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National Organization Named NAMI Works to Improve Services for Mental Health

Located in Arlington Virginia a few miles from the D.C. Metro: The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill represents people in all of our 50 states plus Puerto Rico and Canada. Each state has chapters listed in the business listings and meetings, protests, educational events are open. Many people who suffer from MIhave improveddueto meds
Telephone the National Allliance for the Mentally Ill Today: 1-(800)-708-1392. Thank You and have a good day.
NAMI is a scam 12.Oct.2001 12:19


SCI News
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NAMI-WATCH: Monitor cover-ups and scandals in the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI).
The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) says it is the "Nation's Voice on Mental Illness."
However.... The organization itself is currently deeply troubled, plagued by scandals and cover-ups.
Here are links to a few of the disturbances facing NAMI today:

* NAMI Blacklist
- The NAMI policy director admits NAMI is now asking the Bush Administration to "terminate federal funding" to certain psychiatric survivor organizations.

* NAMI Psychiatric Drug Company Funding
- NAMI has a policy of keeping the millions of dollars it receives from the psychiatric drug company funding secret. But they didn't count on a whistleblower working in their midst, photocopying documents.... NAMI's campaign for the flawed Program for Assertive Community Treatment is funded by the psychiatric drug industry.

* NAMI Glue Scandal
- When the editor of a NAMI-California journal questioned the official ideology, the journal was cancelled, he was fired, and articles in thousands of copies of the journal were glued shut.

* NAMI-Oregon  http://www.MindFreedom.org/mindfreedom/namicensored_b.shtml - The interview NAMI doesn't want you to see.

What?? 13.Oct.2001 16:38

Mulberry Sellers

Do you define lobbying to pass laws providing for the forcible drugging of the psychiatrically labeled in their own homes, or generally seeking to increase the use of violence and coercion in the "mental health" industry to be "improving the quality of services"?

Services to whom? The drug manufacturers who bankroll NAMI?

If so, then

Dude, what have you been smoking, and where can I get some?