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PCUN Looking for a buyer

Gathered from a press release from PCUN, and an article in the Salem Statesman Journal, the Oregon Farmworkers Union is searching for a company to buy the Pictsweet mushroom farm.
PCUN, the Oregon Farm Workers' Union, is trying to find a buyer to operate PictSweet mushrooms. 150 workers have signed a petition urging a sale, rather than closing the plant. The workers are convinced that the farm can be run safely and profitably. Pictsweet management reported in September that the farm had lost money for the last 3 years, and announced its intention to end operations at the farm, which employs 300 workers.

PCUN sources say that the boycott of PictSweet mushrooms will continue until the owners recognize the union.

Sources: PCUN, Salem Statesman Journal

Damned good investment opportunity? 10.Oct.2001 14:43

Nature Boy

The workers of pictsweet have shown thier commitment to work under the worst conditions imaginable, for nothing more than minimum wage with no possibility for raises. Now, thier work future is in jeopardy due to the anti-union corporation who runs pictsweet from (Tennesse?). Just imagine what the workers could accomplish under a more desirable working condition. This potential for investment is very favorable to a good owner who has an understanding that employees deserve not to be treated like pack mules.
Think about that.