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'Students For Peace' March

Peace March in Eugene
'Students for Peace' March

Approximately 75-100 people from the Eugene community marched from the EMU University to the Federal Building today, while chanting "Brains Not Bombs", "Peace Not War", "No Bush", "Stop The Bombing, Honor The Dead". Upon arriving the Federal Building we joined efforts with some of the folks from the 'Justice Not War Coalition' (those who were not in the march), who were holding their weekly Friday 5:00 Peace Vigil.

As we marched along 13th Avenue a few bystanders, one with a puppy, joined in. We were a group of people holding signs, walking and riding bikes, begging for an end to the madness.

Positive response was overwhelming! People emerged from work places clapping, giving us the thumbs up or smiling wildly. Honking horns, people peace signs flying out of automobile windows and more smiles had us hooting and hollering in the streets. Both this peace march and the last few marches that I participated in make me even more doubtful and suspicious of the percentage of Americans that the media says are in support of war.

I only heard one negative statement throughout the march, something about "what about all of the innocent lives that were lost". Yes, what about all the innocent lives that we are taking?

Standing on the street corner with my sign in one hand and the end of a PEACE banner in the other, I caught sight of a small child with large curious eyes watching us from the backseat of a car that was stopped in front of us. I wondered what her mother would say when asked by the child what our signs said or what we were doing.

Some motorists sped up and rounded the corner recklessly to avoid our message. The man standing next to me said, "they don't want to know or look" His statement made me think back to the aftermath of 9.11 and how people wanted to know, and look, (over and over again). The attitude seems to be 'if it is not happening on our "soil" it is of no concern'.