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donate a $1?

i was shocked when i watched it..
Analysis of Dubyas conference

Being the anti-capitalist, very anti-republican anti-american youngster that I am, I thought I would comment on how I took what I saw of GW Bush's news conference on October 11th.

I must say that the Red Cross kids donate a $1 for Afghanistan. I don't know who put those words into his mouth, but that was the most compassionate thing I have heard him say ever.

That was just amazing. A nice little plug, but all the same... I would love to hear that kids are getting more involved and helping out.

amazed in Portland, OR


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you foolish fool 12.Oct.2001 00:50

tricky dick

hola foolio, I watched the same shit and DAMN,it wasn't compassionate. It was P.R. god damn it was all so fucked up i have no time for punctuation. dig it. If he cared he wouldn't be the president of fascist, capitalist, racist, corporate, decadent, fuckung america. he is a murderer how many wars to spread coca cola how many must die for oil, or to save our economy. SICK SICK ASS TWISTED SHIT. It's all about money and that's it. If your not in the interest of making big money then your not invovled in one of the 6 major corporations that own everything, including the media and incuding mr. send a fucking buck himself. DAMN he wants little kids to work for him, by raking leaves for all the neighboors and shit..........mmmm capitalism. YUK YUK YUCKY AND OF COUSRE IT RUNS SOOOOOOOOO MUCH DEEPER. KEEP LEARNING FOOLIO