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Globalism: The New Colonialism

This is a transcript of a presentation by Jes?s Sep?lveda at the International Day of Action Against FTAA and Plan Colombia in Eugene, Sept. 29 2001. He draws connections between war, terrorism and the history of colonialism, "the fundamental source of violence."
Terrorism produces terror and it is always painful?especially because innocent people die for causes that never justify violence against others. This is true for either political or religious terrorism, as well as for either individual or State terrorism. War is also painful, especially because innocent people also die for causes that never justify violence. War and terrorism repress freedom and autonomy. Repression is a form of terrorizing communities in order to control them and force them to lose their autonomies. Autonomy is a libertarian practice of being. When this legitimate practice of being is oppressed there are terror, fear and injustice. War and terrorism are forms of oppressing this legitimate practice of being. It can be expressed by putting people in jail, removing civil liberties, police surveillance, military coups or open genocide. War and terrorism are connected to the history of Colonialism: the fundamental source of violence.

Globalization is a form of New Colonialism. Its agenda is to destroy local economies in order to force people to depend on economic loans and financial agreements with the Corporate Global Institution of Control: The IMF, WTO and World Bank. The FTAA is the attempt to extend this corporate control to Latin America. Plan Colombia and the war on drugs are nothing but a new colonialist practice carried out by the corporate US in Latin America. The destruction of the Argentine economy is an example of this corporate intervention.

Globalization grows through the expansion of corporations over the world. This is an unjust world. And as long globalization continues peace will never exist. Trying to avoid tragedies like that which occurred on September 11 without eradicating colonialist practices is an impossible notion. Justice cannot exist in an unjust world. Perpetuating the same mechanisms that let violence occur won't stop it from happening. On the contrary, it will increase it. The hegemonic discourse reproduced by mainstream media fosters war and violence in opposition to peace. That is because mainstream media is owned by corporations.

Peace is not inertia. We need to act, we need to think, we need to speak out. We need to gather and we need peace.

As long as Colonialism exists there will always be war and violence and terrorism and certainly: self defense. People's consciousness is rising up everywhere with one powerful refrain: peace! Peace in the Middle East, peace in Asia, peace in Latin America, peace in Africa, peace in Kosovo, peace in Afghanistan, peace in NYC, peace in Washington and peace in Cincinnati. Peace without colonizer or colonized.

No more Colonialism!

Jes?s Sep?lveda
September 29th, 2001

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