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Photos - Animal Rights Action at Portland Bank of America

Photos from the Bank of America action in Portland at 5th & Main on Monday

animal testing vs research 31.Oct.2001 10:22


it should be noted that there is a difference between animal testing vs animal research. HLS does animal testing where they are subcontracted to perform tests to cover the corporations asses in the eyes of the law.

Animal research differs in this regard in that it can lead to progress in biology/medicine.

you may not agree with either but there is a difference and as i may support animal research i do not support animal testing and HLS is getting what they deserve.


Voice for the silent 03.Nov.2001 22:26


We are quick to do research on living creatures that can not protest for themselves. To me it does not matter whether it is animal testing or animal research that is being done. In my eyes you are still choosing the coarse of another living thing's life, one that can not speak for itself to make the decsion wheter or not to paticipate. For just a moment put your perspective into the life of an animal. Living in a cage and running on wheel, is this the life that you would choose to begin with? Well....now picture that you end up dying from whatever you were choosen for......Is this how you would want to live your life? Why should this be choosen for a innocent creature? At least take a moment to vision it for yourself. In the back of your mind ask yourself, how many products do you use that animals were also subjected to the same product, is this natural? Is this right?