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9.11 investigation

Peace actions update

3 November - Salem: "No such thing as a holy war"
About 300 people gathered for Peace in Salem on Saturday. Following music in the city's waterfront park, the crowd marched to the capitol building for speakers, a performance by Urgent Carnival, and a die-in to represent those killed on and since the September 11th attacks on the East Coast. Police present was light, and the handful of counter-protesters kept to themselves. The weather started out cloudy but did not rain, and broke for sun by the end of the event.
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2 November - Eugene: "Begging for an end to the madness"
Approximately 75-100 people from the Eugene community marched from the University to the Federal Building on Friday, chanting "Brains Not Bombs", "Peace Not War", "No Bush", "Stop The Bombing, Honor The Dead". According to a participant, positive response was overwhelming; people emerged from workplaces clapping, giving the thumbs up or smiling wildly. "Both this peace march and the last few marches that I participated in make me even more doubtful and suspicious of the percentage of Americans that the media says are in support of war."
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US on fire
US on fire

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