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Freightliner Prospects Improve

Their are indications that the anticipated move of Freightline from Portland may not take place, and the threat to 3000 workers is reduced.
Rumors are circulating, sourced to Daimler-Chrysler HQ in Germany, that Freightliner will close its plant in British Columbia, and shift those operations to Portland. Last week, Freightliner received major concessions from the four craft unions that represent 1,200 employees in Portland.

The closure of the BC plant considerable strengthens the position of Portland, since Freightliner must maintain a presence on the West Coast, which accounts for 30% of sales. Union officials have stated that management tied the concessions granted by the union to a committment to stay in Portland, but management would not confirm the connection.

The Portland Development Commission had no knowledge of a decision from Freightliner, and repeated attempts to reach Freightliner's spokesman Chris Brandt for comment were unanswered. For further information see the Oregonian article.