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Anthrax: An Ancient Scourge

If you've been tempted to snort Anthrax, be smart, don't start!
My Daddy said that Bush Daddy's kid is using the Anthrax scare to make like he is the "knight in shining armor" who can put an end to a threat that is probably as old as the earth itself. Meanwhile Bush Daddy has been bragging about his Storm Troopers dumping Anthrax on Ithaca yesterday, saying that they were supposed to appear as the "saviours" who would tackle the problem. They didn't seem to remember that I had been exposed to it in DC in 1995 and 1996. The attempt of this administration to make it appear like this is a new biological agent of mysterious origins is probably further proof of the manifestations of "Morons America Style" Id=46750. If the Post Office is using it as part of a chemicalmonging death trip to cull mailmen (Id=80050), you can be sure that everyone should proceed cautiously, especially if Bush Daddy's kid says, "I care!".

Let me give you a summary of what I have found on Anthrax in the 1998 Britannica, the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology, and on the computer from Center for Disease Control. Anthrax is one of the oldest recorded diseases of man and animal, mentioned by Moses in Exodus 9:9: "a boil breaking forth with ulcers upon man and beast". This is the cutaneous form of Anthrax, and there is also a pulmonary and an intestinal form of Anthrax. In the 18th and 19th centuries Anthrax sometimes spread like a plague over the southern part of Europe; i.e. a "death trip", if you will (Id=80050). Anthrax is the first disease attributed to a specific causative agent, the microrganism, Bacillus anthracis, which forms highly resistant spores capable of persisting and retaining their virulence for many years.

Anthrax is commonly known to infect cattle, sheep, goats, horses, and mules that have been exposed to the spores. It produces a rise in body temperature, depression, spasms, respiratory or cardiac distress, trembling, staggering, convulsions, and death. The pulmonary form of anthrax in humans is known as the "woolsorters disease". I suspect that this disease probably resulted in the adoption of sterile procedures in a lot of animal-related occupations.

It appears that the study of Anthrax in humans has been suppressed to some extent, for they claim that they are not certain how it causes rapid death in some cases; plus they claim that inhalation Anthrax is usually fatal. This probably comes from their being prone to making any hospital visit fatal if they don't like the patient. This bacteria produces toxins, and the spores themselves are toxic; yet exposure to a low concentration of it can be survived. Localized infections of the skin in the form of a carbuncle, that usually develops into a malignant pustule, arises from handling infected material. Infected blood can arise from skin contact, oral, intestinal, or aerial exposure to the spores. Anthrax bacilli evade the immune system via toxin-mediated inhibition of immune cell function. The contention that this disease is usually fatal as a result of aerial infection probably arises because the exposure continues until death or until a fatal level of exposure has occurred. It is probably possible to prevent the blood from becoming infected by avoiding further exposure like the plague.

The Center for Disease Control reveals that the initial symptoms of inhaling Anthrax may resemble a common cold. I agree with this, for I believe that it produces a debilitating condition instantly. In fact sometimes the flu season may actually be jumpstarted by the release of Anthrax spores into the atmosphere. I suspect that the baking soda-soaked sheet and filters that I use as part of my makeshift air filter, described in Ids=24988 & 60292 might help kill and/or collect Anthrax if you feel that some chemicalmonger is throwing it at you. Whatever the case, this alleged new threat has been around for ages, and it has probably been used as a form of chemical warfare for thousands of years. The instantaneous toxicological manifestations of exposure are what one needs to be aware of in order to survive. To live a long time, don't go sniffing any mailboxes. Hasta luego, adios.

PS: The Postal connection to the Anthrax scenario probably originated back when the Post Office itself did. As I revealed in my copyright infringement case against the P.O. in United States Claims Court #91-1688C, the P.O. was probably interested in stealing my copyrighted heart-shaped design of the earth, containing the sexualized version of 666 because they are a predominantly homosexual organization. After Judge Bohdan A. Futey probably rendered all copyright laws obsolete when he contended that my copyrighted design was not copyrightable because it was in the public domain; Clerk Suter of the U.S. Supreme Court and his tribe upheld this by repeatedly sweeping this case "under the rug". As I made clear in one of my petitions to get this case heard 10/13/95 "Reasons for Granting This Writ": "Strongholds of the gay "System", such as the U.S.P.O., are now finding that their tendency to establish uniform gay workforces has put them "in line for their own deaths"(Prov. 11:19), for their "sins are clearly evident, preceding them to judgment"(1 Tim. 5:24). The granting of the Petitioner's request at this time would not be a matter of opposing the lawless ones, but rather it would ensure their continued survival. Otherwise "their slain will be thrown out, their dead bodies will send up a stench" (Is. 34:3)." As I made clear in "Letter from Heaven" Id=68789, the Post Office probably continued to trifle with me by hindering the delivery of my articles until I stopped using the mail; thus they are discovering that evil always continues to engender evil. They probably think nothing of sacrificing a few of their own to promote the Zionistic pro-gay coprophagic agenda of Bush Daddy's tribe.

PPS: I suspect that the Anthrax that is being released can only be made in a laboratory. If it was naturally occurring bacilli, it would probably be characterized by a smell that would make it possible to identify where it came from; i.e. barnyard odors, something like that. I also suspect that more details of the production of the anthrax described in the ninth Chapter of Exodus might be revealed in those passages in their original languages; i.e. Hebrew or Aramic etc.. I have been trying to locate accounts of an Anthrax-related fiasco at a cigar-making plant that I remember reading about; but I can't find anything. I suspect that it was in Cuba and that it might have happened in the last fifty years. It probably is very pertinent to what is happening today. (11/3/01) Bush Daddy reports that Storm Troopers have been "dropping like flies" as a result of handling Anthrax that probably originated at Saddam's captured chemical warfare plants in the PGW. It's typical that they would be trying to move that stuff inconspicuously without proper safety garb in suitcases like the crack and parriffin of their drug operation (see Id=26851). Bush Daddy also claims that it's okay to shoot these Storm Troopers on sight or site since he says that they are using their stealth aircraft to dump this Anthrax on the populace everywhere. Since the bioterror of Anthrax is probably a perrenial happening that comes every flu season, it's about time that we had some valid research on how the human body eliminates it. Are they giving flu shots for Anthrax? What's a virus got to do with the flu if it originates with Anthrax? How about the antibiotics that they are giving for Anthrax? What antibiotic can deal with a toxin-laden bacteria? And lastly I wonder if Anthrax was involved in the deaths and/or physical injuries cited in the "Wisconsin Death Trip" Id=80050.

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger

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