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Pacific Northwest Anti-War On-line Clearinghouse

Plans for an online anti-war clearinghouse for PNW activists.
Some folk here in Olympia are planning on starting a PNW regional anti-war on-line clearing house to feature a regional anti-war events calendar, a directory of organizations and affinity groups working in response to the current crisis, web links to alternative news and analysis, and possible a newswire. WE DON'T WANT TO START THIS PROJECT IF ANYONE ELSE ALREADY HAS THIS IN THE WORKS!! If you know of someone that has already done this or who is planning on doing this please contact us and let us know so we can coordinate or stop our work on the project - we don't want to reinvent the wheel! The domain we are looking to use is  http://www.nowarnw.net/

Please Email Us If you have heard anything about this at < olynetwork@olynetwork.org>

 http://www.olynetwork.org - Olympia's source for local grassroots activism.

homepage: homepage: http://www.olynetwork.org

Have not heard of PNW clearinghouse-good idea 25.Sep.2001 21:37

Ellen elleno@peak.org

This is a good idea. I do not know of a clearinghouse for the PNW. I have several lists of people I communicate with online throughout the PNW...or I use Protest.net to list events in the Corvallis area. But it would be good if we had our own place to go...maybe even a listserve of PNW activists.

pprc 26.Sep.2001 13:47


there is  http://portland911.tripod.com, but that's only one organization and for pdx only...