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Air strikes have begun in Afghanistan
In the tradition of the Gulf War protests, the Portland Peaceful Response Coalition has called for an emergency protest today 4 p.m. in Terry Shrunk Plaza to protest the bombings that have begun in Afghanastan.

SW 3rd and Madison, rain or shine

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say what?! 07.Oct.2001 12:07

see change

in my opinion: the U.S. government has gone right ahead with the vision the fundamentalists/terrorists have for costly destructive blind war

watch the language coming out of the official media: "this is not an attack on the Afghan people, this is our show of support for their fight against the Taliban," etc.

see you at the plaza

aack.... i need a brick... for my tv 07.Oct.2001 12:15

matchboy matchboy@tearitalldown.com

i hate corporate propaganda...

fuck cnn
fuck them so much

how can we shut cnn down?

they're slimier then the government

vote no 07.Oct.2001 12:25


see ya there 07.Oct.2001 12:49


I hope to see you there. I would enjoy the chance to beat the crap out of some of you commie pinkos and idiot anarchists.

anyway 07.Oct.2001 14:43


Wow, Patriotic Americans are something to behold.

Anyway, it's cold out there today - dress warm!