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Remember Genoa

Three Portland organizers who were in Genoa with 300,000 others to protest the G-8 will talk about their experiences this Saturday, Nov.4th from 4-7 PM. The event will take place at Smith Center, Portland State University. All are welcome for talk, discussion afterwards and food.
Remember Genoa. Djennifer Whitney, Shira Zucker and Clayton Czszech traveled to Genoa, Italy along with 300,000 other people from around the world to protest the G-8 meeting this summer. Hundreds of protesters were injured by the Italian police, several died. The Italian people continued the protests and have been attempting to topple the government as a result of the police attacks.
The three speakers will discuss why they were there, what has happened since, and what this means for our movements. All are welcome to participate in the discussion afterwards.
The event will start at 4 PM in Smith Center, Portland State University, Portland, Oregon on Saturday, November 4th. Childcare will be available.