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"Wisconsin Death Trip": A Worldwide Chemicalmonging Conspiracy?

Brought to you via a special request on Madison IMC.
My Daddy said that Madison, Wisconsin made a bad move when they said that that they wanted local news only on their IMC site. I told them that I planned to write next on the "Wisconsin Death Trip", a book that I had read in the late seventies. When I went looking for this book, I discovered that it had disappeared from the library at the house where I had read it. At the library on campus I discovered that they had eight or more copies of it; but I realized that this was not the book that I was looking for but a reprint of a book by this name from the 1920s. The book that I was looking for was published in the early seventies, and it had recent pictures of dying people in Wisconsin in the second half of the twentieth century. I also remember that most of these people were reportedly dying from respiratory illnesses. The book that I found on campus was republished in 1973 and looked remarkably similar to the book that I was looking for; but it focused solely on a period of social upheaval in a Wisconsin town in the 1890s. I suspect that the publication of the book that I was looking for compelled people to republish the original "Wisconsin Death Trip"; plus they made a movie out of it. This was all apparently done to cover up the fact that someone published a book linking the social upheaval of the 1890s to the lawless practices of the present day and age. Here I am going to point out the relationship between this period of social upheaval in the 1890s and the lawlessness of today that I have addressed in many articles.

The social upheaval of the 1890s in this town was concealed much in the same way that the lawlessness of today is in that the true motives and the nature and causes of the illnesses and the madness that afflicted this town were categorized as everyday happenings that "No Body Is Going to Do Nothing About.." Id=41739. In this town of the 1890s people were dying at an incredible rate. There were lynchings, roving gangs, and reports that bordered on "mass insanity among the populace". There was a recently established asylum for the insane nearby that figured heavily in the reported madness also. A notable focus of this book is the abnormal number of reported deaths and photographs of dead children who had died from typhoid fever and/or diphtheria. Now I have looked up diphtheria in the best reference books of this day and age, and I find that it probably is not what they say it is. It is written that it is a communicable bacterial illness that produces a toxin in the respiratory system that results in the formation of a membrane that asphyxiates the victims. There were allegedly vaccines produced for diphtheria; thus it is something that we never hear of today. I suspect that these children and many others were murdered by phosgene; i.e. hydrochloric acid, which I have described in detail in "Modus Operandi of Lawlessness.." Id=24988. It was probably a never-ending cycle of illness and death as typhoid and diphtheria ravaged the population. The wells were probably contaminated to produce the typhoid, and chlorine was probably used in attempts to disinfect households to ward off illness. Since hydrochloric acid smells like chlorine, "diphtheria" was probably coined when hydrochloric acid began to kill people who had mistaken the smell of hydrochloric acid for the relatively harmless chlorine. The painless death that resulted as the lungs filled with fluid as a result of the damage from the acid was extended and compounded by infections sometimes, and that probably led researchers to blame these deaths on bacteria. The membrane that they claimed would form in the lungs and air passageways of the victims was probably the hardened fluid and mucus that they observed in the corpses of victims. Before I reveal the probable truth behind what was happening in the 1890s in Wisconsin, lets take a look at what I have written about the lawlessness of today.

In my writings I have identified sulphur, acids, arsenic, asbestoes, petroleum, cyanic gas, calcium, false allegations, abductions, and more as the means by which the lawless ones target and eliminate anyone who "rubs them the wrong way"(see Ids=24988, 25099, 34929, 47525, 48856, 51320(com.), 55844, 58159, 60292, & 73601). They are particularly proud of the fact that they can "get rid" of someone without even touching their victims, and they claim that Hitler never touched anyone either. The list of who these lawless ones are grows bigger every day. The depraved indifference to human life that was attributed to the coprophagists (Id=32589) seems to be characteristic of all of them too. Theirs are the practices of the Nicolaitans who God has condemned (Rev. 2:6, 15). Since I revealed that militant homosexuals are those who would throw chemicals at you if you "rubbed them the wrong way", I have looked up the definition of militant homosexuals and found that they are allegedly the most vocal advocates of the homosexual cause. I revealed that the true militant homosexuals are the ones who "hang out" in the "closet"(Id=71046) and target anyone who expresses displeasure with the vocal homosexual activists, the gay pride parades, or any other aspect of the homosexual cause. It is obvious how the same type of practice is manifested in the current war scenario as the lawless ones encourage their intended targets to support or oppose the war so that the clueless activists might be targetted (see "Do Something! Quick! Id=62855; "Delusions of War" Id=64528; and "America Plays War" Id=74087). The lawless ones will apparently move on anyone for anything that they feel can achieve or further their intentions of getting rid of those who have "rubbed them the wrong way". I have witnessed the apparent elimination of a woman who tried to get someone to address the intentional contamination of a building with asbestoes. They apparently don't even try to fabricate the diagnosis that complainers have delusions about the chemicals in the air anymore, they just say that they "died unexpectedly". Although I have revealed how the exposure of the educational deficiencies of the ".. Fools.." Id=79546 can put an end to the lawless incompetents wreaking havoc in the workforce; I suspect that they are working on getting legislation enacted that will prevent employers from discriminating against their stupidity. Since their chemical-monging proclivities have played such a big role in their rise to power, the recognition of their chemicalmonging or their support of it as proof of their aspiring to be recognized as God's chosen people will help ensure that they end up at the "Love Festivals of Hooterville" Id=29190, where their chemicalmonging skills will be utilized in voodoo and much more. There are surely a lot of "Messiahs in the Making" Id=43985 in this country. "How Many Messiahs You Got?" Id=46236????

So in Wisconsin in the 1890s it looks like a particularly lawless bunch came into power in this town, and they promoted the suppression of accounts of what really happened as they and their compatriots made manifest what was apparently a "Concealed Holocaust" Id=35206. If someone was forced from their house by chemicals or something else when they were nude, they were probably reported as being insane, and it was the end of them. If roving bands continuously harassed a person, that person would probably be declared insane if he or she spoke out about it. The probable intentional promotion of death and disease would further escalate the number of those diagnosed with madness. Really this was probably business as usual for a group that had probably promoted disasters such as the Black Death and the Potato Famine; but it is unique in that it happened in the U.S., it happened in a rural western area, a mental health institution was involved, and "Deceit, Delusions, and Depraved Dementia" Id=31133 were apparently involved to a large extent. Since this scenario is apparently being manifested on a global scale today, we might use this example to explain how the Zionist pro-gay coprophagic agenda is being made manifest worldwide as a greatly expanded version of the Wisconsin Death Trip.

From the amount of antagonism that my writings have generated in places like Madison, Wisconsin; it is probable that they are all trying to cover up the full extent of the "Silent Murder Epidemic" Id=24603 that they are waging against the locals in such places. Of course you know that "there is nothing hidden that shall not be revealed"(Mt. 10:26) and that is "Why They Love Bob Meade So Much" Id=76394; but you have to thank them for giving me the opportunity to put Wisconsin on the "map". That version of "Wisconsin Death Trip" that I was seeking was probably a "bootleg" book that was never legally published; but it apparently did compel the original book to be republished. Until the wicked are no more (Ps. 37); trust no one (Mic. 7:5). Hasta luego, adios.

PS: Fiction? "Wisconsin Death Trip" is probably classified as fiction because there were and are continuous efforts to suppress accounts of what happened. On the other hand we have fabrications like the "Warren Commission Report" being presented as fact. Try reporting on the Storm Troopers rubbing out the "Jesus Freak Kid", JFK, and see how far you get. So do we call the "WDT" a conspiracy(Is. 8:12)? We would do no such thing! After all, God has thought up a calamity from which these people will not remove their necks (Mic. 2:3). These Zionists, Nicolaitans and lawless holy-wannabes of the renegade Jacob, George Herbert Walker Bush (Mic. 1:5) have all aspired to be God's chosen people; thus they are destined to continue their "games" at the Love Festivals of Hooterville. Surely God will be pleased!

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Respectfully yours, Robert Meade "Bobby" "Israel" Deaf Messenger

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