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God's Valley

60 people gathered in Gods Valley at area 4 Sunday to re-supply the tree-sits which have been cutoff due to closure. About half the people were local, and the other half were from Portland, including many from CFA.
Heading towards the closure line, the group did not know what they would face. After the ugly police violence and arrests at the last action, and the near murder of one forest activist 3 weeks ago, everyone was prepared for the same sort of aggresive response. However, upon arriving at the line, one of the local residents informed everyone that the ODF and police were completely absent. This tacit recognition of having crossed way over the line in no way excuses the earlier actions by the ODF and police, but perhaps it shows that they still have some shame.

Everyone wore green cross armbands, the forest version of the red cross humanitarian effort, and numerous supplies were brought. With the authorities gone, the expected air of violence and confrontation turned into an afternoon of song, communal spirit, honouring of nature. The walk up to the sits was what it should be. . .a joyful journey into a sacred space. . .nurturing, enriching. . .

Oh if the police would just leave altogether. . .they are not wanted, nor needed. . .unless they wish to strip off their encumbering uniform and simply be creatures. . .then they are surely welcome

Out in the forest, such questions as "Why do we make life so complicated, when it is really so very simple?" "Why do people get beat up and killed for trying to help others?" become obvious questions to ask. . .The forest awakens sanity. . .awakens humans from the insane dream we call life. It is a fake life. . .

Wake up!!! and see what it is we seek, then we will never kill our elders again