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How to Help SHAC Activists Imprisoned in Little Rock!

Money for bond should be wired ( http://www.westernunion.com)through Western Union to Kim Bernardi, then call her on her cellphone. See full story for her phone # and details for wiring $. Thanx!

The 2 Portland activists are Amy Robertson and Darcy Jean. Josh Harper, a long-time activist from the Pacific Northwest, is also injured and still in jail.

If you are wiring money to Little Rock (Western Union:  http://www.westernunion.com), please include YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME, the exact amount and what city you are wiring from. This is in addition to listing the jail-ee's name.

Leave a text message on Kim Berardi's cell phone that you wired money, and she will go get it. Her phone number is:


So far, the portland 2 have not bonded out. *************************************************

After 2 days of successful events against Stephens Inc. and their investment in Huntingdon Life Sciences, a major protest was held at Stephens' offices in downtown Little Rock. There the over 200 protesters were met with extreme repression on behalf of the Little Rock police (who were, no doubt, financed by Warren Stephens). Pepper spray, tear gas, rubber bullets, concussion grenades, and stun guns were all used on protesters. One man was shot in the face with a rubber bullet; another was actually shot in the eye and was rushed to a local hospital. A total of 26 people were arrested in the chaos. Charges against these people varied, but were all minor misdemeanors. Everybody was released on the night of Monday, October 29, with a court date set for
the next morning at 8:30am.

There, the judge ordered the defendants to pay restitution for the hundreds of the overtime cops who were on duty yesterday at the Stephens building--the activists were considered guilty without a trial! They've only had arraignment and the judge is finding them guilty. This is a blatant violation of their constitutional rights!!

The judge said that anyone who plead not guilty would be thrown in jail--and that's what he did. Currently, 14 dedicated activists remain in jail after refusing to post bail.

We are asking that everyone please take the time to call the jail AND the District Attorney to demand the release of these brave activists.
The phone numbers are as follows:
501 340 7000 - Jail
501 371 4508 - District Attorney Larry Jegly

For the latest news, photos, downloadable fliers and all the necessary
information you need to help gain the release of the Little Rock 14, please visit www.welovesoy.com/shac/index.html

You can help us to close Huntingdon Life Sciences permanently! Contact the following companies that invest in HLS and let them know you will not bank or invest in their company and that by supporting HLS, they are investing in animal torture:

Stephens Inc. This investment firm is the number one investor and financial savior of HLS. (www.stephenskills.com)
Warren Stephens, President;
111 Center St. Little Rock, AR 72201-4402; Phone: 1-800-643-9691; Fax: (501) 377-2666.

Bank of New York. This prominent northeast bank controls the American Depositary Receipts (ADR) program that enables American firms to invest in the British-based HLS. Without the Bank of New York, HLS would not be able to trade on the American stock market. (See www.bankofnykills.com).
Thomas Renyi, President, Bank of New York, Inc., One Wall St. New York, NY 10286;
Phone: 1-888-LINK-BNY; Fax: (212) 809-9528.

Oracle Partners. This company holds 23 million shares in HLS. Larry N. Feinberg, President;
200 Greenwich Ave., Greenwich, CT 06830; Phone: (203) 862-7900; Fax: (203) 862-7996.

And we must not forget those who are actually performing these horrific experiments on the animals at HLS. Huntingdon Life Sciences, Inc. PO Box 2360 Mettlers Road, East Millstone, NJ 08875-2360;
Phone732-873-2550; Financial Office phone 201-525-1819
Fax 732-873-8513; Finacial office Fax 201-525-1331

Anyone who has accustomed himself to regard the life of any living creature as worthless is in danger of arriving also at the idea of worthless human lives.

~ Albert Schweitzer ~

homepage: homepage: http://www.westernunion.com

correction 31.Oct.2001 22:57


Kim's last name is actually Berardi, with no N. It's really important that you spell it right because Western Union is really anal like that. Thanks!

Consolidate your donations? 01.Nov.2001 01:28


We've been running into somewhat prohibitive surcharges on the Western Union donations, so if you're interested in donating, please try to contact Josie @ 233-2359 if you're interested in making a donation. Another option is to donate via PayPal on the  http://www.ohsukillsprimates.com site... just scroll down in the left frame to find the "Donate" button. For more info, contact  p-helix@usa.net.


Oracle 01.Nov.2001 18:42


At www.shacusa.com it is indicated that Oracle Partners are no longer involved with HLS.

Huntington or Huntingdon? 02.Nov.2001 17:58

Hugh huhigi@att.net

I'm with you, but to write letters it would be best to have the correct spelling of the company, otherwise the letter may be written off as from someone who doesn't know what's going on. Is it Huntington Life Sciences or Huntingdon Life Sciences? Both appear in these articles.

SHAC Activists Update 04.Nov.2001 15:51


It is, indeed, Huntingdon. And, you're right, we need to watch the details.

Just an update on the activists. All but Whitni Battle are out. ( http://www.portland.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=4445&group=webcast)

The remaining activists were bailed out en masse on Thursday, November 1st by a gracious long-time animal activist. We are now in the process of trying to figure out how to reimburse him.

Thanks to everyone who watched this story and special thanks to those who went out of their way to call the jail and contribute toward bail bond. We are still collecting donations to cover activists' expenses. Donations can be made at the www.ohsukillsprimates.com site (PayPal button at the bottom of the left frame) or via snail mail to: PO box 6716, PDX, OR 97228. If you decide to donate, please indicate how you would like the money used.

First hand activist accounts of their experiences as political prisonsers will appear on IMC within the week.

Again, thank you IMC readers for your concern and generosity.