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Stay Away From Starbucks On November 26!

Rumor has it that al-Queda operatives have something special planned for Starbucks locations on the first business day after Thanksgiving! Something very, very bad could happen that day so tell all of your friends to stay away from their local Starbucks that day!
Stay Away From Starbucks On November 26!
Stay Away From Starbucks On November 26!
Progress through paranoia? 20.Oct.2001 23:01

Chris Pangle

Isn't propaganda rooted in a complete lie to induce paranoia for a specific political agenda something associated with Starbucks frequenters and not the anti-capitalism protestors?

Buy Nothing Day 21.Oct.2001 14:18


President Bush and other Western leaders are urging us to save our faltering economies by hitting the mall. San Francisco mayor Willie Brown's staff are distributing 15,000 posters featuring an American flag with shopping-bag handles. Consumption is being cast as "fighting the good fight."

Let's get real. Yes it's a delicate moment. It's time to grieve, it's time to reflect. But it's certainly *not* time to stifle discussion and reverse progress on what, though it has been bumped from the news agenda, remains the world's biggest long-term problem: the unsustainable consumer binge of Western nations. In fact, now may be the time to take the sustainable consumption debate to a new plane.

November 23 is Buy Nothing Day. This year, celebrants in more than 50 countries will opt not to spend any money for 24 hours, but instead to enjoy pranks, parades, street parties, credit-card cutups - and some quiet time with family and friends. Why don't you join us?

Remember: On November 23, don't let anyone call your efforts trivial or treasonous or unpatriotic. At a time like this, getting public attention back on the big picture may be the most charitable thing any of us can do.

Terrorists may attack major shopping centers 21.Oct.2001 21:11


No kidding, I have actually heard speculation that terrorists may decide to target major shopping malls during the Christmas shopping season. We progressive types shouldn't be too worried about that, but you should warn your Aunt Betty to watch out.