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account from Gods Valley

Here are some firsthand reports from the Gods Valley treesitters.
They say that the ODF was cutting trees that were as close as 10 feet to the tree they are in and that the ODF showed little regard for their safety.

ODF warned them that they were going to commence cutting in 5 minutes and they had 5 minutes to come down. They said "you are taking your life in your own hands". This statement shows that ODF recognized that it was a life threatening situation, yet after the 5 minutes they began cutting. Again, they were cutting trees as close as 10 feet distance.

This is after a couple days of harassment by various authorities of ODF and police. Loud music at night, lights, sirens, shrieking sounds. There have been about 10 or so officers at all times.

The Clatsop Country Sheriff is reported to have said that they will have more license to do what they want due to the Sept 11th attacks. He also said that "CFA, ELF they are all the same thing, eco-terrorists"

This begins to show the level of ignorance involved.

Firsthand reports regarding the activist Ridge who was up in the tree who later fell state that the estimate by the police on the scene was that he was 90 feet up, not the lower figures around 40 that they are giving out publicly.

The young man was in the tree for 2 days without food or water and under heavy harassment from the police. They would not let him sleep, repeatedly shouting up to him to keep him awake. They cut all the branches off the tree which itself stops Ridge from climbing down, and then proceed with a form of psychological torture. It is quite clear that after 2 days without food or water, harassed and kept from sleep, it is inevitable that something would happen to him. They may as well have thrown him out of the tree. It amounts to the same thing. A clear willingness to murder a peaceful human being.

This is further evidenced by the fact that they had a sniper out there, and that at one point they had the rifle trained on Ridge.

This is further means of scaring him, perhaps even terrorizing him one might say. These police, alone in the forest with a few activists who are cut off from support, then show even more blatantly their true colors. Reports indicate that the police were taunting and inflicting pain upon this young man AFTER he fell from the tree. There he is lying on the ground, pelvis broken in two places, collapsed lung, with a brain injury and they taunt him. Those people betray any code of decency. That is sadistic behavior for which I have the utmost contempt.