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Portland Peaceful Response Teach-In

Portland Peaceful Response is co-sponsoring a teach-in on the events of 9/11/01 and the current war. Workshops on Afghanistan, the draft, and the anti-war movement
An all-day teach-in will occur on the campus of Portland State University in downtown Portland on Sunday, October 14th. Portland Peaceful Response and the PSU chapter of the Pacific Green Party will be co-sponsoring a teach-in on the events of September 11th and the current war.
Speakers and workshops will attempt to inform about the situation in Afghanistan, the threats to civil liberties in the U.S., how to resist the draft and military service,how to stop the war and other subjects. Panels will encourage audience participation and dialogue.
The teach-in will run from 8 AM-5 PM at Smith Memorial Center. The public is invited to this all ages event. It is free, but a donation is suggested. For more information or to volunteer, call (503)223-1399.

homepage: homepage: http://Portland911.tripod.com
phone: phone: (503)223-1399

more workshops for saturday 12.Oct.2001 12:42



there are workshops on saturday as well. most of them start around eleven am for both days. for a complete schedule, go to portland911.tripod.com

see you there!