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anthrax scare??

I have heard a (very) unconirmed report that there was a Nike anthrax scare in Beaverton.
A close friend indicated that his roomate, who works at Nike in Beaverton, was held in quarantine for six hours late last week. There was apparently a hazmat team there, who found no trace of anything infectious.

If this is true, have there been any reports anwhere else about this? I don't believe the guy would spin dangerous rumors, but it just seems like someone else would have heard something if there was truth to this. Anyone?
yes sortof 21.Oct.2001 13:49


there was a scare it turned out to be nothing after all. it was a white substance that was unacounted for. no note or threats. theres been alot of false alarms for anthrax 4 to 5 a day that turn out to be normal substances and is waring out the fire crews that have to respond.