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Oregon NOW endorses NO on Fast Track Resolution

Oregon NOW has endorsed a " NO on Fast Track" Resolution which opposes Congress giving President Bush Trade Promotion Authority
Sat. 13th of October in Albany, Oregon

I am pleased to announce that a resolution carried to the Statewide Oregon
NOW Conference, opposing Trade Promotional Authority better known as "Fast Track",
passed. Oregon NOW under the new leadership of Linda L Klinge
has added its voice to this important issue. State Representative Kelly
Worth attended the Conference held today, and also signed the resolution
recognizing that global trade issues disproportionally affect
women and that for Congress to vote President Bush "Fast Track" circumvents the
usual Congressional democratic procedures by eliminating the possibility for
amendments among other changes. Melanie Edwards, the new action coordinator
for Oregon NOW, spoke to this issue very eloquently contributing to its sucess..
The resolution will be posted at www.corvallsNOW.org at a later date.

homepage: homepage: http://www.corvallisNOW.org
phone: phone: 541 753-1782
address: address: 202 NW 21st Corvallis Oregon