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screening tomorrow at PSU

tomorrow, 10/13 at PSU, indymedia and cable access will collaborate on video screenings from 11-1pm, room 298 Smith Center
the screening will show footage of protests that have happened in the last few weeks. spread the word!
Video Screening 12.Oct.2001 14:36

Jim Lockhart jimlock@inetarena.com

First, I want to thank Barb for geting this announcement up onto the newswire.
This comment is more of a notification as to what folks may expect to see at the screening on Saturday:

There will be footage of the arrests at God's Valley in the Oregon State Forests last Saturday, as well as an interview with the man who fell from the tree and suffered severe injuries.
A half hour video, entitled, 'Alive in the Streets,' produced by the Cascadia Media Collective from Eugene. This video depicts the protests taking place in Los Angeles during the Democratic National Convention last year.
Talks given by Stephen Zunes and Zaher Wahab, at a recent event, 'War on Terrorism?' Beyond the Battle of Good and Evil held in Portland on October 9th.
*Stephen Zunes is associated professor of Politics and Chair of the Peace and Justice Studies Program at the Unviersity of San Francisco.
*Zaher Wahab, a Professor at Lewis and Clark College and a native of Afghanistan, recently traveled hroughout Central Asia, including trips to Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Various other titles will be on hand. A couple short video documentaries about the enormous protests which caused the W.T.O Ministerial in Seattle at the end of 1999 to fail. One produced in Seattle by Andy Schocken, and the other locally by Dave King, focusing predominantly on labor/union themes. Also, a video produced by Friends of Public Broadcasting concerning he necessity for putting the public back into public television.
Videos to be shown will depend on what titles folks are interested in viewing. This list is subject to expansion if other titles come to mind before then.
As has been stated, this is a joint effort of videographers from both the Independent Media Center and local Community Television.