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US Congress: Save The Bou For Halloween

Grassroots and bean laden environmental ethics argument to ban drilling in ANWR. Humor for caribou relocation satire. Join a Bou Bloc or be prepared to slurp some bean from a Bou-rista at a newer Star Bou's near you.
Bou'rista Reconnaissance Dateline:10/08/2001, Columbus Day, Canton, OH.
By Bruce Lupfer.
Why do you want the Arctic Refuge to be protected?

A Harshness Unkind, Ungentle, Uncompassionate, Unconservative, Unhumane for Ungulates Unborealis.

Caribou have swept the artic for all time like an aura. Save the living Waa Waa Tay (Cree for aura borealis).

Please retain the 200,000 plus ecological niche workers (caribou) at the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: they have at least 20,000 years of tenure on site. Please do not upset an epoch of calving behavior co-evolved in their environmental, social, and economic system. The right and conditions to breed is definitely something 6 billion humans can relate to without being another species. Desecration of millenniums of living art in process and being is beyond Nazi art destruction: this is the arctic natural dharma art. To sin by ecocide is a crime against humanity and nature. The scorn of 7 generations has been laid upon the brow of these descendents of the American Revolution. Do not add to this inequity of human rights, human dignity, and quality of life. Do not breathe more pollutants into 6 billion toxin-sequestering lungs in such a soul-annealing defeat to nature and the human spirit.

Now humor, a health of our marrow; how rich and oil saturated of another kind is the American Congress? A naturopathy of political soul is a cry freedom of necessity that we have only one chance at integrity and wholism. Here in, I offer a restoration program at failure.

I contacted US Rep. Regula-Rep. from Ohio two months ago by e-mail. In this letter, I suggested a Caribou relocation program at espresso crafters in Canton, Ohio.

Without habitat of socio-biological caribou appropriate co-evolved behavior with their environment, it would be nice to have them around anyway and obviously anywhere is a congressional wildlife management strategy. That they are furniture like ancient trees, and only need a petting zoo like a visitor grove, is flawed. They are intrinsic, having value in themselves, and provide psychological security as a symbol of the living spirit of the arctic as freedom in cooperative effort against harshness. Perhaps a Bou' Union could be organized for their cud-brewing network. I'm no Berry Lopez, but I hear the coumarin in the arctic sweet grass is rather common-mind building, and I've heard the same about the bean at Stark Bucks. Think of it: 'Star Bou's'. It's real and it beats buffalo meat ranching: it's Buddha-meet-Bou-meet-Bean-Bloc, an Anarchist Bou cudding of democratic anarchy in your labor and citizen movements, and an absolute 'suchness' of intrinsic dislocation and reparations.

Bou'rista's at coffee bars near you has such a wonderful holiday marketing springboard for fair trade coffee import gourmands. Like relocated Amazonian tribes from Occidental oil exploitation, dislocation and disculturing is supposedly a necessary human socio-biological need when it is actually an insufficient unnecessary, unethical forced demand. Just ask Gore for more details to the death of deep ecology and humanistic development, not to mention human rights/dignity. In similar matter, all conscious beings need a universal right to consciousness; this is implied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. While not all 30 articles would apply to caribou, articles relating to home, habitat, and natural consciousness do apply. When the US Congress comes for the Bou, they will sooner or later come for your consciousness too, as collective psychological security erodes from loss of freedom, loss of wholeness, loss of environmental integrity, and loss of biochemical health. Do you represent the denominator of individual citizens or the denominator of corporations? If it is corporations you represent, I charge you, the US Congress, with malfeasance, malpractice, and abandonment as one/ two hundred and fifty millionth of influence. We do need a Bou-Bloc.

Consider those persons whom believe consciousness is just body produced and nature shared DMT. Depth beyond bio-chemical imperatives makes a mechanism more than it's parts, as does wholism integrity. That we are together human and nonhuman DMT Nation across the globe is enough pharmacological therapeutics and interspecies empathy, but not enough ethics and deeper appreciation of complexities of humanity: shallow psychoactive imbibed verses deeper psychoactive imbibed. We share this with all humans, all mammals, and all caribou. We cannot see the human beings and beings of consciousness, for all the ecocide and econocide. Spending time with only humans of inhumane and despotic abandonment accumulates secular evil of all kinds finally biting the mind that thought it, sent it, and practiced it, as well as those isolated targets and/or victims of reverse consciousness. Please do not add soon to the Fourth World dislocated, dissociated, discultured, as acculturalization is teleologically manifest for these out-of-the click laggers of coumarin hoof and ayahuasa toe. They are oppressed because they are not politically digital.

The once thought childishness of shamanism not seen in whole and total is the basis of psychoactive wellness and longevity science related to interspecies communication, human global well-being, sociological therapeutics of global societal despotism and universal human rights government. Here depth of ethics, neuroscience, and psychokinetic pharmacology interrelate to provide a model of most present human global ills. All human endeavors are psychoactively influenced. Politics, legislating, activism, wildlife ecology, oil business, treaty-making with dependent domestic nations, torture and assassinations of dissidents, espionage, industrial plant management, domestic abuse, shamanism, recorded religious scriptural heavenly events, and people communing with caribou holds this interrelationship in common. I prefer PCWC over POW politics, there's that psychological security value and consciousness naturopathy value within issues of democracy psychoactively influenced.

Caribou communicate; therefore they have society/culture and intelligence. People of the Amazon were supposed to have universal human rights, but are treated instead like bouristas. Cultures built in consciousness are society and culture. Their material culture is their environment around them: human and non-human, tribe and nation. Non-anthropocentrics and those knowledgeable in the societies, culture, and psychology of non-human species provide not removable obstacles, but soul inspiration of all of humanity in interrelationship with our shared material culture. Save the Spirit of the Earth for the Non-Human-selves and Humanity. We, the human and non-human, are connected by same brain areas stimulated in our common drinking, eating and breathing by psychoactive chemical structures. Those of us whom have communed by emotional and communicative ion exchange know you feel this looking at a caribou or their recordings of image and sound. The caribou maybe unsophisticated in analyzing our presence, but any caribou/mammal watcher will tell you they, the caribou/mammals cognate our meaning to them in caribouness/mammalness.

In relation to ANWR caribou and drilling, bi-partisan efforts in national self-defense are trite and not Green. Bring arctic caribou to our First Lady's Museum for a post-modern post-political-correct photo session: the Utne industrial prolariot bou' need a home, comfort, and friends. Canton has warm people. We'll have Afghan throws to warm caribous' hollow hair souls (read emotive, memory-retaining, PSTD-inducible consciousnesses for the biologically imperative) soon.

Or we could respect environmental ethics and science of animal behavior as sociobiology along with wildlife ecology, which could save an epoch of caribou flourishment and struggle that is caribou cope'able, instead of 6 months of oil reserve. By the way, shame on the "700,000 jobs produced" sham that really will employ 30,000 six-month seasonal, qualified, non-arctic refuge community outsiders. We could also stop displacing whole cultures for human sacred cows, because their veeps. Cud some Green before the Gore in the Bush happens, and save the evolutionary nobility and ecological integrity of the Arctic National Refuge caribou herd, at the very least to learn how humans are not supposed to act as political school fish with a new American war. As among the grassroots and bean-laden environmental ethicists, I empathize with the dislocated, dissociated, discultured both human and non-human by environmental toxicology divide and digital divide. Sequester some advance thought synthesis in pharmacological anti-terrorism against ecocide, as the consciousness divide needs sorely crossed by minds held hostage and econo-gagged by global economic human rights violations. What is left to fight for when the soul and body are an industrial rust-field? Healthy urban and wilderness natures are necessary for human and non-human consciousness and sustainability.

Caribou have a 'consciousness naturopathy niche value' in the consciousness and collective consciousness of all brain-containing inter-mammal-plus viewing species of consciousness (read 'Spirit of the Earth') for human and interspecies psychological security, in addition to ecological economic assets. When an interspecies neuroscience evolves into a field, humanity will have proof and advancement in interspecies communication, interspecies well-being, and global interspecies mental health. Columbus Day 2001 now being the commemorative of genocide uncelebrated, please consider the addition of ecocide and animal-societicide to the ills of conquest debauchery through our veil of humanities' cross environmental toxin and pharmacological tyranny and torture. More than psychoactive caribou ecology is at stake. The entire bioregion of the arctic including all citizens there-in, all US citizens as Arctic National Refuge land owners to the employed and paid elected land lords (you're/we're the lesser in those roles and this needs to be remembered in your voting and management), and all global ecological citizens of lung, sequestering body fats, and conscious mind must have a voice and influence in preserving the arctic ecosystem. Most important in ethics is that the health and concerns of the future 7th generation are not extinguished in ecological despotism and ecocide. Consider yourself Bou-Bloc-ed.

Rep. Ralph said he enjoyed the letter, but I think we were connecting on environmental MTBE telepathy when he said it to me. Cheers.

A Drug-fogged Whale for an Espresso Bou' to you,

Citizen Bruce Lupfer

Acquired Status: Wildlife Degree, 14 year public service park ranger- wildlife technician- environmental educator, former 6year federal commissioned law enforcement officer, 40 year psychic Argonaut, and 10 year participatory observer of ancient and post-modern shamanism, 4 year naturopathy student and consumer, future attorney and/or legal activist specializing in pharmacological torture tort suing for human and non-human rights.

Ascripted Status: Psychoactive Shamanism in Roman and Swiss Words of Latin root. (Bruce=A Legal Bear of Rome, Lupfer=Lupus or Wolf/ Ferrium= Bear's Metal(shape-shifting metal) or Iron).
Seventh Generation Descendent of Revolutionary War veteran Casper Lupfer. Bou!
Descendent of Shawnee, Lenape, and Wyandot persons in colonial and post-colonial periods.

PS. Do not make a hallow hair Halloween as a Bou-of-Arc. Care about a Bou in Bou'ness.
PSS. Amanita reindeer pee analogy is on for Christmas and Thanksgiving is always for Pilgrims eating turkey (turkey= a positive native leadership metaphor).