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Local activist faces grand jury in Eugene - grand jury delayed until january

UPDATE: Moss's grand jury hearing was postponed until January. Apparently the other activists who also received subpoenas to testify at the grand jury had their dates delayed until January, and so Moss's date was also postponed until then. The exact date has not yet been made public.

Forest activists from Portland and Eugene have been receiving subpoenas to appear in front of a grand jury. Included in the list of activists is Mary "Moss" Fanelli, who had been very active in the Eagle Creek campaign in past years. Wednesday she will appear before this archaic and outdated jury.

It is unclear what the (not so) grand jury currently issuing subpoenas is investigating at this time, but this one seems different from others seen in the Northwest in recent years. Whereas other grand juries have almost exclusively summoned spokespeople for groups like the Earth Liberation Front, this one is summoning numerous forest activists from the community who've focused their activism on public, nonviolent civil disobedience actions. Their agenda appears to be to coerce and intimidate people engaged in public dissent, rather than investigate any particular 'criminal' activity.

Since receiving her subpoena, Moss has been followed at times, and apparently has had her mail read. With all such shady activites, it is hard to ascertain the extent of the surveillance. Moss will be appearing before the grand jury in Eugene on Wednesday morning. There is a rally in support of Moss at 9am in front of the Federal Courthouse in Eugene with rides leaving from Portland early that morning, and a solidarity rally in Portland in front of the Federal Courthouse (1000 SW 3rd Ave.) at noon on the same day.

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