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Action Camp Announcement!

Come on down to Humboldt County, and help to make a stand for the trees! The time for revolution is now:)
Action Camp Announcement!
Action Camp Announcement!

Hole in the Headwaters Logging spawns Earth First! Action Camp
Camp will be at Grizzly Creek State Park, Nov. 3rd-17th

For immediate release Thursday, November 1st, 2001
Contact: NCEF! P.O. Box 28, Arcata, CA 95518, (707) 825-6598 or page

The Humboldt Forest Defenders, including North Coast Earth First!, will
be hosting an action camp, in Humboldt County, California, beginning on
November 3rd. MAXXAM/Pacific Lumber has already begun loggin the Hole
in the Headwaters, 705 acres of 2nd growth and residual old growth
redwoods actually within the boundary of the Headwaters Reserve. Loggers
have boasted that they'll be done in 30 days. The camp will offer
trainings, such as non-violence, backwoods, jail solidarity, and
tree-climbing, as well as food, fire, songs, and an Old Growth Redwood atmosphere.

The camp will be held at Grizzly Creek State Park, around seventeen
miles up Highway 36, which runs east off of Highway 101, just south of
Fortuna. Once you get onto Hwy 36, follow it past Carlotta, Swimmer's
Delight Campground, and the Grizzly Creek State Park signs. Within a
mile, you will see the Grizzly Creek Campgrounds sign on your left, and you
will turn to the right, and park; the camp will be to your right. If
you are coming from the East, on Hwy 36, then the sign will be on your
right, and you will turn to your left, and the camp will still be to
your right. People are encouraged to bring tents, sleeping bags, warm
clothes, extra food, a few dollars to help pay for the site (optional),
rain gear, and a good spirit (necessary).

MAXXAM and the Corporate industrial forestry Complex continue to ravage
Humboldt County, and must be stopped, before it is too late. Already,
mills are shutting down, due to the liquidation logging that has been
destroying Humboldt County's local economy, while millions of dollars in
timber revenue is being spent thousands of miles from our local
communities. Big Timber is going after the last of the Old Growth,
clearcutting on insanely steep slopes, and threatening to decimate the last
viable Coho Salmon and Steelhead Trout runs on the North Coast. We continue
to suffer the effects of herbicides, diesel fuel, siltation,
landslides, and the loss of a local economy, all for the luxurious lives of a few
greedy people.

Non-violent, civilly disobedient direct action is a long-standing
tradition of dissent, giving the people a voice, and a chance to communicate
with each other about the issues that are important to everyone.
Please come and learn more about the art of resistance, and take part in
this historical movement of good-hearted peace-seeking people, standing up
to corporate greed and inequalities. The Hole in the Headwaters is
being cut, new timber harvest plans are being processed for the Mattole,
and many other plans, all over Humboldt County, are being approved,
everyday. We have the capacity to accommodate over one hundred people, so
come on over to Humboldt County, and take a stand for the trees!

If you have trouble getting an answer from NCEF! at 707/825-6598, you
can also page Shunka at (707)269-9731, for more information. This is a
numerical pager number, so enter your phone number at the beep, and
you'll be called back promptly. Hope to see you soon!

phone: phone: (707)269-9731
address: address: P.O. Box 28, Arcata, CA 95518