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some portland native needs to get off there arse and organize an action for the 9th.
IN case noone in the city of Portland knows -NOvember 9th is the international day of action against the WTO-the executive branch of global corporate capitalism. So..you Portland activists need to get your arses in gear and organize an action-A BIG ONE.
so...put something together... 03.Nov.2001 13:17

matchboy matchboy@tearitalldown.com

so, get off your 'arse' and put something together...

How about this... 03.Nov.2001 17:50


..everybody just meet at Pioneer Courthouse square say at 1 PM and just figure out what to do from there. I think a planned action is pretty much out of the question at this point. I'm mean it took a couple of months to arrange the May Day protest! And we only have six days.

How about this.. 04.Nov.2001 01:06


...everybody meet together at say 1PM and try to come up with something there. I think it's already too late to have a planned event. I mean the May Day march took a couple months to organize, and this is only 6 days away!

Make it 5pm 04.Nov.2001 15:53


Better to organize the Pioneer Square gathering on the 9th at 5pm, so that people coming from work can attend.

Sounds good to me 05.Nov.2001 00:11


Anyone else interested? It would probably be good to bring lots of pamphlets 'n shit too. If it appears the action wont be any good we could always decide right there to have an action on Sat. or Sun. So how about it? 5 PM

What the hell? 05.Nov.2001 14:34


This is the second time it wouldn't let me post something without posting another comment.

re: the 9th 05.Nov.2001 16:48

l&c student #497738

lets say pio square 5pm....
we will try and rally folks from up the hill....
anything is better than nothing!

flyers/pamphlets?? 07.Nov.2001 12:22

matchboy matchboy@tearitalldown.com

anyone know where we can download some files to print for flyers/pamphlets?

or maybe someone creative could come up with something...

Peace Vigil 07.Nov.2001 17:28


Are you aware that there is a Peace Vigil at Pioneer Square at 5pm on Friday night's? Maybe we get them to join us.

5PM FRIDAY - PIONEER SQUARE 07.Nov.2001 21:44

matchboy matchboy@tearitalldown.com

As you can see on the calendar... there is a meeting at 5pm at Pioneer Square Courthouse..

5 PM
Pioneer Square Courthouse

this will coexist with the current vigil planned for friday at the same timeframe

I don't believe there is a permit (haha)

Someone, anyone, bring a bullhorn...

Print flyers!

Be Active, if just one (me) or if there are several.
Do we need many people there? no.. but it would be nice.

Send all your friends invites. The WTO owns every one of our asses, and we need to do our part to STOMP OUT THE WORLD TERROR ORGANIZATION.


Inform everyone.
We are going to show PDX that at least some of us care about how the WTO governs our lives.

Faces of the New World 08.Nov.2001 00:44

SFU unity@mail.pdx.edu

and come for some education, discussion, debrief, and FILMS!!! afterward on Monday(Nov. 12) at 5th Avenue
Cinemas (SW 5th and Hall) Speakers start at 11 a.m. we'll get the scoop on what went down in Qatar, Portland, everywhere.. as well as continuing to educate ourselves on the complexities of trade issues and making connections to how this affects our local communities.. and the organizing going on right here to build sustainable
alternatives. for complete schedule, or if you want to have an information table at the event, call Students for Unity at 503.725.8777, or e-mail us at  unity@mail.pdx.edu.
please spread the word.


P.O. Box 751 Portland, OR 97207