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Giving the Nobel Prize for Peace to someone who develops Peace in
everyday life requires great responsibility because of the importance of
this laureation.
From: COMITATO ITALIANO revoca del Nobel per la Pace 1973

To: Geir Lundestad
Secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee

& The Norwegian Nobel Committee Members

(please feel free to publish this letter)


The Nobel Prize for Peace is always entrusted with a strong and direct
symbolism. Giving the Nobel Prize for Peace to someone who develops Peace in
everyday life requires great responsibility because of the importance of
this laureation. This Prize is always seen as a sign of the will to build a
better life for the whole humanity. In tha actual situation is everyday more
important to talk about Peace in a new and fresh way, acting consequently.
this is the main reason of this "open letter" to the Nobel Prize Comittee.
In the last few months, the following appeal was signed by a great number of
people form various parts of the world.

In the last few years, United States of America are trying to make their
past behaviour and responsibility about cruel dictatorships of South America
a bit clearer, particularly for Chile's and Argentina's ones. During these
military regimes thousands of people were raped, tortured and killed and in
many cases their bodies are still undiscovered: we are talking about
"desaparecidos", who are alive in our minds thanks to history and to all men
and women who are fighting in search of truth and in preserving memory of
this atrocious past.

Evidence of liabilities had in the '70s and '80s of last century by
Central Intelligence Agency and by some influent members of U.S. Government
is nowadays sure, as shown by Archive documents declassified in recent
months. Main characters of this connivance with military regimes are
suspected to be President Nixon and his Secretary of State Henry Kissinger,
the latter in open search of revenge against President Allende of Chile;
Kissinger's idea was that Allende and his Government (in office after
democratic elections) must be overthrown by any means or crimes to permit
the power to be taken by his friend General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte, this is
made clear by many documents of the Department of State recently
becamed of public domain.
Kissinger had also a great role supporting dictatorship in Argentina where
ruled Jorge Videla, another of his confidence men.

Not with standing these bloody pacts with South American regimes, in
1973 Henry Kissinger became Nobel Laureate for Peace, alongside with Viet
Nam's Le Duc Tho, having negotiated a cease fire agreement in that country.
But warfare in Viet Nam continued at least for a couple of years, ending
only with the falling of Saigon. For this reason Le Duc Tho did not accept
his part of Nobel Prize.

Now that United States' position, particularly Kissinger's preminent
role, in South American dictatorships is in full light, a relevant question
arises about the ethic and moral value of his Nobel Prize and we cannot
ignore it.

It is worth associate his name with the ones of people who really acted
for Peace and Justice, such as Rigoberta Menchu and Adolfo Perez Esquivel??
We think that he can't be no more a Nobel Laureate for Peace because of his
part in crimes committed in Chile, Argentina and not only, and that the 1973
Prize must be revoked as Justice wants and as a repair, very small indeed,
for the sufferings of thousands victims. This is what we firmly ask to you!

This appeal is not meant as a persecutory act against one person, but
tries to give a new dignity to the word "PEACE" and to preserve the prestige
of the Nobel Prize for Peace.

We trust, in the name of who signed and will sign this appeal, in a
strong and honest response from Mr. Secretary and the whole Nobel Prize

for Nobel Peace Prize 1973 revocation



Documents declasified of CIA:

Petition in PDF format:
Italiano -  http://www.peacelink.it/tematiche/latina/NoNobel(IT).pdf
English -  http://www.peacelink.it/tematiche/latina/NoNobel(ENG).pdf
Espaņol -  http://www.peacelink.it/tematiche/latina/NoNobel(ES).pdf

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