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Peace Actions update

Eugene: Protesters clash with cops
Protestors stopped traffic today during a peace demonstration in front of the Federal Building in Eugene. The police showed up, some in riot gear, and hauled seven activist off to the station. The protestors were given citations and fines for disorderly conduct and let go. Knowing the city's reputation for civil disobedience, many of the protestors have wondered where the cops have been for the half dozen marches that have occurred over the past two months. Good or bad, this day might mark a change in the relationship between the protestors and the tolerance of city officials towards the anti-war demonstrations. Time will soon tell. Next Friday the anti-war march combines with the School of the Americas protest to begin again at 3 p.m. at the U of O Urb Union amphitheater. [ Read more ]

Portland: Peace Vigil with Anti-WTO Protest
As the evening set on downtown Portland, roughly 100 protesters stood alongside Broadway and held their heads high with spirit and hope as they sang songs of freedom and chanted anti-war slogans, waved their banners, and passed out flyers to the evening traffic downtown. Because the World Trade Organization is currently meeting in Qatar for their Fourth Ministerial, this rally was also an anti-WTO event. [ Read more | "The revolution starts here" ]