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Socialized Psychopath, George W Bush, America’s Number One Evildoer

As a Cherokee/Irish/French American, I watch in amazement as my country continually allows the destruction of the worlds poorest peoples and their eco systems by socialized psychopathic plutocrats. We elect them. We idolize them. We suffer at their hands.
George W Bush is the worst to come along in years.
Socialized Psychopath, George W Bush,
America's Number One Evildoer
By Loren Franklin (Cherokee)

It has been my observation that this country has an ongoing, self destructive, annoying habit of appointing sociopaths and socialized psychopaths to political posts. It seems that we are fascinated by these personality types. We make them out to be heroes in our movies. We admire them when they climb to the top of corporate ladders and devastate the lives of less fortunate humans in Third World sweat shops, not to mention American sweat shops. I offer you Phil Knight of Nike as a quick example. We make national heroes out of mass murders and fill our children's history books with half truths and outright lies about them. And now, here in "The Land Of The Free And The Brave," we have appointed to the presidency, via the CIA and the Supreme Court, one of the most psychopathic individuals to ever stalk the halls of the White House.
Of course, even psychiatrists have a bit of a time defining exactly what constitutes a socialized psychopath. It is often difficult to tell one apart from a hard core sociopath/narcissist. But they have come up with a check list, a questionnaire, that seems to narrow it down. I have taken the liberty to copy this questionnaire from a prominent researchers web site, for the sake of shining a light on the cold black hole that is the soul of George W Bush. With your permission, I would like to put him to that test.
"The questionnaire itself is based on research and experiences of socialized psychopaths. For each trait, decide if it applies to the person you suspect may be a socialized psychopath, fully (2 points), partially (1 point) or not at all (0 points). A score of 25 or above suggests strong psychopathic tendencies."

1.Do they have problems sustaining stable relationships, personally and in business?

Apparently, George seems to have the ability to maintain relationships with heads of oil companies, energy corporations, Republican Party heads, CIA and Pentagon officials as well as the heads of drug money laundering Banks the world wide. Just to name a few of his long time friends. So on that question, we would have to give him a score of 0. Even though his longtime relationships are with the worst pack of sociopaths the nation has to offer.

2.Do they frequently manipulate others to achieve selfish goals, with no consideration of the
effects on those manipulated?

George's record in the state of Texas is one of dismal failure in delivering on his promises for child health care. He, during his Governorship of that state broke nearly every promise he made to help the poor and needy. He drove the state into the ground and lied to the entire nation about it, while he was asking America to make him president. All for the goal of obtaining power, control and material wealth.

3.Are they cavalier about the truth, and capable of telling lies to your face?

His lies to the nation would fill a book longer than "Gone With The Wind." His presidential campaign was one solid, ongoing lie about his accomplishments in Texas. He told those lies in high fashion, in a loud voice, in spite of a mountain of evidence that he was "pulling the collective American leg."

4.Do they have an air of self-importance, regardless of their true standing in society?

There is no doubt, whatsoever, that he sees himself as a gift to the world. He looks down on those in need, as if they were beggars, and he treats them that way. He speaks to his peers with open contempt, as he did during the past presidential debates. As they say in Texas, "he thinks he shits rose petals and pisses perfume."

5.Have they no apparent sense of remorse, shame or guilt?

As governor of Texas he killed nearly one prisoner a week. Most of them African American men. At least one of them mentally retarded. He bragged about it publicly. Once when the sister of one African American man he killed went to his office and asked Bush for mercy for her brother, he refused to shake her hand upon meeting her. He treated her with contempt, and she left his office in tears because of his treatment of her. He went on to kill the young man.

6.Is their charm superficial, and capable of being switched on to suit immediate ends?

He is able to smile and charm an audience with promises, to get what he wants for himself. Namely power and control. Later he will break those promises for the benefit of his rich friends and hurt the individuals he made the promises to. Superficial to suit immediate needs? I guess so.

7.Are they easily bored and demand constant stimulation?

He is known to play hand held electronic children's games at inappropriate times. He likes press conferences and takes a great deal of time off during the work week. But hey, that might not be a two. Lets just give him a score of one on that question.

8.Are their displays of human emotion unconvincing?

It depends on who you ask. A person who desperately wants to be convinced, such as one of his republican party members, might answer that question no. As for me, I don't play political sports, I don't belong to a political team. I look at him and I see a complete phony who would carve his mothers knuckles into dice for a quick game with the boys. I have good intuition when it comes to fake emotional displays, and he is a complete phony as far as I am concerned.

9.Do they enjoy taking risks, and acting on reckless impulse?

He was an AWOL National Guard fighter pilot during the Viet Nam War. That's a risk taker. He still flies jets and airplanes. One of which used to belong to the Contra drug dealer, Barry Seals. Who his father and his fathers friends in the CIA used as a drug dealer for that little mess at the MENA airport in Arkansas. With Bill Clinton's help. I would say that flying a big time drug dealers plane and flying jets makes him a risk taker.

10.Are they quick to blame others for their mistakes?

He is always quick to blame anyone and everyone for the problems he caused in Texas. He devastated that state and its social services. He is most likely to blame for the deaths of hundreds or thousands of children and sick adults in that state. When asked who is responsible, he points in every direction but to himself. He gave his rich friends hundreds of billions in tax cuts his first year in presidential office. The economy is now in a downward spiral, and he is blaming it on anything he can, aside from himself.

11.As teenagers, did they resent authority, play truant and/or steal?

There is the story about how as a young man he tried to get his father to fight him. That story was big during his campaign. As far as truant, he was AWOL for a one and a half year period during his National Guard stint. Although his friends in the CIA were able to get ahold of his official military records and doctor them up. Which they were caught doing. As for stealing, Texas is rife with stories about his using his governor's office to cut fat deals for himself in oil, and deals concerning his sports team. They say that you need to count your fingers after shaking his hand.

12.Do they have no qualms about sponging off others?

He used money from the state of Texas to benefit himself in regard to his sports team. He used his office as governor to line his nest. He took in a record amount of money for his presidential campaign, and then instantly began breaking his campaign promises to those contributors after elected.

13.Are they quick to lose their temper?

He wanted to bomb Afghanistan into the stone age before asking any questions or finding out who did what at the WTC.

14.Are they sexually promiscuous?

If so, they have done a good job of covering it up.

15.Do they have a belligerent, bullying manner?

He is amazingly belligerent in regard to his plans for what he considers evildoers. Poor people in other countries who stand between his friends and their oil. He intends to kill and bully anyone in the world who doesn't share his narrow views and get out of his way. He calls them terrorists.

16.Are they unrealistic about their long-term aims?

He believes he can bomb other sovereign nations, allow the CIA, Pentagon and DEA to destroy lives in South America, Iraq, The Sudan, Afghanistan and Palestine, while working back room deals for heroin, cocaine and oil rights the world wide. And he could care less about the consequences to our nation because of those actions.

17.Do they lack any ability to empathize with others?

As governor of Texas he killed many people on death row. Most of them were already the most unfortunate people in the state, who were led down the path they took as victims of the policies of men like him. Men with power. He enjoyed his role as executioner. He made no attempt to hide it. He slashed the social services funds in Texas so that the money could be funneled to his rich friends. No one knows how many people he killed by denying them life saving services. He made no apologies. On the contrary, he bragged out loud about the great job he did for Texas.

18.Would you regard them as essentially irresponsible?

Causing the senseless death of untold numbers of people for oil, heroin, cocaine and the ability to prop up "The New World Order" with those ill gotten gains goes far beyond irresponsible. It is criminal.

That makes a total of 31 points. Heck, he had points to spare.

To paraphrase Dr. Heller, an expert on socialized psychopaths.... a relationship with a socialized psychopath is likely to prove a damaging experience......regardless of all studies and new therapies, psychopaths are 'hard-wired' for life-long bad behavior, with behaviors that include lying, cheating, cruelty, criminal behavior, irresponsibility, lack of remorse, poor relationships, exploitation, manipulation, destructiveness, irritability, aggressiveness, and job failures.....alcohol makes the disorder worse.....psychopaths are very prone to drug and alcohol abuse (It is known that George W Bush has a history of drug and alcohol abuse)....but the causes can also be mostly biological. Another characteristic is their unusual word usage, because they can't distinguish between neutral and emotional words (George W Bush has a well known problem with expressive language). Dr. Heller states, "psychopaths feel no remorse, and actually enjoy their antisocial behavior. Even when they are indifferent to the rights of their associates, they are often able to inspire feelings of trust and confidence. This is best exemplified by a psychopath who professes that 'everything is fine' while lying point-blank to your face with seeming honesty and candor, and then, as soon as you turn away for a second, he will stab you in the back."

I ask you America? What could you have been thinking when you voted for this full blown psychotic idiot? How many children will he cause to die here in America? How many children will he kill around the world? Why are we so fascinated by and so willing to hand our country over to these kinds of people? How sick are we? What does it say about us as a people?

mabus? 25.Oct.2001 11:03


Nostradamus dubbed the third Antichrist "Mabus" (the first two were "Napoleon Roy" and "Hister", thought to be Napoleon and Hitler). Might W Bush be the third?

He wasn't voted in 25.Oct.2001 12:40


It is accurate to paint Bush as a Socialized Psychopath, for all of the reasons mentioned and beyond. It is inaccurate however, to ask how we could have voted George W. into office. It wasn't "votes" that launched him into office.

You are right 28.Oct.2001 07:44

Loren Franklin

I guess I was refering to the CIAs vote, as well as the S.Court.

The whole family are the same though 04.Sep.2003 13:17

Tim psilocybin@blueyonder.co.uk

Of course this latest version of Bush seems an obvious candidate for sociopathy, the only problem with this theory is that every member of the Bush family is apparently much the same.

See this article on the previous Bush version:  http://images.indymedia.org/imc/buffalo/the_case_f.txt

Not forgetting Prescott Bush, an ally of Adolf Hitler, no less  http://www.infowars.com/print_prescott.htm

I dont think theres any precedent for an entire family exclusively made up of sociopaths is there? Besides which it increasingly looks as if this latest Bush is really just another Reagan - a manufactured "Boy Band" type politician fronting his father, Cheney, Rumsfeld etc.

I think we're dealing here with a family which systematically, and probably quite brutally, trains its members to behave in a Psychopathic way (except with total loyalty to the paternal authority of course). Just look at Bush's face - that guilty child look about him. He seems to be waiting for some inevitable punishment. Id guess that if hed been brought up in a different environment he'd be a healthy contributing member of society today.


I did not vote for GWB. 21.Jan.2004 07:51

Amy Rosenberg

I did not vote for GWB. I did not vote for his father GHWB. I did not vote for Ronald Reagen. I have seen our standard of living become worse, our famiies unable to cope and disinegrate under these economic policies. I am afraid that if we do not stop him, it will be too late.
Some of these people have too much money and as much as power corrupts, money is power and too much money corrupts. You need only lok at some of these celebrities who think they are above the law to see the results. We need to tax them more to help them to become normal people again.

Psychotic? No. Psychopathic? Yes. 31.Jan.2004 14:56


I completely agree with the premise of the article. However, I wish to make a technical correction. At one point the author refers to Bush as "psychotic", which indicates someone suffering from "psychosis". He should have used the adjective "psychopathic" instead, which indicates someone who is a "psychopath". A "psychotic" and a "psychopath" are two entirely different things.

Whole family Psychopath? 06.Feb.2004 10:42

Jacob Dalager jacobdalager@mailingaddress.org

Tim said the whole Bush family is psychopathic, or "that way." However, I think, when it comes from being just plain mean and hostile, it's Barbara and boys mainly. Bush senior was a pretty mellow guy. Barb is a nuts though and she raised her kids that way. Good sources though, Tim. Also, check out Al Franken's LIES and read the chapter called something like "My encounter with Barbara Bush." It's fascinating insight.

Your greatest problems are the owners of the medias. 02.Mar.2004 01:34

Joe , Denmark. jt@c.dk

You'll ever never get a healthy democracy as long as you don't have a big Public Service TV-/Radio-channel,
independent of economic and political interests,
with a board representing people from all sides of society (working class, religion, politics, science etc.),
and which are rooted in the Constitution by financial funding and rules,that cannot be altered without the consent of 2 different Presidents of The USA.
Look to Norway (NRK), Denmark (DR), Sweden (SR), England (BBC).
And there are other countries with the same media-solution.
You GOT to establish a Public Media Channel in USA. And very soon.
Best wishes for you.
Regards. Joe.

like, totally 08.May.2004 07:36


wow, I found this doing research for a similar article. You could say the same as you have said for Bush for at least two other "world leaders" -Tony Blair and possibly Junichiro Koizomi (japanese PM)... although technically blair / Kooizomi are more Narcissist than Bush. Both are always up in court for someething, obsessed with appearance, charming, don't seem to understand that they have done anything wrong when caught, into war and vilence...

Item: The Blair Govt. has been dogged by corruption scandals from day 1. He has gotten away with things that would have led to resignation in any other gov, he always appears on tv with that shark smile and glinting eyes and worms his way out of it. This is the "Charm factor" of the psychopath / narcisist.

Item: Britain has been in about 4 wars since 1997 - Kosovo, Somewhere in Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq. Blair is said to be fascinated by war and military, hanging around war rooms and so forth.

Item: People seem to have this habit of getting dead when Blair's around- John Smith, Princess Di, Dr. Kelly....

Many other examples if you know where to look.

Any other Brits / Japanese / Americans want to help with research do an article type thing, my email is listed on my website. Especially interested to hear from profesionally qualified psychiatrists.

some links 08.May.2004 07:56


check these out..

 link to www.washingtonpost.com


National Post, August 29th, 2002
Expert Warns of Dangers of the Corporate Psychopath

Canadian researcher Robert Hare says that...

"Corporate executives should be screened for psychopathic behaviour disorders, just as teachers and police are...The arrogant, manipulative behaviour of psychopaths often makes them prime candidates for promotion within large corporations built on ruthless competition...They have to make decisions very quickly, and they can't worry too much about the potential impact on individuals," he said. More important, their utter lack of empathy makes them perfect for carrying out budget cuts and layoffs. That's when the psychopath moves in: rightsizing, downsizing, upsizing. When there's chaos, when the rules no longer apply -- enter, stage right, the psychopath. A psychopath flourishes in that atmosphere."

My view of Century 10 Quatrain 72 (Nostradamus) 13.Jun.2004 10:37

Gauran gauran@go,com

Century 10; Quatrain 72

The yeay 1999 seventh month,
From the sky will come a great King of Terror,
To bring back to life the King of the Mongols,
Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.

My proposed translation:

From the sky (From or through the Planetary System Headquarters in Orion)will come the instructions or directives.) To bring back to life (or cause the awakening and the restoration to his former state or power). Before and after Mars (about the time of the Mars Rover landings shortly before or shortly after the time of the Mars Rover program) Seventh month, a great King of Terror; the Great King of the Mongols, to reign by good luck (under favorable conditions).

Note: The Great King of the Mongols was Caligastia incarnated as Genghis Kahn. Century 10 Quatrain 72 concerns the full awakening of Caligastia, and his subsequent release from the "bottomless pit". The term "bottomless pit is a metaphoric term used to explain the assignment of a spirit being, rebel or otherwise, to the stream of human mortality. Caligastia, upon the completion of Michael's bestowal mission as "The Son of Man" on Planet Earth was bound within the stream of human mortality for the reaminder of the Picean Age. In other words he had to incarnate as a human being over and over again until the time came for him to be released. Nostradamus is saying in Century 10 Quatrain 72 that around the time of the Mars Rover Program Caligastia is to be released for the his assignment within the "bottomless pit", in order that he may complete his final "end of timeline assignment". In my view this Quatrain has nothing to do with the bombing of the twin towers in New York or Osama Bin Laden. Caligastia is now aware of who he is, he has been fully awakened, his prior incarnations were with partial amnesia, he now has full awareness. Caligastia's inscarseration was to be only to the end of the Picean age which ended about 1988. An experienced soul atom such as Caligastia can produce more than one earth plane timeline third dimension projection (human material body)simultainously (dual soul incarnations). Caligastia will appear as the Son of Perdition that the Apostle Paul wrote about. The Apostle Paul and Nostradamus both knew who Caligastia is, and both predicted he would appear in his time, when his restraint would be lifted, apparently Michael is his restrainer.

It appears to me that Nostradamus had a special gift as a "timeline reader". Due to human free will, timelines concerning this planet and the social world are variable within a given parameter, therefore a time line reader presents in his presentation, a given parameter, thus the words "before and after" or shortly before or shortly after a given event, another important event may be observed. The reading of timelines into the far future, the more widening of the parameter is necessary.

The Urantia book tells us (P602);..."Upon the trimuph of Michael's bestowal (as the Son of Man), 'Gabriel came down from Salvington and bound the dragon (all the rebel leaders for an age'". This would be the Picean Age.

Seventh month. We landed a Mars Rover vehicle I believe it was in July 97, so it is most likely that July 1997 was the reference point Nostradamus used to approximate the Caligastia awakening.

wow liberals suck 04.Jul.2004 22:49


wow liberals suck

Why Conservatives are out to destroy our country 13.Sep.2004 16:04

Prescott Bush's worst nightmare

As the assault weapons fill the beds of pickup trucks (thanks, Republicans) and it appears that George W. Bush will be elected to another term, let me just say that this country is so complacent and uninformed that they will actually vote a dictator into office. Conservatism translates as: the unability to see things as they really are, and hope that the rich, selfish, and non-patriotic will throw the rest of us a bone. When the last comment, the lame and meaningless little "wow liberals suck" was printed, I'm sure that little prick patriot (note the date - 7/04/04) was sitting in his bunker or in his Ford Expedition burning several gallons of the president's families' gas thinking, "I hope more young men die in Iraq today, because that will make me feel all tingly inside."

Accurate Assesment! 12.Jan.2005 14:06


Way back when I studied psychology at the graduate level. There is a Pyschological Test called the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) which has a number of personality dimensions, one of which is the SDI scale - or the Psychopathic Deviancy Scale (don't ask me why it's not PDS!). Any way some researcher correlated this scale with various occupational groups. Doctors, Corporate CEO's and Lawyers as a profession group, on average, scored relatively high related to other occupational groups. Surgeons among the highest. Unfortunately, nobody surveyed politicians! (LOL) Probably because the scale didn't have enough ceiling! So I'm not surprised. What is dangerous about Bush is that he seems to be allied with a whole cartel of these folks, organized as a political party...

George W Bush is ill. 01.Mar.2005 10:48

Alden B

The Madness of George W. Bush; a Reflection of our Collective Psychosis: This paper by Paul Levy, a very interesting article may be viewed at  http://www.awakeninthedream.com/georgews.html This paper is a must read, I urge all interested to check this out.

Bush is a reflection of current American Neo-Con mind set 24.Jul.2005 06:05

J Alton Dillon

We deserve George W Bush: Bush is but a reflection of our own fear based mind set. A foolish and ignorant people always get the leadership they deserve. America today is basically under the boot of an apostate organization, a colation of religeous fundamentalists Christians so called, and a group most commomly referred to as the New Conseratives, who are in fact the New Nazis. We as Americans created George W. Bush in the same manner that the German people created Hitler, they wished for and got themselves a Messiah type, but a "False Messiah." Bush is not the AntiChrist but he is a "false messiah". The Planetary Antichrist has always been Caligastia, that is for the last two hundred thousand years, ever since the planetary rebellion some two hundred thousand years ago. (See Urantia Book Paper 66 and 67 available on the internet.) Caligastia always works through his human instruments and they are always initiates of the Dark Lodge, of which Skull and Bones is a branch of the Dark Lodge and part of the Thule Society of Germany which produced Hitler. Hitler being another one of Caligastia false messiahs. The good news is that we are now nearing the end of the Caligastia Timeline and I believe that Bush will be the last of his (Caligastia's) false leaders, and the end of these secret societies that Caligastia has been working through for this very long time period.

Death penalty 16.Aug.2005 18:25


While I'm for the death penalty, it's wrong when someone gets their rocks off on it, like Bush. There's a line that he's crossed. It's like, in his mind, he gets to kill people and do it legally. There's a difference between that and treating the death penalty like a punishment--which it's supposed to be. To Bush, it's not justice, it's a game. "Who cares about justice, Georgie gets to kill!"

Bush Is a Sociopath 11.Sep.2005 21:21


I think that the world is waking up to the Bush madness.

The People Suck 18.Sep.2005 08:05


We're always going to have psychopaths. The real problem is the voters. As George Carlin said, "The people suck." The solution is education. We need to teach readin', writin', and how to see through bullshit. Until the American people wise up, we're going to be living in a de facto plutocracy.

Capitalism is only Democratic for Capitalists 18.Nov.2005 10:20

Mozi mo_tzu4444@hotmail.com

You talk about people voting for Bush. However, we do live in a Capitalist society. And a least from my [a Trotskyist Perspective] who a country is democratic for depends on who owns the 'means of production'[1] which in a Capitalist society is the 'Bourgeoisie'[2]. For example someone of the 'Proletariet'[3], 'Semi-Proletariet'[4] and 'Lumpenproletariet'[5] can't critize their boss, because they will get fired, they can't express their opinions on public television because they can't afford a channel, they can't assemble anywhere they want because many building are privately owned, they can't move anywhere they want because many places are to expensive to live etc. Also in terms of elections the Bourgeoisie give billions of dollars to the parties they support and they control the press which favours the parties they support.

[1] The 'means of production' are things that produce commodities includes factories, telecommunication systems, transportation systems etc. Banks are sometimes included but this is disputed. Banks are however, also owned by the Bourgeoisie in capitalist societies.

[2] The 'Bourgeoisie' are they class that own the 'means of production' as they capital (private property) and rake enormous profits from the 'commodities'[6] produced by the 'means of production'. They do not however, produce 'commodities' or work the 'means of production'. And need I not mention they buy labour. Examples of the Bourgeoisie or Big Capitalists would be big business owners, big shareholders, big factory owners, big bank ownersm, owners of telecommunication systems, transportation systems etc.

[3] The 'Proletariet' are the class that produces commodities and works the 'means of production' but doesn't own the means of production or profit very much from the commodities they produce. And need I not say they sell labour. Example of people from the 'Proletariet' would be telecommunications workers, factory workers, transportation workers etc.

[4] The 'Semi-Proletariet' are people who have class characteristics of both the Proletariet and the Petty-Bourgeoisie[7]. They would be thing like teachers, electricians, port truckers etc.

[5] The 'Lumpen-Proletariet are who are poor and unemployed. They would include prostitutes, homeless people, welfare recipients etc.

[6] A 'Commodity' is something produced for the purpose of exchange for something else. Example would be computers, TVs, scissors, houses, cars, dishwashers, washing machine, telephone lines, public transportation etc.

[7] The 'Petty-Bourgeoisie' are the class that don't produce commodities or work the means of production. And at the same time, don't rake large profits from commodities and only own a small fraction of the 'means of production'.

275 West 23 Avenue

Wars of aggression 07.Dec.2005 05:13

gauran iamgauran@yahoo.com

George W Bush is on the same highway that Hitler followed, that is to say; "Wars of Aggression", this highway always leads to ruin and destruction (perdition). The people of America had better come out of their slumber and recognize what this Nazi Bush (Wormwood)is up to. The people of America are very slow to get the picture, however some of them are beginning to see that the Bush administration has taken the people for a ride in the wrong direction, but it may be too late, I believe the "Writing is on the wall" for America (Babylon the Great), For America I see no other road now but destruction.

Made in China for France BLOG. 11.Dec.2005 11:41


I believe that I did this same article during the CO/Clinton Communist reign. Really worked then. Heh, so-so now. No Cigar tho.

Bush is Evil &New World Order is almost here! 27.Dec.2005 17:40

Kevin D

Check out these links on Bush and Bushco.


Prophecy of Daniel unsealed



Bullseye 22.Mar.2006 08:28

Rosalind rbutler17@cfl.rr.com

I suspected that may be President Bush suffered from some type of mental disorder. The notion that he might be a psychopath came to my head yesterday (March 21, 2006) when I listened to his press conference on the radio. It's nice to know that I am not the only one who feels that something is seriously wrong with the man.

MABUS Far Fetched? - Perhaps not 14.Apr.2006 14:37


If you look at our world in the context of quantum reality really strange things can happen.

For example, statistically signifcant memetics found using the Bible Code. Could quantum reality be the basis for ancient and contemporary occultism or hidden knowledge? Regarding MABUS, could there be a relationship between MABUS and MAsterBUSh. Mister is a derivative of Master.

These are known as similitudes which were used extensively in ancient texts including the Bible. Another strange coincidence is that the gun used in the DC shootings (an obvious mind-op) was a Bushmaster .223. Reverse it and you get Masterbush 332. 322 is the number of the Skull and bones society.

Many people cite Nostradamus' prediction of Hitler, call the man Hister. Close enough, in addition, Hitler grew up not far from the river Hister which runs through Austria (don't quote me on that.)

It may just be seeing giraffes in the clouds but there may also be a much deeper connection between information in the universe than we realize.

Of course the disclaimer is that this is all just extreme speculation and is not meant to be scientific and I am not going to argue with anyone that disagrees. It is just junk food for thought.


Nazis in the White House 13.May.2006 11:46


Wake up America, Nazis now control your government. Bush is on the same road as Hitler, and the end result will be the same. Look back in history, in every instance where this depraved and deluded ideology of Fascism infested a country the end was always destruction, these people like Bush and his Neo Cons are global parasites no different than those in control of Nazi Germany in the 30's and 40's, that infestation destroyed Germany the same will happen to American if the people continue to sleep. A society of sheep will always begat a government of wolves.

I am so ashamed that I wasted my vote on a psychopath like george warmonger bush 11.Sep.2006 13:38


I am so ashamed that I wasted my vote on George Bush. What was I thinking? Why did I let my right wing extremist, neo-conservative, neo-evangelical thinking get in the way of exercising sound personal judgment when I entered that voting booth?

Growing up, I was led to believe that the Republican Party was a grass roots party of the people & for the people. In retrospect, it is clear that the last 3 presidents produced by the Republican Party were nothing more then the rich man's rich man hiding under the disguise of jingoistic patriotism and the lie of conservative values. The economic dark ages of reagonomics fleeced the middle and lower classes of this county simply to benefit the rich and wealthy and waste money on unnecessary unconstitutional military actions. George Sr. carried that same self-serving torch. George Jr. has quietly shifted this country back to those dark ages. Bush inherited a strong economy and squandered that real quick. And even though 9 -11 did happen, none of bush's reckless decisions are in any way justified by that day in history. It is clear that he never had any real salient foreign & domestic policies when he became president in 2000. Bush and Cheney have pimped the Presidency and turned the senate into an auction house for legislation to the highest bidder.

Now we have 3 more years of neoconservative republican lies and a growing body count overseas. When are people going to wake up to the truth that neoconservative political philosophy does not work for anyone but the rich and wealthy at the top? When are people in the USA going to wake up to the fact that neoconservative republican political philosophy does not even cross paths with reality? The main goal of the neoconservatives who have destroyed the soul of the Republican Party is to consolidate national wealth to the nation's top 2% wealthiest at the expense of the middle and lower classes while imperialistically occupying other nations. This is promoted under the façade of promoting democracy elsewhere in order to hide ugly truth regarding the real agenda. It is imperialism but we are now trying to do it to other countries instead of the British doing it to us.

Anyone who believes George war bush's lies about promoting democracy in these Middle Eastern Islamic states is living in serious denial of reality. Those who believe bush's lies are simply easy pickins and victims of logical fallacies. Historians and political scholars realize that to impose such changes on another country takes decades and that is only if it seriously adopted. Something that you are not going to make happen in an Islamic state. Also, the very definition of democracy is not something that the United States has any claim of ownership to. But then, if one looks at Bush's view of democracy, it more closely resembles Mexico where you have a small rich elite ruling class and no middle class. In short... ..a plutocracy.

If we ever actually do get out of Iraq, nothing will have changed and nothing will have been gained. The American people have never been given a specific objective in Iraq or a clear definition of exactly what "victory in Iraq" is from the president. Invading Iraq never had anything to do with, WMD, freeing the Iraqi people or making Americans safer and secure. Statements about WMD, Freeing Iraq or Making America Safer are nothing more then a neo-conservative marketing spin used to hide the ugly truth and make the lies palatable to the American public and justifiable to the red necks who voted for him. Bush likes to make statements such as "It's worth the price" but he never says just what exactly "it" is. If he really believes that all of his waste of human lives and our tax dollars are worth it, then he should put his money where his mouth is and send his little party animals to go fight in Iraq.

Better yet... send his vicious vile spewing mouthpiece Ann Coulter to fight in Iraq. It would not take much to shut her big fucking mouth up if she ever actually had to stand up and be counted for what she claims to believe while being held captive by Islamic militants. Isn't it strange how all these young republican youths who get interviewed claim to be for Bush's private pseudo war, but very few if any at all are willing to enlist in the military??? Hey Ann... shut your big fucking mouth up and go fight in Iraq if you truly believe all the hateful vicious anti-Christian spew that those like you conveniently throw out during dinner presentations and Fox news interviews. If you were the last woman on earth, I doubt that any self respecting man would choose to fuck you with bush or cheney's little dick.

The Republican Party is currently composed of a lot of gutless big mouthed chicken hawks. Those who believe that advocating a war from afar is a sign of personal courage and strength, and that opposing a war from afar is a sign of personal cowardice and weakness. These chicken hawks are cowardly idiots who not only advocate wars, but they also believe that their advocacy is proof of the courage which those who will actually fight the war in combat require. You know the type... quick to judge, quick to anger and very very slow to understand. These republican chicken hawks will, conversely, attempt to depict those who oppose such wars as being weak, spineless and cowardly even though the war opponents are not seeking to avoid any personal risk to themselves, but instead, are arguing against subjecting their fellow citizens to what they perceive are unnecessary dangers.

Under the current President of the USA, we have now seen what the Republican party really stands for now that they have had about 6 or so good years of unobstructed ruling power. Yup... they've had their chance to demonstrate what they are made of and we can all now see that they are not what they claim to be. They are basically, a bunch of uncompassionate, un-conservative hypocrites. Fake, Christian, hate mongering Taliban trash like Ann Coulter.

I for one am tired of our political party making all these huge messes that have historically fallen to Democrats to clean up. Clinton took the 2 trillion dollar deficit economy that he inherited from our boys Reagan & Bush Sr. and prospered the country into one with a surplus without overtaxing the rich, middle and lower classes. Wake up America! Bush created the mess in the middle east starting with his personal desire to invade Iraq. "War on Terror???" Wake up America... you cannot wage war on a concept. Reagan sold this lie to us with his so called war on a concept we all know as the "war on drugs". This has done absolutely nothing for our country. You cannot wage war on a concept but Bush, Cheney and most of the Republican Party hope that most Americans are stupid and impressionable enough to believe their lies.

The republican party claims to be for smaller less wasteful government but the current administration is responsible for the waste of more money, resources and human lives then any past democrat presidency. I have a hard time sleeping at night knowing that the blood of Americans and innocent Iraqi civilians is on my hands and the hands of those who voted for Cheney... .I mean Bush. The real legacy of the bush administration is going to be one characterized by lots of wrongful deaths, lots of money and resources wasted, unnecessary tax increases for our children and grandchildren and the unnecessary destruction of various social programs that were never in need of fixing or eliminating to begin with.

Thanks to bush and his power hungry cabinet who all want to control congress, the senate & the Supreme Court, the USA is now a third world country hiding behind a lie of prosperity and so called society of personal ownership. In retrospect, I seem to own less now under this administration of "personal ownership" then I did during Bill Clinton's presidency.

Thanks to Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and their puppets, the USA is now a huge debtor country. The only ones with real ownership as a result of the current presidential administration are the rich and elite. Now that the USA owes all these hundreds of millions of dollars to countries like China, Germany, Russia & Japan, I wonder which language I need to learn for the day when these countries come to collect...



PS: Farwell GOP. Thanks for all the corrupt memories... I'm now a Democrat.

"What could you have been thinking when you voted" 28.Sep.2006 10:01


You asked, " ask you America? What could you have been thinking when you voted for this full blown psychotic idiot?"
We didn't. He stole the election. They cheated.

Bush-Petro Dollars-Hugo Chavez _ Democracy Now 05.Dec.2006 19:30


Appreciate your comments & want to forewarn you to watch for the rage of bush over the petro dollars Hugo Chavez has taken away from american oil companies to spend on his own people. As a native american I applaud all who speak & act in a beneficent manner toward the indigenous people of the world. Regarding the comment on independent media...go to Democracy Now on Direct TV channel 375 or read/view the programs at Amy Goodman's web site with the same title (democracynow.com). Back to bush, many of his cruel ways are contributed to the death of a sister while he was a child and his parents refused to give her a funeral and forbade anyone to discuss her passing. Apparently the parents went to play golf the day following her death which showed bushytail George W. that feelings and signs of sympathy were weaknesses that should be scorned.

Dumb, dumb, dumb 29.May.2007 06:06

TV Bath

I like how the "proof" of Bush's "evil" lies in the hands of Nostradamus.

That's neat. MAYBE if this wasn't such a reactionary post, you might be able to change the minds of some conservatives.

Re: Socialized Psychopath, George W Bush 07.Jun.2007 07:46

J. styron@hotmail.com

Do you have sources for any of these 18 arguments or are they just made up? You can't form an argument without listing sources. Otherwise, it's just conjecture and a waste of everyone's time...