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Emergency Peace Rally - Photos

As the bombing of Afghanistan began, an emergency rally was called in Portland.

Around 350 people came out to the emergency rally to protest the start of the bombing of Afghanistan. Portland Peaceful Response Coalition organized the event, getting the word out on very short notice. Though the US war has been underway for a few weeks now, yesterday marked the start of overt military attacks.

The rally brought a good turnout, with some planned speakers, and an opportunity for people to speak as well. There were many good signs expressing peoples hopes and determination for a sane and humanitarian response to the Sept 11th attacks.

Life itself, in all its guises is precious and should never be destroyed indescriminately. The US has taken up the practice of bombing from a distance to avoid the danger to US lives. This policy indescriminately kills many innocent civilians around the globe under the label, "Collateral Damage"

Many people are deeply frustrated at the biased presentation of news by the corporate media. All the fancy equipment and satellite hookups cannot replace the devotion to truth.

Numerous people took turns speaking, voicing their criticism for US foreign policy, demanding accountability for US actions and expressing their hopes, fears and dreams for a more just, balanced and peaceful world.

Many people are disappointed in the US policies and the lack of dialog on issues as contrasted with the near dictatorial imposition of policy through media propaganda that currently exists.

History has shown this over and over again, and we see the same pattern at work now. People on both sides of the conflict have grievance and want retribution, which leads to more violence and the pattern continues. . .When will humanity ever learn?

Through signs and by a number of speakers, the point was made that the US imperialism around the world, while wrong in its own right, also fosters the kind of hatred that drives such acts as the attacks on NY and DC

Think outside the box. . .The reactionary psyche is narrow and fundamentalist. This creates a harsh dicotomy where the mind sees in mostly black and white. The mature psyche is not trapped in this white/black viewpoint and can see broader creative solutions.

What is most needed is a rediscovery of simplicity. Simple, perceptive innocence is the essence and gift of Life.
Protests Continue Throughout Oregon 08.Oct.2001 13:30

David Roknich web@empowered.be

Thanks for the beautiful coverage.
Protests and vigils have continued throughout Oregon since the day of the tragedy in New York. We will continue to post announcements of additional protests and related events in our "breaking news" section:  http://pwkr.oregonpeaceworks.org/news/index.htm#01
of the "Peaceworker Online",

Peace and Solidarity,
David Roknich,
Online Editor
send any announcements or comments to me at:

You guys are Idiots 08.Oct.2001 20:35

Kris McBride lavalamp@bendcable.com

You guys are idiots. At one time you kinda made sense

No more

You guys are idiots

Please move far away from America

I'm an American and proud of it! 12.Oct.2001 00:24


If you don't like the government go find a country of your own and make what you want with it. Don't be a hypocrite.

P.S. you're a bunch of IDIOTS!!!!

Why is Peace Idiotic? 14.Oct.2001 13:51


I would like to hear some elaboration on the prior two comments that display something other than a blind reaction to a situation that is obviously not understood. Why is peace idiotic? Why is it idiotic to exercise one's first amendment rights to display opinion? Why is it idiotic to recognize the cycle of vendetta being continued forever if not for the interference of public opinion. This nation of which you are so supportive was founded on the tenets of individualism and freedom of expression. If you think that the expression of these ideas is idiotic, then you are genuinely anti-american. If you think peace is idiotic, then you are genuinely suicidal. If you think that a peaceful protest to an immoral and antidemocratic war is idiotic, then you are reactionary and idiotic in your own way.
I love America, North and South! I'm proud to share a kind of heritage with Canadians, Cubans, Nicaraguans, Colombians and Peruvians.
"Find your own country"???? You have to be kidding me.
Please respond and try to salvage any bit of respect i might have once had for your blind imperialist opinion. Or don't...