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NEW FACTS LEARNED ABOUT PJTTF and other extraneous info
Cost of PJTTF (Portland pays): $480,452 ($399,737 salaries+$23,573 materials +$57,142 services)

Cost of PJTTF (FBI pays): $87,600 ($30,000 office space, $4800/month overtime)

Total taxpayer tab of Portland JTTF (no FBI, other agency salaries included): $568,052

34 cities with existing JTTFs (prior to Sept 11, 2001, in no particular order except the first three):
1. New York 2. Washington, DC 3. Boston 4. Seattle 5. Sacramento 6. Los Angeles 7. Oklahoma City 8. Albuquerque 9. Las Vegas 10. Indianapolis 11. Houston 12. Philadelphia 13. Phoenix 14. Salt Lake City 15. Pittsburgh 16. San Diego 17. Tampa 18. Cleveland 19. El Paso 20. Minneapolis 21. Miami 22. Dallas 23. Denver 24. San Francisco 25. Portland. (We have these last 9 from another list) 26. Atlanta 27. Chicago 28. New Haven 29. New Orleans 30. Charlotte 31. Cincinnati 32. Anchorage 33. San Antonio 34. Detroit
(There's also a regional division in Newark -which may not have counted in Kroeker's cities)

12 reports have been filed between January 2000 and August, 2001. The City Attorney reviewed them all and wrote a report to Mayor Katz on August 17.

Chief Kroeker's list of alleged terrorist activity in Oregon:

  • Detroit Ranger station burned, October 1996.
  • US Forest Industry burned, Medford, December 1998. Fire in Monmouth, December 1999.
  • Arson in Canby, June 2000.
  • Arson at lumber office in Glendale, December 2000.
  • More recently: Police cars burned (this, he admitted, may not be terrorism) in Portland;
  • Ross Island Sand and Gravel trucks burned.

Kroeker's list of accomplishments of JTTFs (note that none are in Portland, and none can categoriaclly be called "terrorism"):

  • Radio tower/bridge threat in Seattle, 1995. Bank robbery (where?) 1996.
  • Bombing threat, Yakima, 1996. Propane tank, Sacramento, 1999.

Kroeker also claimed that the man caught at the Canadian border heading to Seattle was caught because of information sharing and interdiction; in reality, it was the customs people who caught him with questionable materials in his car.

The PJTTF goes to help those who are under attack--clinics, churches, etc.

Definition of terrorism given by Kroeker: The unlawful use of force of violence against people or property in furtherance of political or social objectives.

Kroeker's slides also promised to provide "punishment" for those who are apprehended.