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links to Arabic news sources (in english)?

wanted links to news sources
If anyone finds links to middle east news sources written in english please post. I tried Al Jheera but they are all in Arabic. Send to me any french links  atimm_1999@yahoo.com

One from the Lebanon Daily star


Lebanese news

Fadlallah critical of US-led attack on Afghanistan

Alia Ibrahim
Daily Star staff

Sayyed Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah accused the United States of plotting to assassinate him in a 1985 car bombing that killed scores of Lebanese, but said he was sympathetic to the US' plight after Sept. 11.
Speaking Tuesday from the American University in Beirut during a lecture entitled "Islam and Violence: between the Sept. 11 crisis and the Afghanistan War," the senior Shiite cleric condemned last month's attacks.
afghandaily.com 31.Oct.2001 11:46

matchboy matchboy@tearitalldown.com


afghan news 31.Oct.2001 14:34