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workshops and teach-in's Oct. 13th/14th

Tri-county Green Pary chapter and Portland Peaceful Response to host workshops/teach-ins focusing on Sept. 11th events and anti-globilization issues
this is a tentative list of workshops for Sat and Sun. at Portland State University, Smith Center, 2nd floor. Please check out the PPRC website (above) for more info and listent to KBOO!


10:30 Anti-Nuclear Defense/Star Wars, rm 294
Physicians for Social Responsibility
11:00 Green Urban Design, rm 292
Green Party
11:00 Anti-Discrimination, rm 296
Ecumenical Ministries
12:00 Grassroots Electoral Organizing, rm 292
Green Party
12:00 FTAA/Fast track, rm 296
Local to Global
1:00 War on Drugs, War on Terroism, rm 292
Peace In Columbia
1:00 East Timor Action Project, rm 294
1:00-4:00 Black Cross Collective First Aid Training, rm 298
2:00 Anti-Globilization and Resistance in Central America, rm 296 CBLOC
3:00 Third Party Ballot Status, rm 294
Freedom Socialist Party/Radical Women


media analysis
campus organizing
the draft
facilitation of a meeting
relief efforts
Afghanastan 101
civil liberties
non-violence training
media training
foreign policy
oil, bush, and foreign policy

stay tuned for more info, and check the PPRC's website.

homepage: homepage: http://www.portland911.tripod.com
phone: phone: 503-223-1399