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former earth liberation front spokesperson receives subpoena to testify before congressional subcommittee on ecoterrorism
November 1, 2001


PORTLAND, OR - Craig Rosebraugh, a spokesperson for the North American Earth Liberation Front (E.L.F.) from 1997-2001, received a subpoena late last evening, Oct. 31, to testify at a Congressional Subcommittee meeting on Ecoterrorism. The subpoena, delivered by two U.S. Marshals, demands Rosebraugh to appear before the Congressional Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health at 3:00pm on February 12, 2002 in Washington, DC.

At a Congressional meeting on October 3, 2001, U.S. Rep. Scott McInnis (CO) successfully argued for Rosebraugh to be subpoenaed for the February 2002 meeting. McInnis, chairperson of the Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health, is seeking information from Rosebraugh on the Earth Liberation Front, which has since 1997 inflicted more than $40 million in damages to entities profiting from the destruction of the environment.

Rosebraugh states he will not cooperate with the "attempts by Congress to stop the work of the brave, heroic individuals in the E.L.F. who are trying to end the destruction of of life." He stepped down from his role as a spokesperson for the ELF on September 5, 2001 feeling that others need to step forward to take on the role of speaking out and showing support for the group. During the four years Rosebraugh acted as spokesperson, he received seven subpoenas to testify before federal grand juries investigating the actions of the E.L.F. In addition, federal authorities conducted two raid on his home, work, and vehicles. Hundreds of items were seized in the raids, yet Rosebraugh has yet to ever be charged with one crime related to the E.L.F.

Rosebraugh says he thinks the work of the E.L.F. is important and crucial in trying to demonstrate that life is more important than profits. "The legal forms of objection and attempts at changes in environmental policy since the 1960s have not worked. Our environment is more polluted and destroyed now than ever before. More actions, like those of the E.L.F., are needed to stop the destruction of life caused by greedy, corrupt corporations and politicians."

Further responding to what he has planned for the February meeting, Rosebraugh stated,
"In light of the events on September 11, my country has told me that I should not cooperate with terrorists. I therefore am refusing to cooperate with members of Congress who are some of the most extreme terrorists in history. Currently they are responsible for allowing the slaughter of now over an estimated 1,500 Afghanistan civilians. They are responsible for the Sept. 11 attacks due to horrendous U.S. foreign policies of imperialism and they are responsible for the current ongoing genocide against the innocent people of Afghanistan. This alleged war on terrorism has largely been conducted to allow the U.S. to attempt to oust the Taliban, and put in place a new puppet regime in Afghanistan who would allow the U.S. to build their much sought after pipeline from the Turkmenistan oil reserves through southern Afghanistan, Pakistan, and to the Gulf. These sort of practices, mixed in with domestic policies of racism, classism, and further imperialism at the expense of life demonstrate the truly terrorist reality of the U.S. Congress and Government. I could not live with myself if I cooperated with that injustice."

Contact: 503.335.1436

Terrorists 04.Nov.2001 18:31

Freeked forest activist

I feel everyone is entitled to their own opinion about ELF actions.There is alot of partyline mentality within activist communitys requarding their activitys.Alot of earth warriors I have heard addressing this issue feel the ELF actions should be supported,and there should be solidarity with them,and they attack anyones viewpoint that does not feel the same way.I am a forest activist,and I feel the issues they address are very valid.But,the way they carry out their "campaign" against "earth rapers" is not an effective political campaign,and it is a political campaign,whether they want to admit it or not.When you try and effect change by words or actions,it is a political statement.People who do actions under the name ELF need to learn how to run an effective political campaign-The public is against these actions and they will continue to be against them as long as the potential for innocent persons to be harmed is present.Firefighters are called "protectors of private property" by those responsible for "ELF" actions.Most of them dont know squat about anarchist theory,so how can you blame them for not realizing they protect "private property" when they fight fires?If one of them gets hurt or killed trying to suppress a fire caused by someone calling themselves ELF,the persons responsible will say it was worth the loss considering what was gained for the environment.The ELF would be much better off conducting some other type of campaign,economic damages have been great to see,but they are losing the war of public opinion,which is really going to be the thing that causes great change.
The ELF night actions also screw above ground campaigns to save the environment.State repression falls mainly on the shoulders of more easily reached direct action efforts because the ELF hides and at the least,these two different segments of direct action need to be totally separate,which is impossible,the state sees forest activists wearing masks to avoid identification,calls them ecoterrorists,and now its almost better not to wear one,your almost safer not to,because of all the ecoterrorist hype caused by the ELF activitys.The public is scared,and it's not because of people living in the trees at Eagle Creek and elsewhere,it's because they don't know whats going to burn up next door to their house in the next ELF action.The only reason I would'nt say this to an ELF operative,one,I don't know any,and two,I'm really scared you would come after me for being critical of your logic.Yes,even a hardcore forest activist who puts his own body on the line 100% is scared of ELF operatives,and that should tell you something about these people.Alot of young people who I feel have not fully developed their thinking processes hear about the ELF actions and ideologys and think they are being "brave earth warriors" thinking like that and maybe even doing these acts too. The only thing that really changes anything in this world is mass support from alot of pissed off people and ELF supporters and operatives are really off base if they think alot of people really feel what they do is positive.Just some food for thought,just MY opinion.I'm so sick of being portrayed as an ecoterrorist by the media when we do above ground forest activism.-freeked

Hypocracy in singling out environmentalists 05.Nov.2001 16:38

Joseph Lechuga drunken_armand@hotmail.com

An abortion clinic in Portland recieved a letter from a group that calls itself the Army of God. The letter stated that the recipient now had anthrax. Ashcroft briefly questioned the spokesman for that group, a Baptist pastor. He felt that the pastor could give no further information, and so is left to go about on his own recognizance.

Wish that there were happier news,

Public Opinion v. Money 14.Nov.2001 11:26

dear freeked

Freeked, your forest activism and willingness to think about difficult issues are impressive, but unfortunately experience shows it's not really public opinion that ends up changing things. Case in point, God's Valley is being logged within spitting distance of the tree-sitters. But, several logging companies stopped buying logs from Eagle Creek after a few of their trucks were sabotaged. Sad but true.

Re:dear freeked 21.Nov.2001 22:43

Freeked forest activist

I'd like to respond to the comment made by "dear freeked" about the arson fire involving the log truck earlier this summer.My big question is this: Did the arson fire really accomplish anything? Would the companys that indicated they would not harvest timber from Eagle Creek have said the same thing if the log truck would not have been torched...I heard controversy over the sale was the reason.I feel the CD actions the same day created the same worrys for timber companys.Logging and destuction of ecosystems creates a dark vibe,but the general public seems to feel the ELF actions create an even darker vibe.And so easy for the press to sensationalize-distracting from the real issues.
Also,big point,should an entire campaign have been exposed to much increased state repression as a result of an unconsensed upon action by a night activist?These people have put their bodies AND minds on the line both in tree-sits and subjected themselves to a hell of a lot of stress mentally(which is the truley brutal part of forest activism and the major reason we lose so many experienced and effective activists).The arson might have caused companys to shy away,but the cold reality of it is, it was all covered by insurance,it got the man a new truck,and that was only one result,the arson probobly caused a bunch of prospective forest activists to shy away,and alot of good people,who were experienced and strong have ALREADY BAILED,they think all the ELF attention has made forest defense too sketchy,more sketchy than any tree-sit or pod. Another point is that Eagle is being held up by other factors,not arsons.
You are entitled to your opinion,but I think that when enough public opinion goes against timber sales,when the people speak up,IN GREAT NUMBERS,and raise hell publicly,this in the long run is going to do more to stop the slaughter of our wildlands than a thousand night actions,ELF actions make the industry hate us,in turn they can easily portray enviros as wingnut criminals.In turn public opinions focus on ELF,so does the media,not against industry/goverment agencys.
"dear freeked" I'm sure you know the feds have probobly already read this thread and could have traced your on-line activitys and hopefully you won't be the next one to sit before a grand jury instead of sitting in a tree.Is the power of the pen greater than the power of the flying brick?All tactics in the toolbox,just watch how your actions affect others that are working for the same things as you and their safety-Thanks for reading and have a good action

support the ELF 24.Nov.2001 21:09

this means war

freeked, you fool. you are playing right into the mainstream socieity's hands by discrediting the ELF and saying that they do not know how to run an effective political campaign. the ELF is not about running effective political campaign or about getting good media or having paid media spots. the goal of the brave warriors of the ELF is to stop the exploitation. stop it dead in its tracks. this a war going on out there. the ELF is on the frontlines doing what soo few are willing to do. so long as we don't support them, we make it easier for the government and society to divide us, to make us be concerned about our public image. it is like the old UK Animal Liberation Front supporters group shirt used to say, "10 out of ten lab animals support the ALF". we would have a lot less problems and craig rosebraugh would have gotten messed with a lot less if it weren't for people in the so-called enviroment movement stopped attacked the ELF and start supporting it.

reply to "this means war" 26.Nov.2001 22:42


Like I said in my previous posts on this thread,I support stuggles against the oppressors the ELF fights against.You feel it is not a political campaign,by your definitions.I feel you are wrong about this.The ELF actions attempt to change minds about issues.I don't feel there is enough milk jugs and gasoline in this entire world to cause enough economic damage to seriously change anything-You could'nt burn enough trucks and meat packing plants to really affect much in the grand scheme of things,even if you burned one per minute.Can you give me some figures on how many businesses and corps. have been dropped from their insurance companys?Most mainstream people get distracted from the real issues ELF addresses by the overt criminality of the actions.Sure,the worlds worse off then it ever has been before,and I sometimes feel property damage is a good thing,but fire is not something to play around with.I suggest ELF members change their tactics,try flooding buildings or something different and creative,humorous and just maybe,with enough creativity they will actually get support from alot of people,not just black-block conformists who all dress the same and think the same way.The way ELF works creates such a polarity,it makes industry self-justify what they do even more.Children writing "letters to the editor" causes more change than ELF actions,in my opinion.Next time,instead of burning a building up,they should stand out on the sidewalk with signs calling attention to the problem at hand everyday for a month strait,persistence might work.Maybe I'm full of shit,that's why I'm discussing things here,I can understand other people's thoughts on this issue,I respect ELF warriors as sincere in their wish for survival of the planet,but I think their tactics are not optimal,and are getting stale.Think about it,critique it,think for yourself.Whatever you do-when the Feds knock on your door, tell them they need to leave if they don't have a warrant.Tell them your attorney has advised you not to speak with them without a lawyer present.Keep your mouth shut.