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a new age view of afghan bombing

a new age view of afghan bombing

TO understand the events and the United States and British governments vile human rights abuse in bombing innocent people in Afghanistan requires readers to look at the New Age.
The writer of this article is doing cutting research in quantum theory and has a BA degree and a Masters degree in cutting edge philosophy and quantum theory from an established university. The writer of this article has been a socialist journalist and poet for more than 20 years and has published many books on the New Age.
Those closed-minded materialists among you who keep saying that conspiracy theories are "WHACKO" stuff I urge you to read this. This article will outline everything that you need to know about what is really happening in the world and why America and Britain are bombing the innocent people that could develop into a terrible genocide.
YOU, dear reader, must read this article from beginning to end to understand the entire scope and scale of what is being said. It will fully explain to you why these events are happening and what you can do about them. Be patient and read the entire article. Some of the claims may seem outrageous and extraordinary but I urge you to open your mind and persist. You will be rewarded.
The basis of the New Age movement is a spiritual awakening, similar to that of the 1960s - yet only this time it is far more radical. And it also has its own media fighting the forces of capitalism!
Organisations like Indymedia are vital for the New Age. New Age channellers from around the world are saying that New York and Washington was a set up. Indymedia sites around the world have also been saying this and have published widely a number of very important stories about this using top New Age sources.
The march into war by Bush is insanity on a grand level. Where is the proof? The proof provided is not good enough.
The New Age movement is very broad-based but does involve certain fundamental principles.
Firstly, many at the front ranks of the New Age movement believe that the Christ, or Lord Maitraya as he is known, has returned and is living in London.
It is said that the Lord Maitreya is committed to worldwide socialism and wants to form a world government based on love, open democratic socialism and sharing of all the world's resources. For those readers who are already puzzled by this article, a few facts will be given. The New Age joins many movements together into one union. Firstly, in India a man called Sri Satha Sai Baba is world famous for his many so-called miracles.
Sai Baba has a following of more than 100 million people throughout the planet. Singers John Lennon and Michael Jackson followed Sai Baba and many of Hollywood's more intelligent Left Wing actors such as Dan Ackroyd. Sai Baba is world famous for producing objects out of thin air, bi-locating (being in two places at the same time) and teleporting (moving from one place to another through the speed of light).
Sai Baba has had many scientists come to test his powers but in the New Age he is simply know as the Cosmic Christ, or Cosmic Avatar.
Lord Maitreya in London is known as a planetary Avatar - that is, he has evolved from this planet. Under Lord Maitraya are more than 300 beings called Ascended Masters. These beings are not human but had once been human. They are part of what is called the Earth's Spiritual Hierarchy.
The spiritual headquarters of Planet Earth is in China in a place known as Shamballa somewhere in the Gobi Desert and this is where Lord Buddha himself is located. Lord Buddha is called the Planetary Logos, and is the boss of Planet Earth. Buddha is about to take over this position from another powerful being called Sanant Kumara. Lord Buddha cannot take a body. However, during Wesak, a spiritual festival in late April, he comes in body to a secret valley in China's Tibet.
This may seem extraordinary to many readers, but many in the New Age movement firmly believe all of this. Many millions of New Age followers around the world believe all of this. Huge numbers of magazines and Internet sites available for this movement. Most in the New Age support soft to moderate Leftism of some description.
Another major belief that New Age people have is the rejection of Darwinian theory in the sense that humans do not come from this planet. New Age followers believe that humans came from other planets.
They say the first humans that came to this planet was 2 million years ago. They came from another planet called Sirius. They came here by teleporting through the speed of light. (Once energy is faster than the speed of light a new form of energy is produced called super energy. Both energy and super energy are produced by thought - like Philosophical idealism such as Hegel, Berkley, Bradley and most forms of Eastern philosophies such as Buddhism. The world famous physicist Fritjof Capra has explains how Mind creates matter. The theory of super energy was discovered by a brilliant New Age physicist called David Ash who is world famous in the New Age. This theory of physicists explain many so-called paranormal events. Sai Baba in India has the ability to use super energy. In the realm of super energy spacecraft from other star systems travel. This is how they can come here. it is most important to realise that super energy is a reality. Etheric matter is simply super energy - energy faster than the speed of light. And remember both super energy and energy are produced by thought. Super energy is thought faster than the speed of light and energy (E=mc squared) is simply thought slower than the speed of light. Superstring theory in quantum theory and many other new theories of physics supports the notion that thought or mind creates matter. Spaceships from other solar systems fly into a pocket of super energy. In super energy there is no space and time. The members of the spaceship simply think of which solar system portal they want to go to and they get there within seconds. Sai Baba uses super energy all the time to materialise objects and teleport to other locations. The theory of super energy is the key to the New Age and not only explains space travel travel from other stars but many other things such as as angels, which also operate in super energy. Super energy also explains such things like Chi energy and auras and many other things.)
New Age people say the first Earth civilisation was called Hybornea and was destroyed by other non-human aliens called Reptoids about 1 million years ago in a major war . Humans again came back 900,000 years ago and formed a civilisation called Lemuria. Humans during this civilisation lived for 5000 years on average and had 12 strands of DNA. Atlantis, which was a civilisation within Lumuria, is well-known even in the writings of Plato.
Some time about 15000BC a huge nuclear war/or thermonuclear war destroyed this civilisation and then earth was repopulated by Galactic humans with the agreement of the Earth's spiritual hierarchy. During this time humans were genetically mutated to our current 2 strands of DNA.
Thus, Christ, the Buddha and Krishna are in fact all from the same source - the planet's spiritual Hierarchy or Shamballa which is based in super energy in China's Gobi Desert.
From this it can be clearly seen that Lord Maitreya in London (the returned Christ) and Lord Buddha, who has returned as head of Shamballa, are now in charge of the planet. Sai Baba in India has come from the centre of the Galaxy to especially help for the dawning of the New Age. And remember that there are more than 300 Ascended Masters helping Buddha and Lord Maitreya.
Now, readers may be asking with all these powerful beings on the planet, why is there so much strife and wars.
The main reason is that there have been non-human aliens on the moon who have machines that have the ability to change the way humans and countries can think. These aliens, called Reptoids, have psychotronic weapons and technology. This base was recently destroyed by an organisation called the Galactic Federation who represent Galactic humans and are in space ships surrounding our planet and demanding that George Bush give up his support for DARK POWERS. The Galactic Federation is further discussed in this article.
This psychotronic technology is already being widely used by the United States who gained these "mind altering" machines from alien sources, yet extremely evil sources. The United States gained this evil technology from little grey aliens who had come to Planet Earth to disrupt but have since gone.
The United States has built a huge base in Alaska called the H.A.A.R.P base which has the ability to change the way an entire city can think. The United States had planned to use this technology on many socialist countries - yet in fact the United States was being used by very Evil forces - as will be discussed later. This base has not been able to get off the ground because of alien intervention. TheAmerican/George Bush Missile Defence Program is basically designed to try and stop friendly aliens from the Galactic Federation.
The terrible and tragic loss of life in New York and Washington has to to with a major power play within the western and American military because of their perceived threat from the alien Galactic Federation. The Federation is currently going as the "GO BETWEEN" and mediator to try a resolve this dispute. The world RIGHT WING wants a war to keep the whole fascist military industrial complex running. Most New Age intellectuals base their social journalism on such top journalists such as John Pilger and outstanding academics like Noam Chomsky.
This psychontonic technology was widely used during the Cold War. The Russians developed the technology to great sophistication.
One machine which is used widely is called the neurophone. The neurophone is used widely by American CIA agents throughout the world and can change the way that people think. It has the ability to change electro-magnetic frequencies into sound. The H.A.A.R.P base in Alaska is like a huge neurophone. In Australia ASIO, the secret security organisation of that country, use this technology on activists.
At present capitalist governments around the world have been using this technology on socialists.
For the past 30 years the United States Government has been attempting to destabilise Australia and successfully destroyed the Australian Labor Party and turned it into a capitalist party. Australia is now a one-party capitalist state. Poverty is rampant and so is unemployment and press censorship. International press baron Rupert Murdoch controls 66.6 per cent of the metropolitan print media which is a terrible human rights abuse.
So this is an element of the New Age that is absolutely vital to understanding why things are happening in the world.
Many top new Age people believe that the Devil himself (or Lucifer) is in a human body on the planet and is controlling the reptoids on the moon and is also causing a lot of distress on Planet Earth. Lucifer is meant to be embodied in nine bodies on Earth, including George Bush Junior, the Queen of England and several other places around the world including Sadam Hussain and other bodies in Sydney and Canberra.
New Age people say there are angels in human bodies on Planet Earth but there is also Evil Angels, who have been part of what is called the Luciferic Rebellion, which has come from another galaxy. This involves the support of Lucifer himself for these evil reptoids who live on the moon and are using psychotronic technology on the United States and other parts of the earth. This is the Devil's weaponry. DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT IS BEING SAID!
Most top leaders in the New Age believe that our entire galaxy has humans on other planets. Many millions of New Age followers believe that humans evolved in a Darwinian fashion 6 million years ago on the star system Vega. Humans were formed on this star system with the support of that planet's Spiritual Hierarchy. About 4 million years ago a Galactic Federation was formed for all humans in the galaxy.
This Galactic Federation presently has humans from other planets on our Planet Earth at present to help fight what is happening to the planet. Estimates have been put that there could be as many as 5000 galactic humans on the planet. Some have incarnated here while others have come as "walk-ins".
New Agers say that Galactic humans from the Galactic Federation are currently in huge numbers of ships surrounding our planet. Galactic Humans can live much longer than Earth humans. Actureans can live for 30,000 years and are virtually immortal. Plaidiens can live for 700 years while Sirians can live for 5000 years. There are many hundreds of books about types of Galactic Humans. It is sometimes said that Archangel Michael is the head of the Galactic Federation and is in two female bodies on the planet and is channelling through many more.
Galactic Federation motherships are said to be 1000 miles long and there is said to be several major motherships in our solar system. The Galactic Federation has been fighting Reptoids for 4 million years although some Reptoids work for the Federation. Reptoids can shape shift into human form but they cannot shapeshift their pupils in their eyes. Their pupils look like stars not round like earth humans or Galactic humans. In their original form they look like gargoyles or lizards that can stand errect.
The Galactic Federation wants an open democratic socialist world government based on peace and love. It wants the United States to give up its major power and for the rest of the world to take their positions in forming a world government.
The Galactic Federation has talked with most world governments but there has been one last "cabal" who have refused to negotiate with the Galactic Federation. The entire rest of the "cabals" or world governments have talked with the Federation and have negotiated extensive agreements. Most world government now support the Galactic Federation but this last organisation (which is based in the US and Europe) refuse to co-operate and did the tragic incident in New York and Washington to keep their insane agenda going. This is the real truth behind what is going on at the moment. There are millions of New Age people around the world who believe and have direct knowledge of what is being discussed in this article.
This world government would be based in a country which would represent the entire planet. Australia's Canberra has been mentioned for such a place by world New Age leaders and by the Galactic Federation. Canberra is said the be the crown chakra of the planet.
The Galactic Federation has a great deal of very advanced technology to give the planet but it will not do this until a world government is formed. Although, however, it will give massive amount of technological support during the establishment of a provisional world government. The Federation is especially worried by the actions of the United States Government.
Part of this technology would involve the use of non-combustionable engines and thus there would be no need for oil anymore. These engines have been in the pipeline for many years. There are virtually thousands of books about everything that has been discussed here.
The United States is a one-party capitalist state with power vested in multi-national and transnational corporations and by the huge fascist state controlled military industrial complex. Both the Democratic and republican parties are capitalist parties. More tan 90 million people live below the poverty line in the United States.
Since the fall of the former Soviet Union, US power has grown rapidly and it has taken upon itself, without the agreement of most of the world, to be the so-called global watchdog - yet in reality it is a public relations exercise for global hegemony on a scale the modern world has not seen.
The Belgrade tragedy clearly demonstrates that the United States does not care about what the countries of the rest of the world want, and also, demand. This has created a new precedent in the world where the United States is clearly acting in a totalitarian manner, with the word "totalitarian" being stressed. China, Russia, India, Brazil as well as many of the other large countries, have all protested at the military action.
The United States is effectively holding the world to ransom and knows it can do anything, simply because it has more nuclear capability than any other country. However, the Galactic Federation has pointed out many times that if the US went nuclear it would be unable to ignite their rockets. This situation, of course, should not, and cannot be acceptable to a civilised planet, especially because the United States represents a small percentage of the world's population.
It is now fairly clear that the Soviet Union was certainly a victim of the psychotronic technology that the Reptoid Aliens on the moon had been using on the planet with the support of the Devil Lucifer.
The full impact of psychotronic weaponry can be seen with Rwanda where a terrible genocide was committed during the mid 1990s.
These evil alien Reptoids and the Devil himself have been controlling the United States since the fall of the Soviet Union. The Spiritual Hierarchy of this planet has allowed this to happen to show the planet that Capitalism is dangerous and does not work.
The worldwide anti-globalisation movements has been supported by both the Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchy.
Both the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation want to see a genuine world government on Planet Earth. The leading countries would be China and India - being the largest countries - with the support of the Third World.
Although China has some terrible problems especially in the area of human rights for political prisoners, it did create a partial socialist infrastructure and society that partially worked prior to the capitalist measures that have brought great poverty since the 1980s.
China and India are seen by the Federation as being the potential leaders for a world government. But this cannot occur until all nuclear weapons issues have been addressed.
The so-called capitalist developed countries would be completely disarmed. The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund would cease its operations immediately. These organisations have imposed capitalist measures on the Third World. More tahn 40,000 children die each day as a result of this form of western terrorism. Obviously from this, China has to take its responsibility in leading the world towards a world government based on socialism, peace and love.
While the mainly United States capitalist media rallied about how socialist states were one-party, they never mentioned the fact that the US is a one-party capitalist state.
The United States has a tradition of being a one party capitalist state. Both the Republican and Democratic parties represent big business capitalism. Their policies only vary on issues that concern capitalism.
This has been given as the reason why so many Americans do not bother to vote and has led to the creation of a power elite in that country that does not represent the will of the people.
The United States is controlled by multi-national right wing corporations which have the voice of both Democrats and Republicans.
Many scientists are now claiming that the AIDS virus was invented by USA scientists. And the US government has attempted to cover this up since the early 1980s, with the bizarre theory that he HIV virus evolved from the Green Monkey!
A team of world scientists have charged that the US Government created AIDS and EBOLA as part of a chemical weapons exercise the world has not seen before.
These allegations may shock the average reader, yet this has repeatedly been confirmed by scientists working for world peace! They are alleging that this is one of the biggest cover-ups in the history of the modern world!
Well know North American Scientist, Drunvalo Melchizedek has alleged that the AIDS virus was invented by a team of other US scientists working with the United Nations.
He says the AIDS virus was invented at some time in the 1970s and was introduced into the African continent during the 1980s.
Melchizedek is world famous as a scientist and has done extensive work with many governments around the world. He is a specialist in environmental science and has invented a new machine with other scientists which can clear smog in cities very quickly.
Melchizedek says the United States wanted to control what they thought was an "out of control" world population - yet it was the work of a team of United States scientists who did all the research work with the support of United States representatives within the United Nations. However, this was never told to any other member countries within the United Nations.
From here an elaborate "cover up" was invented by the United States Government especially the Reagan Administration.
Virtually all of the world media accepted the theory of the Green Monkey and the "cover up" became a part of world history. Since then the HIV virus was discovered and recognised by a team of French scientists in 1985.
The AIDS virus has killed millions of people and clearly reveals that this sort of chemical warfare should be included as "weapons of mass destruction". Africa has been hit hardest by AIDS but so has South-East Asia and India, where millions of innocent prostitutes are infected and are dying.
In the United States itself, more that 500,000 people have died. Millions more are infected.
And if the AIDS virus wasn't enough, US scientists went a step further and invented the Ebola virus in the early 1990s.
The Ebola virus is clearly a "weapon of mass destruction". The virus could virtually kill the populations of China, and India within a couple of days.

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good stuff 10.Oct.2001 22:01


this is amazing stuff that needs to be followed up. I am in the New Age and know a little about what you talking about. But you back up your stuff with science and it is convincing.