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The Letter that Shook the World

The 1989 letter that gave us "upheaval in Europe" and resulted in the "birth" of "Israel", Deaf Messenger, "servant of rulers" (Is. 49:7).
My Daddy said that the following letter is now an historical document, for it changed this world forever. It was written before I was aware of the role of Zionism and coprophagia in the lawlessness that prevails, before I realized that the sexualized version of the prophesized number is what linked it to the gays, and before the lawless ones realized the effect that my writing could have on this world.

It was the first time that I had written to Congress. I even mailed the 400 plus letters via the USPO, not realizing that it was possible to hand-deliver them myself. Most of the letters apparently got through, for within days there was "upheaval in Europe" and "headless bodies in a Peruvian river". I also mailed copies to world leaders, the Pope, and newspapers. Even though Bush Daddy was in the White House at the time, he wanted nothing to do with "upheaval in Europe", and it was written that Ronald Reagan brought this about because he had told them to "tear this wall down" the year before. The only reason that I still have this letter is that this is a copy that I mailed to the newspapers, and the salutation reads: "Dear Citizen,", for the Congressional letters would have read: "Dear Senator," or "Dear Representative,". It was an unique time in Washington, DC, for the Colombian drugs gangs were literally shooting up the town. They would apparently walk into a convenience store and wait until someone "rubbed them the wrong way" then they would strafe the place with gunfire. Most instances of this went unreported; but if you ever walked into a store that had just been strafed, you would understand how terrifying the experience was via the look on the faces of the storekeepers. The "headless bodies in a Peruvian River" was a suppressed incident that was probably manifested by Abimael Guzman, the founder of Shining Path Guerillas of Peru, who was trying to prove that he was the "devil", the antiChrist, or something like that. Having gotten rid of President Alberto Fujimori, who imprisoned Abimael Guzman; Mr. Guzman, is now probably directing the marxist rebels at work in Colombia. I believe that I had briefly met Mr. Guzman, who is also known as "Chairman Gonzalo", through a Peruvian friend in prep school in Florida. Without being aware of it, this letter was the beginning of my life as the Deaf Messenger of the Lord (Is. 42:19). This was written before I was aware that the Bible says that the devil goes around disguised as an "angel of light" (2 Cor. 11:14). It was before I had taken the name "Israel" and started demonstrating with "The Lord's" written on my hand (Is. 44:5). No matter what happened in D.C., we would have Marion Barry, "Mayor for Life" of "Babylon on the Potomac", standing on the sidelines, saying, "Be happy! No problem! Everything is just fine!" Eventually I would realize that saving the gays was the best way use that number; but as you know from "Why They Love Bob Meade So Much" Id=76394; even today they still don't like that number. In this letter those who I now describe as the Zionistic pro-gay coprophagic Nicolaitans (Rev. 2:6,15) or Bush Daddy's tribe are referred to as the "System". This is "the System that can't be beat because that's the way the System works". "No one can oppose the System!" I imagine that this letter is well-remembered to this day on Capitol Hill.

Dear Senator (Representative)_______; July 1989

Do you feel content to be addressing but a few symptoms of our problem, usually symptoms that have been preselected by the problem itself? Are the drug gangs on the way to your state yet? They are the precursors to the spread and firm establishment of this problem, which is a subversive homosexual organization that refers to itself as the "System". I have attempted to bring this matter to the public's attention, but the "System" apparently already dominates the press in the Washington area and much of the country. They will continue to dominate the media and every profession in this area and eventually the entire country unless you make your stand against them. They will continue to waste public money and openly flaunt their misbegotten gains until you provide the means of exposing them. A continuation of your apathetic resignation to the proliferation of this group will allow them to dominate this country practically overnight. Yes, they are so sweet and suck up to you so appropriately; they could never be the devil in disguise. How could you all be so blind and guillible enough to let things progress as far as they have? You may be our only hope to thwart the "System", so please read on.

The "System" is comprised of homosexual and bisexual individuals who are intent on establishing a homogenous society of their members. They are masters of deceit, for their lives are literally a masquerade. Their non-violent means produce little evidence and few facts. You want evidence? Drive the streets of D.C. afterhours. Note the women with their masculine faces and swaggering walk. Note the men with their limp forearms and jutting posteriors. Look for open displays of their homosexual proclivities, for they have become quite brazen as of late in "doing their thing". You must be aware of the tactics of the "System's" politicians; how they can rationalize anything by shifting the blame, twisting the facts, or stretching the truth, making a mockery of democracy in the process. You would have to be blind not to notice the "Systemized" media; how it enjoys pecking at ill-favored politicians and subliminally manipulating the social consciousness of the general populace.

The "System" worships chaos, staccato music, money, drugs, and hypocrisy, speeding society's downward spiral at an astounding rate. Some of their goals apparently are:
1. To produce and celebrate chaos and further moral deterioration of society, thinking soon homosexuality will be a universally accepted thing.
2. To create a homogenous homosexual population and administer their stamp to all members.
3. To have marrriages of convenience, preferably with homosexual children.
4. To promote and support the continuation of abortion rights, which apparently further reduces the heterosexual head count.
5. To control the work force, particularly personnel departments, and decide who works.
6. To promote passive, non-violent, androgynous advocates of the "System" throught the educational process and through the employment of basic Christian principles.
7. To promote the spread of homosexuality through the media and through the manifestation of negative heterosexual behavior in which prostitution and date rape figure heavily.
8. To continue to maintain that 10% of the population is homosexual even though they constitute a clear majority in places like D.C..
9. To dominate health care and foster homosexuality among the institutionalized.
10. To control the media and the government and realize pro-"System" objectives through selective emphasis, censorship, and harassment.
11. To control and benefit from drugs and prostitution, and select neighborhoods where each will flourish.
12. To use children and the disabled as agents of dispersal of chaos; i.e. those in whom such behavior would not be questioned.
13. To wheedle information, opinions, and motives from non"System" individuals and use this information to reject, humiliate, castigate, or denigrate such individuals, preferably directing them to a "dead end".
14. To cajole, hinder, fool, or manipulate non"System" individuals in the interest of the "System".
15. To conceal and diminish the significance of the prevalence of the AIDS virus within the "System's" population.

Who can question the "System" while the "System's" members, motives, and goals remain unveiled? Equal opportunity cannot exist if we can be secretly "shafted" by a "System" that prefers to operate from the "closet"(Id=71046).

...(I am going to shorten this letter here leaving out a paragraph on education because my time is limited.)...

Want more evidence? It is easy to find "System" members within the health care field. They fear being held accountable for what they do and would prefer it if no one knew what they actually do. They prefer to have some vaguely-worded "statement of purpose", which addresses some obscure unmeasurable psychological phenomenom, holding them accountable to everything and nothing at the same time. They tend to assume an air of nonchalance and hide behind their pseudoprofessional facade, especially if anyone has the gall to question what has been done. They also seem to spend a great deal of time on the telephone, probably assuring each other that the stagnation of the progress of their profession is in their own best interests. They are good actors and can put on a good show if someone is watching, but the progress of their clients is indicative of what has or hasn't been done. The question for them is not, "Why can't Johnny read?", but rather, "Why is Johnny's preferred activity, the digging, sniffing, smearing, and eating of his own feces?" They have seemingly removed Love as a vital component of professional service, for there is no room for such an anachronism in their world, which appears to be ruled by money, drugs, and hypocrisy. Picture death by neglect, maggots, or forced euthanasia in your old age, for that is where this group is leading us.

The saying, "you can make it in D.C. if you REALLY want to", is a direct manifestation of the "System's" presence here. I came here to work with children who have been born with AIDS. I have encountered the "System" and its hatred at every step of the way. Yes they appear to be sweet, caring people, and they will put on a show that will have you believing it, every step of the way to "hell in their handbasket". Well I'm not going! I have been "shafted" by them, and by God, I'll shaft them back and expose them, or die trying.

I speak for the multitude who would oppose the "System" if the means to do so existed. I speak for the people who have been cajoled, stymied, fooled, or manipulated by the "System". I speak for the institutionalized who have been mistreated, neglected, abused, or used by the "System". I speak for the aspiring professionals who have been supplanted by loveless pseudoprofessionals. I speak for the people who do not want to unknowingly deal with members of the "System" in any interaction. I speak for the people who want this induced deterioration of society to cease. I speak for the people who believe that all work, which is produced and published by the "System", should be exposed and labeled as such. I speak for the people who wish to monitor and contain the AIDS epidemic, which has been restricted largely to the "System's" population......

At Gallaudet they use the prophesized stamp, "666", as the entry stamp for parties, probably thinking that they will be the ones to initiate the use of it. Even though "System" members will continue to maintain that only 10% of the population is homosexual, the "System" clearly constitutes a majority of the D.C. workforce. I have seen guys become "gay" in a matter of hours. If all your friends are talking about how "hot and tight and deep" the anal sphincter is, and you try it! There is no going back. The time has come to let the "System" know that, "Everything is "not" just fine". You must pass laws admitting the results of polygraph tests, and cross-references of such tests, as viable evidence in instances of mass social subterfuge such as one finds in D.C.. Rest assured that the stamp is an anticipated part of the game, but the "System" expects to force it upon you! At this time, it will deal them a devastating blow, setting them back decades in this country. You can tell them, "Wrong country, better luck next time." If they can appreciate hard rock music, I am sure that they will come to appreciate their stamp with time. Let them know that, from what you have seen, their chaotic non-violence will not help this world a single bit. ACT NOW! Tomorrow may be too late! Does democracy cause homosexuality? Does deafness cause homosexuality? Only if you let it. Will you? Bobby Meade; Washington, DC 20002

So this was a three page letter that I mailed to all of Congress and leaders throughout the world. In all I mailed 500 or more copies of it. The "New York Daily News" reported shortly after I started mailing this that 30 headless bodies had been found in a Peruvian river. I can imagine that there was much laughter and plotting and scheming over this letter. It probably had a lot to do with the fall of the "Iron Curtain" (11/9/89) because leaders became aware that the "enemy" was everywhere. In a way this "upheaval in Europe" became a way for the actualization of God's promise to gather all of the lawless ones of Jacob; i.e. Bush Daddy's tribe (Mic. 2:12).

Last night when I was checking on the letter that I received from Senator John Heinz in reply to this letter, I was wondering if he was "rubbed out" shortly after that for responding to me. In his 11/3/89 letter to me, he wrote "...I appreciate your taking the time to inform me of your views on this very important issue. Please don't hesitate to contact me again on this or any matter of concern." When I saw that he had died on 4/4/91, I remembered that he was one of the Senators that I had been contacting along with military officials about the Persian Gulf War buildup and strategies (Id=36001); thus he might have been trying to reveal the role that I had played in that war. Like the WTC disaster, the demise of Sen. John Heinz was apparently a way to cover up the lawlessness of the Bush Daddy tribe or the crimes or the incompetence of Bush Daddy himself (Ids=62855 & 64528). Senator John Heinz was one of the best Senators that we ever had. In an 8/3/95 article: "Oppose the Devil and He Will Flee", I wrote: "For a month after he died, I demonstrated at the U.S. Capitol with a sign reading: "U.S. Gay "System", Murdered Senator John Heinz, He opposed the Beast"...Washington's failure to pursue an in-depth investigation of his death is self-explanatory". If he is one of the fallen ones of "Israel, A Kingdom That Cannot Be Shaken" Id=41296, he will probably be back here in a few years for the first resurrection (Rev. 20:5). Rest in Peace Sir.

PS: All of the cited goals had been addressed in the gay newspapers of the DC area. There was an obscure organization called WHAMMO; Washington Homosexual Association Metropolitan Maintenance Organization that was meeting on Gallaudet campus when I first arrived there. This organization probably promoted the social upheavals of the day. There was a bowling ball blown up on campus in an apparent attempt to entrap me; and not a single department of the Federal Govt. would pursue an investigation of it even though the fire dept., the media, the bomb squad, and the FBI were called in for it. Coprophagia was intentionally promoted among the clients where I was doing my internship. Fifteen months of unlawful hospitalization by illiterate alleged doctor Nicholas Exarchou could not be prosecuted either, even with fifteen complaints to the Justice Dept Ids=25099 & 62371.

As for saving the gays, that was no bull. Consider that most of those who had AIDS were probably just dispatched like clockwork to cover up the prevalence of the AIDS among gays. Maybe full-blown AIDS was merely genocide by Anthrax or something like that (see Id=82672). Consider that the gays have been set up to pursue a no-win situation. You have to understand that the gays revealed all of these negative things about the gay lifestyle in an attempt to get all gays to come out of the "closet" Id=71046. I merely exposed what they had been revealing to people who would never look at a gay newspaper.

As for the death of Sen. John Heinz, the background of the pilots of both aircraft involved in that disaster will probably shed a lot of light on the situation. Consider that the lawless ways of trying to manipulate those in power is probably also at work in situations like Dick Cheney's pacemaker, which may be sabotaged and/or controlled by malicious interlopers. Such practices have been addressed in "Rigging the Messenger for Disaster" Ids=42982 $ 43171.

In summary, gays might try to play their "persecuted people" "card" as a result of this letter, crying that someone hates them while trying to conceal that they hate themselves. This letter was written long ago. Before I understood the full extent of the lawlessness. They would do well to learn from my writings, for the many different components of lawlessness are now all moving against each other.

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger

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