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us strikes have begun: cnn
KABUL: Several loud explosions were heard in the Afghan capital Kabul Sunday night and electricty supplies were cut, residents of the city reported to AFP. According to CNN reports, US have begun retaliatory action against Afghanistan with the first strike on Kandahar.
They said they could hear Taliban artillery, anti-aircraft and small arms fire in what sounded like an outbreak of fighting on the streets of the city. Tensions are high in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan as the ruling Islamic militia beefs up its frontlines in preparation for possible US military retaliation for its refusal to hand over indicted terrorist Osama bin Laden.
Opposition forces, poised as close as 50 kilometres (30 miles) north of the capital, have pledged to cooperate with any US assault and have been in close talks with US military planners in recent days.
Taliban forces in the city on Saturday opened fire on what they said was a US spy plane flying over the city. US officials in Washington said President George W. Bush was scheduled to address the nation.
Hooray 07.Oct.2001 12:52


It's about time. 3+ weeks was too long to wait for retaliation.

What do we do now? 07.Oct.2001 14:46


Retaliation against what? The persons responsible for the Sept. 11th attacks are not necessarily affilated with the people who are about to be murdered today. Eye for an eye makes the world blind. Are YOU sure WHO done it? If you are sure, on what grounds of what evidence? Is it so strange to even question these things? Who is telling you the facts? How much money do they make and who is telling them what to say? Did you know where Afganistan was before this happened? How much do you know about United States foreign policy? My advice to anyone is to be critical, ask questions, and not settle for the most simple explanation you can find.