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Free Conference & Benefit Concert

A free conference is happening in Eugene Oct 19th - 21st. Peace, Justice & Globalization: community response to 9/11. Speakers, workshops, tables, art, film, music and benifit concert with Michael Franti/Spearhead (ticketed). McDonald Theatre, UoO Grayson Hall, EMU.

During the weekend of Oct. 19th through the 21st the people of Eugene (and any one else who wishes), will have an opportunity to participate in an event to build alliance on the issues surrounding the 9/11 event, globalization, environment, nonviolence, race and so many other important matters that the mass media and education is often unwilling to bring to the public. Through sponsorship from many of the Eugene activist organizations and cultural centers this conference is able to be a given as a free and public event. Only the benefit concert on Friday night will be at a cost. The weekend begins at the McDonald theatre with speaker Stephen Zunes, speaking on Human Rights and Arms Control; the missing element in the MidEast policy. After the question and answer period the audience will join together for a peaceful demonstration outside of the theater. Soon after, the Michael Franti/Spearhead benefit concert will begin for only 13$. Michael Franti is a long time activist from the San Francisco Mission district. His message is about corporate takeover, AIDS, prison rights, the death penalty and even the L and S words (love and spirit). Spearhead is R&B, soul, jazz and hip hop with a poetic edge. The conference continues the next morning bright and early at Grayson Hall at the UofO. There are many workshops to choose from including media, sustainable environment, compassionate listening, building the peace movement, resources for educators, and stopping nuclear weapons (and so much more). On Saturday evening, there will also be a panel discussions with Ann Ginger Fagen and Bruce Gagnon complete with a dance and theater performance and still more music: Citizens Band from Olympia Washington. Sunday continues the conference back at Grayson Hall with more workshops, and another panel discussion about How to Build the U.S. Peace Movement. The final keynote address will leave folks with much to ponder, "Beyond Star Wars: The Militarization of Space by Bruce Gagnon. Throughout the weekend there will also be films being shown and an open space dedicated to all forms of free artistic expression that relates to our pressing world issues.

This weekend will prove to be an important step in our efforts to combat myths and foster knowledge and free expression. This community event promises to build solidarity and help us unite to create solutions.

Conference Website

Spearhead Website

homepage: homepage: http://www.wewithstand.org