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The Shortwave Report 10/12/01 ˇLISTEN GLOBALLY!

A weekly 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. Broadcast quality and streaming/quick download. Free to rebroadcast. Times and freqs for listening at home
Dear Radio Friend,
The latest Shortwave Report (October 12) is up at the website  http://www.outfarpress.com/outfarpress/shortwave.shtml in both broadcast quality (13.7MB) and quickdownload or streaming form (3.4MB) (30:00) It's free to rebroadcast, please notify me if you're airing it and haven"t notified me in the last month, please mention the website if you only air a portion. If you just want to listen, try the streaming version, lower sound quality but good enough and way easier if you don't have a high-speed internet connection. If streaming is a problem because of your slow connection, download the smaller file, it takes 20 minutes or less, and will play swell in any mp3 player application (Real Player, Winamp, Quicktime) you have on your computer.
This week's show features stories from Radio Netherlands, the Voice of Russia, Radio Deutsche Welle, Spanish National Radio, and Radio Havana Cuba.
From Netherlands- the Islamic Conference Organization condemns the terrorist attack and is concerned about civilians and other US targets; China is hesitant about approving the attacks in Afghanistan, worrying about Muslim revolts in the west of the country; the US criticizes the Arabic TV network for not having balanced broadcasting!
From Russia- a world press review from Wednesday night.
From Germany- an interview with the Voice of America about its expanded programming in Afghanistan and the question of propaganda.
From Spain- NATO wants more evidence before attacks beyond Afghanistan are launched; the Prime Minister of Vietnam says the biggest casualty in a war with America is the civilian population; 2 liberal Columbian Parlimentarians are murdered in a week.
From Cuba- a short term renewal of the demilitarized zone in Southern Columbia; a newspaper editorial questions the use of the term "war" to describe the attacks on Afghanistan.
All this plus times and frequencies for listening to shortwave at home. I hope you'll listen and air this if you're connected with a radio station.
I am still wondering how to get financially compensated for the 25 hours I put into this program weekly- any ideas are appreciated.
link for broadcast edition-  http://www.outfarpress.com/outfarpress/swr_10_12_01.mp3 (13.7MB)
link for smaller file and streaming-  http://www.outfarpress.com/outfarpress/shortwave.shtml (3.4MB)
ˇFurthuR! Dan Roberts

"Moral indignation is a technique used to endow the idiot
with dignity" - Marshall McLuhan

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