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Reminder...a teach in will occur this Tuesday, Oct 9 regarding U.S. policy in the Middle East. Details below..

Please attend this important event and help us get the word out:


Beyond the Battle of Good vs. Evil:
A Teach-in for Concerned Educators

Join a dialogue with:

Stephen Zunes, Associate Professor of Politics and Chair of the Peace and
Justice Studies Program at the University of San Francisco. Zunes
serves as a senior policy analyst and Middle East editor for the Foreign
Policy in Focus Project.

Zaher Wahab, Professor at Lewis and Clark College and a native of
Afghanistan. Recently Wahab traveled throughout Central Asia,
including trips to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Nohad Toulan, Dean of the College of Urban and Public Affairs at Portland
State University and a native of Egypt. Toulan has contributed
extensively to the development of major urban and regional plans in the
United States, the Middle East, and Africa.

John Linder, teacher at Lent Elementary School and member of Portland Area
Rethinking Schools. Linder is a long-time antiwar activist who spoke
throughout the United States during the U.S.-sponsored Contra war in

Tuesday, October 9, 7 p.m.
Bridgeport United Church of Christ
621 NE 76th, one block north of Glisan

If you need childcare please call in advance to reserve space.

Sponsored by Portland Area Rethinking Schools.