo now recite their own inherited brands of the truth, to some extent just perpetuating the damage that was done in early 2000, and scapegoating a person who has minimal existing associations with the organization whose demise he's charged with.

Also eerie is that charges leveled against Craig and Neil are almost identical, and, to me, entirely unfounded. Charges of misogyny, petty tyranny, self interest, and manipulativeness are among the indictments leveled at both of them ... first at Craig ... later at Neil ... by some of the same people involved in the original ouster of one of the original founders of LibCo, Craig. There seems to be a pattern, but I wish I knew what it meant.

The bottom line for me is that actions speak louder than words. Craig continues to put his time, health and freedom on the line to push for real change. Neil continues to work with efforts like Food Not Bombs. The Liberation Collective, as an organization, has done almost nothing but hold benefit shows for itself for the last year.

To me it's obvious that most people currently involved in LibCo (and there are a few notable exceptions) don't want to take responsibility for the destruction wrought by their own inaction, poor decisions, and appetite for backbiting.

It sucks. But there it is.

Jah will Provide 05.Nov.2001 12:33

Rasta John

Hang in their Liberation Collective times are rough but you have been a inspiration to behold. To bad Neil polytricks and pedaphile lust for young red headed girls has come back to haunt him.He never could get along with anyonewho he couldn't not used.

Couln't agree more, but 06.Nov.2001 10:50

Their From the Start

Alot has happen behind the scences that is for sure.Craig was attacked by Neil for personal gain.Neil is nothing but a petty bourgeois owner of a Company out to make money.He used the Collective to cook his books and The Collective's.We condem the Capitalist's for this why not Neil?He got over and his MO is to blame anyone else but himself.By always blaming others he could hide what he was doing.Stealing money from the Collective.

Divided We Fall 06.Nov.2001 11:52

John Doe

The local police and the FBI must love reading this sort of shit! Once they are aware of a wedge between individuals or organizations they use it to their advantage. Keep talking this shit and play right into their hands! Is it really necessary to air dirty laundry in a public forum? This is why movements don't succeed too many egos and personal agendas! Divided we stand and divided we shall fall!

Post by "Tree Sitt" wrong 06.Nov.2001 15:08

Ivan Maluski pseudotsuga@earthlink.net

John Doe is right. People should be aware that some of the info being posted in this particular string of comments is wrong and disruptive. I just wanted to point out that the posting from "Tree Sitt" which claims to speak for the Cascadia Forest Alliance is very suspicious and inaccurate. Downright COINTELPROesqe. I've been part of CFA for a long time including the years we shared the office downtown with the LibCo (98/99). We had nothing but good relations with all the LibCo folks including Neil and Craig. I have no firsthand knowledge of the dynamics within the LibCo but I can say there were NEVER any problems between CFA and Neil or the rest of the Collective. There were NEVER any allegations of taking money, causing problems or hitting on young women as alleged in the earlier post by 'Tree Sitt.' Nobody knows or can verify who this 'Tree Sitt' is who wrote as if they were from CFA. In this time of increased federal scrutiny of all political activities, people should be very sceptical and aware of deliberately disruptive and destructive behavior that may be taking place. Whether its disturbed individuals or government sponsored, the outcome is the same, to divide and disrupt, and to take our attention away from our causes.
Just wanted to get the facts out and clear that up,
Ivan Maluski

Agreed. Divided 'we' fall. 06.Nov.2001 16:12


I agree. These comments need to stop. Its so Portland-smarty-glasses-i know better than you-fuckoff-ESQUE. CHRIST. Stop the bickering. We need to unify and put petty(but at more 'peaceful' times, legitimate) problems aside. Now. Amerikka is making its final swoop on activists and resistance. Shut up and put up. (a fight!)

-love and rage