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United States of Amnesia

United States of Amnesia
From an arab-american anarchist,
One of the greater threat is the level of passivity and ignorance (among US and to some extent european white people) concerning US and western policy. It makes easy for the corporation and the state to push forward their totalitarian agenda through brainwashing media.

Make no mistake: Bin Laden (and Saddam Hussein, and the saudi arabia regime and most of the islamist-fascist groups and most of the arab dictatorship) have been created by the US. In latin america the US rogue state formed and used right-wing regimes and murders to kill and destroy all progressive forces, organized labor etc.
In the arab and muslim world they created the islamist to destroy progressive, feminist or marxist groups. I don't like marxist bullshit but that's not hte question here.

Just one example amongst too many : during the 80's the US state gave the permission to their best friend saddam hussein to exterminate the kurds in irak, because of the marxist PUK.
And the US-Tool Saddam Hussein bombed thousands of humans with chemicals for US CAPITALIST, MILITARIST and IMPERIALIST INTERESTS. This is just one example of the
bloody, cynical and fascist US policy.

All the media pigs, calling for war crimes against arab and muslim populations DENY this fact, they lie as they've always done. And their deny reminds me the deny of shoah, it reminds me the deny of european colonial genocides, it reminds the deny of slavery.

During the 30's many parts of the state and many capitalists in the US approved Hitler agenda. In US schools do they remind that many US corporations were working with the nazis ? Do they remind the anti-jewish mood of many prominent US state or army leader? Do they remind that many high rank nazis were welcomed in US and Kanada?

Do they remind that the US capitalist elite approved and helped the 'class cleansing' of european progressive by the fascists regimes, from spain to italia, from germany to hungary ?
Do they remind that nazis were following italian fascists ?
And "fascists" comes from "fascio". The fascio were small leagues of former italian soldiers who fought during 1st world war and felt frustration since the end of the war.
The movement developped when money and mainstream media attention came from the italian capitalists.
Indeed the workers, anarchists, marxists, unions were strong and they started occupying work places in the cities, expropriating big landowners in the country. The capitalist class threatened used the tool to break "reds" and anarchists: the fascists.
The european fascist speech mixed social frustration, love for social order and religious state, submission to mythic authority, anti-progressive, anti-jewish agenda, colonialism and racial superiority.
Amerikkka started fighting nazis ONLY when the economic world order was threatened by the former nazi friend.

We shall not fall into the reactionnary-binarist-emotive trend that some try to spread, even on indymedia...

If imperialist western agenda goes on, we can expect other disgusting bloodshed by islamist-US puppet and then many arab-muslim people, US people of color and political opponents could pay a high price.
Get ready for self defense...
Educate and organize.

No war beetween nations, no peace beetwwen classes

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