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evergreen international = CIA stooges

is it any surprise? an event hosted for the biggest terrorists in the business by the biggest supporters of terrorists (CIA) in the Northwest
Evergreen international responsible for vietnam carnage
more on the connection 17.Oct.2001 00:32

midnight searcher

It's true about the Evergreen-CIA connection.

See:  http://www.columbusalive.com/2001/20010809/080901/08090108.html
excerpt: Evergreen, originally based in McMinnville, Oregon, expanded from a small helicopter in the 1960s "to a major international airline with secret government contracts" according to the Portland, Oregon Free Press. The Oregonian reported that "Evergreen Airline Company, Evergreen International Airlines, Inc., was built on remnants of two older airlines—one a wholly owned CIA proprietary, or front company, and the other a virtual branch of the U.S. Forest Service that for years secretly had helped the CIA recruit paramilitary personnel."

and also:

and this list, of "CIA fronts":

Updated CIA fronts list 19.Oct.2001 00:19

CIA fronts

The list of CIA fronts below is an old copy. For a more recent copy, see the web page of H. Michael Sweeney, who created the list. He also has information on PRIOR KNOWLEDGE of 9/11.  http://www.proparanoid.com

Proparanoid site hijacked by government operatives? 15.Jun.2005 09:48

H. Michael Sweeney

Proparanoid site hijacked by government operatives?

Thank you for the kind promotion of my work in your post. Actually, the American Federation Scientist link (now not working) was also mine - material taken from my book, The Professional Paranoid (later reproduced in me new book, Fatal Rebirth as well). It is no wonder that the FAS page was taken down - someone has been buying up all copies of TPP, happily paying up to $50 used! Looks like spooks try to suppress truth by buying it. Another example, one more to the point:

And I issue an urgent WARNING!

The proparanoid.com Web site was apparantly hijacked by government operative to take me 'off the air', ransoming it for $157,800 to let me have it back! DO NOT VISIT PROPARANOID.COM IF YOU WOULD NOT APPROVE OF INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY TRACKING OF YOUR VISIT! My new Web site is proparanoid.net, where you can learn more about the hijacking and find the original content in tact.

H. Michael Sweeney, author
The Professional Paranoid: How to Fight Back When Stalked, Targeted, or Harassed by Any Person, Group, or Individual;
MC Realities;
In Mindless Times;
Fatal Rebirth

PO 1941 Clackamas Or 97015

more on evergreen 06.Jan.2006 13:49

A person who knows a bit

I know of a small airfield located just north of Tucson Az. And it is visible from the Interstate 19. Locally its known as Pinal Air field/park. Try to get in and you wont be able to. I have landed here a few times, and will say they have a very interesting assortment of airliners, mostly 747's. Nuff said. see it for yourself. It belongs to evergreen.