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Portland Peaceful Response Meeting Tuesday--Planning for 9/30 Peace Rally

Portland Peaceful Response will be meeting again on Tuesday, 9/25, 7pm at PSU Campus Christian Ministries--
Planning Possible Peace Rally and March for this weekend
Everyone who wants to work to oppose the US war drive is welcome at the next meeting of the Portland Peaceful Response Coalition. On the agenda is a structure proposal, points of unity, and a proposal for a 2pm rally and march this Sunday 9/30 in downtown Portland.

Hope to see you there!

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PPRC meeting? 25.Sep.2001 10:30

Gabi gabi_ross@yahoo.com

The Peaceful Response meeting is moved (again) from Wednesday to Tuesday? Any way to make it more confusing?

why the meeting was moved 25.Sep.2001 13:37


this was decided at the last meeting--and i don't think there is a plan that the meetings be every wednesday, which is a tough time for many people

we deicided to do it on tuesday, since wednesday is the first night of yom kippur