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Repression against activists increasing rapidly

Local forest activist subpoenaed
Recently, forest activists from Portland and Eugene have been receiving subpoenas to appear in front of a Grand Jury in Eugene in mid-November. Included in the list of activists is Mary "Moss" Fanelli, who had been very active in the Eagle Creek campaign in past years. It is unclear what the Grand Jury currently issuing subpoenas is investigating at this time, but this one seems different from others seen in the Northwest in recent years. Whereas other grand juries have almost exclusively summoned spokespeople for groups like the Earth Liberation Front, this one is reportedly summoning numerous forest activists from the community who've focused their activism on public, nonviolent civil disobedience actions as opposed to covert sabotage and arson. full story
Help support Moss at the Grand Jury | Anti-terrorism forum Part of the forum will also be focused on grand juries in addition to focusing on the new 'anti-terrorism' legislation. | Cascadia Forest Alliance | forest activism

Green Party member alleges denial of travel
During a Counter Punch interview, Nancy Oden, a Green Party USA coordinating committee member from northern Maine, states she was grabbed by armed government agents as she attempted to board an American Airlines flight to Chicago. Military personnel with automatic weapons surrounded Oden and instructed all airlines to deny her passage on ANY flight. "I was told that the airport was closed to me until further notice and that my ticket would not be refunded," Oden said. full story | Counter Punch interview
However others offer a different account of what transpired at the airport. The Green Party of the United States is trying to find the truth behind this incident as other members were able to travel. "USGP advisory on detention of a Green at Maine airport" Green Party USA and Green Party of the United States are separate organizations.

Craig Rosebraugh ordered to testify
Craig Rosebraugh, a spokesperson for the North American Earth Liberation Front (E.L.F.) from 1997-2001, received a subpoena in the evening of Oct. 31, to testify at a Congressional Subcommittee meeting on Ecoterrorism. The subpoena, delivered by two U.S. Marshals, demands Rosebraugh to appear before the Congressional Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health at 3:00pm on February 12, 2002 in Washington, DC.
Craig Rosebraugh: "In light of the events on September 11, my country has told me that I should not cooperate with terrorists. I therefore am refusing to cooperate with members of Congress who are some of the most extreme terrorists in history..... " full story

FBI subpoenas woman in black
After S11 the FBI attempted to question Kate Rafael, a member of the Women in Black, an international network of women committed to racial justice and peace. Rafael refused questioning, seeing that as an attack on her first ammendment rights. When asked by Kate's lawyer, the FBI refused to tell about the scope and nature of the investigation. This is an interview from Flashpoints Radio.
full radio report

contact Women in Black, San Fransisco | National lawyers Guild 415.285.1055 (24 hours) | Flashpoints Radio

Along with Kate Rafael's there is a full interview with Dr. Arrod Kareem who was questioned on his political beliefs in an FBI interview and an explanation of the choice for the new cabinet of Homeland Security: the new 'Terrorism Czar' Pennsylvania's Governor Tom Ridge. full radio report